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  1. Jaw drops every time quick resume works. It’s totally great. But it’s a 50:50 gamble and you can’t rely on it. You absolutely are hard saving your game if autosave is unavailable. Lost an hour of Yakuza the other day due to QR failing (albeit that’s like 10 skippable cutscenes).
  2. Yeah and it looks beautiful at 1080/60. I dunno if I could take a resolution lower than that for 120fps but I need some sort of excuse so can’t blame my potato aiming or terrible guns if I die.
  3. I have an S and I’m minor annoyed that there isn’t a toggle for 1080p 120fps on Destiny. I have to switch to the PS5 if I have to do any PvP. I didn’t buy the S over the X as a budget option, it was bought for aesthetics so having feature parity with X is welcome if not expected.
  4. Can say the same thing about Yakuza Like A Dragon, which I’d imagine a lot of Series owners would have bought full price at the time due to lack of 3rd person exclusive dad em-ups. And the pure cringe every time i see that “for the players” 2014 marketing slogan being used as a jab against other people who play computer games. Come on.
  5. Free to play usually means that they have to sell you something in return and I’m personally looking forward to the Master Chief W.A.P. twerk emote
  6. the literal literal first reaction in here on page 11 to the first game announcement was to make reference to something about Sony PlayStation. As Princess Elsa may advise, just let it go!
  7. Can’t the presentation be viewed by anyone without looking through the prism of what other console suppliers are doing? It’s really lame and 2nd division. When the Starfield announcement came up, so much shade was thrown at some Sony wrongun for arguing about exclusivity. Or whatever Ratchet and Clank got. Doesn’t matter. There’s plenty of stuff to keep you busy if you have one or both or all the consoles. Already cleared 200gig worth of space for Flight Sim earlier.
  8. Not enough Halo, Japanese soundtrack weird robot shooter, too much Johnny Depp and a sooner than expected Mexican Forza. It’s alright I guess.
  9. Forza looks banging. Looking forward to all that cacti ruining my x25 multiplier
  10. doing the same Halo reveal as last time but shinier
  11. just getting in on the Flight Sim hype hype (and maybe some minor console warsing since we are in “the competition”* thread). *spoiler, no ones “in competition”, more games for everyone x
  12. “The competition” lolll Also, Flight Simulator, gonna delete half my Xbox library to make some space, wait a day to download, sit through a 2 hour tutorial, find my house, crash a slow ass plane into my house, delete. Next generation lads!
  13. Ha, and with Ghostwire Tokyo and Deathloop (wonder if either of them get mentioned in 3 hours), Microsoft are about to put out more games on Ps5 than on Xbox.
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