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  1. I lot of people - like myself - just followed Bungie from Halo over to Destiny.
  2. Eventually comes out but immediately looks incredibly dated?
  3. Netflix don't release TV shows where the VFX are half-finished and then the app crashes half-way through an episode.
  4. That clicky dpad! What in the hell?
  5. Kevvy Metal

    RIP Martin Birch

    "Rising" by Rainbow is an absolute Masterpiece.
  6. I've not found there to be any real change in how long my two Dual Shock 4's last, but it is prob around two evenings worth, so 6 - 8 hours maybe. It's telling though, that I have to have two controllers and swap them whenever the battery runs out which is every other session. I'd say it's very likely because it always has a big light blaring out the back of it. And it always has an active capacitance touch pad.
  7. All of the prequels are far, far, far worse than The Rise of Skywalker.
  8. Well, one man’s crap is another man’s not actually crap at all it seems.
  9. I’ve always found the combat to be really fun in this game. It’s not crap at all. That a massive disservice. mots slow and methodical and a lot of the fun comes in the preparation and switching approach, as The Fox outlined. Not every game has to have combat like Sekiro or something, it’s its own rewarding thing.
  10. Someone should OP all that amazing info from @The Fox ! Brilliant stuff!
  11. They both have really cool 2nd versions too. Daytona : CCE kinda strays away from the original a bit, but is still great. There's also the 60 fps version of RR that came bundled with type 4 in japan.
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