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  1. Apparently that's IG-11, not IG-88. We're all racist or something. And Taika Waititi is doing the voice.
  2. A new one from Disney Animation. Raya is from a world named Kumandra, which is in peril. She goes on a quest to find the last dragon, to save her world. Sounds like she finds the dragon early, but the dragon, Sisu, is in human form and needs Raya's help to regain her power and become a proper dragon. The culture, design, etc. is supposed to be very south-east Asian. Apparently a bit of Hong Kong action movie vibe too. Cassie Steele is Raya and Awkwafina is Sisu. Adele Lim writing. Coming around Thanksgiving 2020.
  3. Coming on 19 June 2020. About a middle-school jazz teacher, Joe, who dies and goes to the You Seminar, a place where souls are made into individuals. (?) Then as a soul, goes on a cosmic adventure to get back to Earth. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross doing the score Directed by Pete Docter Joe - Jamie Foxx Joe’s mother - Phylicia Rashad Joe’s nemesis - Daveed Diggs 22, a helpful soul - Tina Fey Curly, a drummer - Questlove
  4. Black Panther II (not final name, they say) given a release of 6 May 2022.
  5. Anyone seen or heard anything about Hyperdrive? When I saw it coming soon, I thought they got that dodgy BBC sitcom from a while back, but turns out it's some sort of flashy car driving competition.
  6. I’m okay with it. Do comics threads have have people constantly coming along complaining about there being too many and the whole thing about to collapse in on itself at any time?
  7. Yes. And Carl Weathers. Werner Herzog and Nick Nolte are in there somewhere too, along with Pedro Pascal in the main suit.
  8. The latest live action remake, this time coming to Disney+ instead of cinema. Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux voicing the title characters. Also stars Ashley Jenson, Sam Elliott, Benedict Wong, Ken Jeong, Kiersey Clemons, F. Murray Abraham, Thomas Mann, Janelle Monáe and Yvette Nicole Brown. Being on Disney+, the release date depends on when that service launches in your area, but 12 November in the US.
  9. Falcon & Winter Soldier are also adding Wyatt Russell as John Walker AKA US Agent and bringing back Sharon Carter.
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