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  1. Maybe he, you know... just doesn't want Gamepass?
  2. My highest is absolutely Halo 3, which I worked out at just under 1000 hours using Bungies stats service. That was over almost 3 years though.
  3. PS5 & series X all the way! Full fat baby!
  4. Its not just an “uprezzed”port, they’ve reworked everything.
  5. RE4 is the quintessential example of a game that gets better and better the further you get into it.
  6. I have both a PS5 & XsX and I love having both, and they compliment each other quite nicely.
  7. This was exactly the info I was looking for. So strange that this is the case.
  8. His Xbox is lubed with piss which makes it go faster.
  9. There were also reports that the Xbox version felt different to play in the demo. Heavier aiming. Would be nice to know if there was a difference but I guess DF are too busy showing off loads of the environments of a game that's not even out yet.
  10. A gripe. So this generation I have both consoles - much like in the PS360-era - and I basically want to know which version is best, or at least best for me. But DF no longer do the simple articles that would give you the information you needed quickly, instead a spoiler-filled tech deep-dive that I bet most people do not want to watch yet is made (with what looks like a lot of effort) that's 23 minutes like have you have to sit through 2/3rds of it to get to the information that is best used as a buying guide. It's sooo fucking annoying, and they've been called out on i
  11. Y'all watched and enjoyed Clone Wars in the knowledge that both the main characters are as dead as they get.
  12. Resident Evil 6 is mechanically the most complex and fun of all the TPS RE games, it just doesn’t explain it well, but when you chain together all the actions you can do it completely opens up. It’s all wrapped up in the most gloriously dumb game ever. I adore it. I don’t think many people gave it much of a chance or a fair shake, but that’s just how it is.
  13. I started Three Houses on Hard mode with Permadeath on as it was apparently the "correct" way to play according to the rllmuk thread. This was before remembering that I'm terrible at this genre and can't help doing a Leeroy Jenkins each match, so I quickly ended up with something like 2 useless students left alive after 3 or 4 matches and could not progress through the game any further.
  14. Excellent! Good to know! I guess it's your usual type of consumable and will appear in the shop at some points.
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