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  1. Is gamepass really that much of a pull for the kids? They’ll want play all sorts of shit which is utterly incomprehensible to you and I. They’ll want what they want no matter what examples of broad appeal games you can throw out there. Moms will rock up to the shop and ask, is Kung Fu Panda free on Gamepass? FIFA? Fortnite? Fall Guys? We all overate the appeal of gamepass right now, I have it on PC but only downloaded Halo MCC. Sure, the day one 1st party releases offer is amazing, but that’s cornering a specific demographic. It’s a massive library of well made 6/10 entertainment with the occasional belter, truly the Netflix of computer games.
  2. Guarantee that the Dualsense you start off with won’t be the one that you will be bringing over to PS6
  3. Actually furious now thinking about it, during the course of its lifespan I’ve busted a black, red, blue and 20th anniversary DS4 and now left with a camo and white one. £300 spent on shitty poorly built controllers (the cost of three Windows 10s or access to Gears of War 5 for seven years).
  4. Definitely not, but it’s cute that they tried, with the Engrams pick ups and the Dreaming City if imagined by a serial hoarder.
  5. did we not have a bunch of people call Microsoft pro-consumer champs or not
  6. Agreed! But on the sliding scale of who has ruined the world more, MS just pips it versus the inventors of the waterproof walkman.
  7. The last 10 pages whatever has been all what an altruistic company Microsoft are because their old controllers are the same as the new controllers. Real heroes of the people nonsense over a $50 toy. So absolutely fine to call out what their corporate goals really are. Let's hope their new vr headsets are forwards compatible with the latest hardware too.
  8. It’s a little clumsy but I wanted to shoehorn in a ‘everybody is evil even your good guys narrative’. The thing with the controllers isn’t because they want to save Alpha_Bigdawg55391 $50 or whatever, it is so they can try rinse him and then lock him in for a perpetual rinsing elsewhere. And forcing all PC users to pay for Windows or killing dead Netscape and Opera is pretty anti-consumer and anti-competition tho.
  9. Lol at the pro consumer champions, Microsoft, the company of £100 operating systems, bundling Internet Explorer with everything, billion dollar military contracts and PRISM. Not saying that Sony ain’t about the dirty greed, but their anti-consumer practices amount to inconveniencing an individual’s capitalist choices and pushing people to buy more shiny electronics whereas Microsoft’s ambitions are legit about shaping everyday society or training the US army to be better at drone-striking Middle East weddings.
  10. If they get the lag/latency right it’s still absolute wild that you can stream a better Xbox inside an old Xbox. I’d be up for Xcloud if it was a smart tv/Mac app tho
  11. They are getting rid of 3 planet destinations but i don’t recall Forsaken or Shadowkeep going to those planets so maybe those campaigns will be intact, and likely going free to make up for losing Red War and the Warmind and Osiris focussed campaigns. I got an entire 6-a-side football team to download new light in lockdown. After taking a week to do the 100gb download, they played for a bit, thought it was incredible, spanked by the graphics etc and then mostly all deleted it. For casuals, the amount of HD space it takes up versus wondering about getting squashed by high level baddies or meta geeks with much better guns in pvp or not knowing what to do (“CAN YOU SEE A BLUE DIAMOND? FOLLOW THE BLUE DIAMOND” “WHAT DOES FIRETEAM RESTRICTED MEAN?” “LOOK IN YOUR MENU! NOT THAT MENU!”) wasn’t worth it.
  12. There’s a lot of stuff that you’ll have do before it goes away forever in September. Best thing is to follow the ‘red war’ campaign if you can, then the other DLC campaigns in order. But the game is almost literally impenetrable for anyone without the use of google etc, for new players and old. How is the streaming? Using PC streaming when not on PS4 and it’s wild.
  13. It’s a subscription service not the cure for rape and assault OMG “In an industry rocked by the #metoo movement and Harvey Weinstein, Disney+ are offering 12 months for £45”
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