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  1. It's lower than the overall reception. It's currently 72 on opencritic Even Eurogamer, the kings and queens of non-committal 2.5 star reviews what with their unique reviewing system gave the game a Recommended
  2. It is - of course - all subjective.
  3. Yes! last generation, I feel owning a PS4 and a Switch was all you needed to basically see it all. I bought a PS4 Pro, but don't really think it was worth actually getting in hindsight, and I'd of rather perhaps upgrade to the PS4 slim for a quieter machine. This time round, I'm all in for it all. PS5/XsX in the living room and a XsS in the "den". The few Xbox exclusives I missed out on last gen I can now play in their best form. It's all pretty amazing tbh!
  4. Just do what I've done and buy - A PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite (and now) a Nintendo Switch OLED. Makes absolute perfect sense!
  5. Just ordered, and they take money up front shiiiiiit. I don't use Argos much evidently.
  6. No issues with rest mode, and I have done the archiving of PS5 games with it. No problems, although it does take a few minutes to copy. I have the 5TB version and it fits a lot of stuff on there. I'd absolutely recommend getting one for both the PS5 and Xbox S|X and going for as big a storage as you can get. The SSD is where I keep the native games and I just move stuff in and out of cold storage on the drive, as well as keep all prior gen games on there. That's my point in a round-about way. You could get an external SSD, but you're limited to the USB 3.1 speed, and while the loading benefit is great, you totally see it too to a slightly lesser extent with a mechanical drive, but you can get WAY more storage for your cash. There's literally 135GB less usable storage on the PS5. 802GB vs. 667GB. Have you turned off video capture on getting trophies? That will eat up the storage and I have it firmly turned off.
  7. You could just get a cheap portable HDD and stick every non X|S game on there - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Seagate-Expansion-Portable-PlayStation-STGX2000400/dp/B07DQ91XNK/ref=sxts_sxwds-bia-wc-rsf-lq2a1_0?cv_ct_cx=portable%2Bhdd&dchild=1&keywords=portable%2Bhdd&pd_rd_i=B07DQ91XNK&pd_rd_r=55b89d01-36d3-4e73-886e-526a6728030c&pd_rd_w=3T05Y&pd_rd_wg=r6crx&pf_rd_p=9025057c-38b7-4193-9183-e74fcc2cd9ec&pf_rd_r=C51P8FDM5YQERCYRTEY5&qid=1625744401&sr=1-1-bb3e1dfe-c8c7-4a73-872e-aca8f78beebe&th=1 I have this and use it with my PS5. You still get a decent loading times boost as the old CPU's in the prior machines was a proper bottle-neck due to the slow speed it would decompress data.
  8. Loads of places haven't put up a pre-order yet! There's a weird one on Amazon for the OLED Switch, but it's in French. I'm not sure they've put the pre-orders up yet.
  9. Half-Life 3 launch title
  10. I also use an 8bitdo, an early SFC30 which is just the Super Famicom version. It works pretty good but it's not as nice as the SNES pads that came with the SNES mini. I'm planning on getting a Raphnet adapter to use those on the mister.
  11. I only just noticed that the back of the PS5 is pushed right up against the wall!
  12. Right now, I think it’s more sensible to buy an external drive and keep all non “X|S” games on it
  13. I’m sure the new one is fun, but maybe not worth the premium price point. This has gotten me interested in the GBC game! …what with the nice new MiSTer device I’ve got!
  14. We knew literally nothing about a certain character in the prior episode. This one was all about them and their growing relationship with Loki.
  15. It absolutely does not matter if the plot progresses forwards or not, the characters and their relationship does, which is usually more valuable.
  16. Shenmue was released in Japan on 29th December 1999! So totally allowed! It’s also an absolute landmark huge deal game for me. I could not believe this fully realised 3D adventure that was before me. I love it.
  17. I've mentioned before, but imo this is the worst way to revisit the game, but maybe the easiest solution. It was the PD 360 port that made me basically give up and get an actual N64 to revisit the two Rare shooters, and playing them on that platform, with the original control pad, using the default controls is absolutely how to play it to it's fullest. I still find them both to be super, super fun.
  18. Goldeneye (and PD) are tuned very much so for the N64’s wide ranging analog stick. play it on original hardware and it’s just as good as it always has been.
  19. ...or after all these years trolls (not yourself) still exist on forums, to wind up other members to no end.
  20. I'd say it's more the case that Sony wanted - or maybe even intended for a while - for there only to be the "disc-less" model. The form factor design language of the console really makes it look like the drive was just sort of shoved in there later in R&D. They're gagging for an all digital ecosystem, but the market isn't *quite ready yet. So the option has been made, perhaps quite late in the game. I also have a Series X and a Series S. The X is connected to my OLED and the S to my good Sony 1080p screen and it all works brilliantly. The Series S, feels a little more for a 1080p screen, where the resolution overhead totally doesn't matter.
  21. It's only unskippable the first time I think. I have a save game on there - Rondo that is - and can skip every time.
  22. So, just yesterday I did something like this (after my original SD cart install b0rked). I got myself a 128 GB pen drive and formatted it for FAT32. The "games" folder is intact on the SD card and I've duplicated the structure on the pen drive. The games folder structure on the SD card is empty, but on the pen drive, it's full of games. On loading the Mister, you just select your games and it's as if they're all on one drive. You do NOT need to mess about with selecting the storage on the mister front end.
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