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  1. Ironically, I think it's more like the original Zelda game than any other game in the whole series.
  2. After my issue with power cutting to the Mister while it was doing an update_all (which meant reinstalling everything from scratch as the install corrupted) I don't have any CPS 1 or 2 roms loading. update_all says there's nothing to pull down, but none of my CPS1 games are launching and there's no CPS2. I thought it was properly released now? Help me rllmuk Mister tech support!
  3. Hardly a disaster, it was one of the most successful hardware launches ever and sold 35 million of them for the 360! That's almost half the install base buying it! True, it was utter shit, didn't work and everyone who bought one was lied to via false advertising, but certainly made them bank.
  4. I don't know, what IS the difference between Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Zero 2 Dash?
  5. I followed that guide and I have the camera inverted, for each of the cameras.
  6. Yes, just follow this, the first google result - https://www.polygon.com/microsoft-flight-simulator-guide/21404006/invert-look-camera-cockpit-drone-thumbstick-controller
  7. This consumer set was a 20" Toshiba that I bought new in 2002. A superb consumer CRT that I no longer have as the PVM kinda "replaced" it. I no longer have it and it would of been an excellent back up and I don't want to talk about it I imported a Japanese Gamecube to be surprised by the fact that it was completely in Black and White over Composite... but I could just buy the GC RGB cable and use that right? Nope, doesn't support it. Saurian cable came to the rescue!
  8. Well it's literally all subjective. There's no right or wrong way to do anything.
  9. Yup aye! I've recently been playing some of the older console I have using composite cables into my PVM, and they look amazing. NES, SNES, MD, PC-E. As you said, a lot of those games were designed with that signal in mind. I think it looks really bad using a scaler, but a CRT hides a lot of the noise and what not. As you go up the console generation, I like to switch to RGB for the likes of the Saturn, PlayStation or Dreamcast as these where actually readily available with scart cables A potential problem with composite, it'll work on my PVM but on a consumer CRT you'll likely get a black and white picture if you're using NTSC consoles (all of mine are). That was the reason why I "had" to go RGB for every before as I was running my consoles in a Framemeister and consumer set simultaneously via a gscart.
  10. It's one of the coolest mechanics in the game, for those exact reasons.
  11. I don’t think there’s much difference at all. The demo was a 30 min limit I think and I used to really push to see how far I could get which was usually just past the first boss. Oh the days of ample free time…
  12. All of my time with the Dreamcast back 20 years ago was spent playing it on a consumer CRT, 60 Hz with an RGB Scart cable. I'm not totally all about recreating nostalgia things, but there's many ways to skin a cat. That's my preferred way to play DC games now. Even though a have an RGB modded AV Famicom, I kinda prefer the look of that machine over composite but into a CRT. It's "worse" but also totally great.
  13. I bought 2 MODE's. One for my Saturn and one for my Dreamcast. I love them, they work fantastically, but I guess I don't like money and like to get rid of cash asap.
  14. I was not able to get it from either the app or the website. It is available from the store, exactly as shown in the hotdeals link. I didn't however "redeem" it and add it to my library, it's just available to download which is odd.
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