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  1. Kevvy Metal

    Days Gone - Sons of Anarchy x Last of Us

    After a year or so of updates. I feel it might be similar with this game. Seems a bit undercooked. ...not like that's ever happened!
  2. Kevvy Metal

    Days Gone - Sons of Anarchy x Last of Us

    Looks to be lifted at 1pm then...
  3. Kevvy Metal

    Anthem - 1.10 released 23 April: Will There Be Loot? (no)

    Early Access release LOL
  4. I'd say the inherent problem with prequels, are that they often serve the purpose to provide backstory, but the fate of the character's is already know. This is the case with the Star Wars prequels but apparently Lucas intended a new audience to watch it in order. This of course completely spoils one of cinema's more famous twists, but whatever eh! Rogue one is more a side story with new characters, so their fate and character arc / progression isn't yet know. It's set before other films but it's still compelling as you don't yet totally know what's going to happen. Godfather pt. 2 is set up as a juxtaposition, comparing the progression of Vito and Michael at the same points in their lives, so that makes it compelling. Disney are making that Cassian Andor's Star Wars TV show, which will suffer from prequelistis. We know his fate! Him and K-2SO! So from a narrative point of view, they're immortal! There's no real danger, only mild peril.
  5. Kevvy Metal

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    For all these reason's I've gone completely 100% digital in the last two years or so. It's just the way things are going and it's the only direction they're going, so... no more discs!
  6. Kevvy Metal

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    That's all very dumb. The other game I've heard that's like this is the GOTY edition of The Witcher 3. If you buy the digital version of that, it's basically totally incompatible with either the disc or download of the original. It's totally stand alone and needs a fresh save file. This is all PS4 related.
  7. Kevvy Metal

    The first one is by far the worst one

    Jak & Daxter 1 is by far the best one yeah! ...by far...
  8. Kevvy Metal

    Days Gone - Sons of Anarchy x Last of Us

    Yeah, I’ve pretty much bought and finished each of them!
  9. Kevvy Metal

    The first one is by far the worst one

    Hmmm... Jap 2 is defo worse that SMB1! It’s brick hard and a bit dumb. USA 2... it it better than SMB1? I’m not sure really. SMB3 and SMW are obvs the two guys out that series.
  10. Kevvy Metal

    The first one is by far the worst one

    Well, PGR no?
  11. Kevvy Metal

    Days Gone - Sons of Anarchy x Last of Us

    7/10 is a misfire?
  12. I really like Bob Chipman, when it comes to Film Critics. He writes film reviews on The Escapist and Geek.com. With the latest trailer, he touches upon this idea - which I also disagree on - that Lucasfilm had absolutely no plan during the production of these films and were just "winging it". I think it's quite absurd, and I'd imagine a lot of the pieces will fall into place with this 3rd film. https://cache.escapistmagazine.com/20190315112939/BIG_PICTURE_EP259.mp4 Doesn't look like there's a YouTube link, so that links the best you get.
  13. Kevvy Metal

    Cuphead. Classic cartoon inspired side-scroller

    The even mention in that DF Switch look, that the PC version can be set to 1440p from the default of 720p, but they could barely tell the difference due to the nature of the look of the game.
  14. If you actually want to tag me for some reason, like some actual discussion then do it properly... otherwise fucking stop this shit, you child. Insinuating that I’m “Mental” because I like to talk positively about this film does not do many favours for rllmuk reputation as “2nd cuntiest forum ever”. Also feels like you’re edging towards breaking the forum rules there.
  15. Yeah, I’ve repeatedly said that people are entitled to their own opinion. I’ve never refuted that. And yeah, the idea that they had no plan whatsoever is totally clutching at straws in my opinion, it’s pretty ridiculous in my opinion, but people are entitled to think that if they like. The flat earther thing was a wee joke. I guess some people are a little sensitive. Do you wish for for me to go away so all those who dislike TLJ can express their dislike in peace? Also, it’s you being aggressive here.

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