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  1. Doctor Who

    A new logo and "insignia" Don't worry about the music in that clip. Nothing to do with the theme, just made for that clip.
  2. Burnout Paradise

    You called it a moderate success, which is the ravings of a madman.
  3. Burnout Paradise

    Even if it was, for arguments sake, second, that hardly makes it "moderate".
  4. Justice League

    At least it made me realise I've been pronouncing Darkseid wrong. I thought it was like Darkseed.
  5. Justice League

    Flash was pretty bad. Basically one of those shit comedy sidekicks, except he's supposed to be a main character. And the TV Flash speed force effects are better. Although the effects in general made me think they were missing a caption saying "Rendered in real time on PlayStation 3".
  6. I thought there was a brief mention in some episode about some sort of allowance. I’m not sure though.
  7. Anime

    Season 3 doesn’t start until the summer season.
  8. Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    Don’t forget Oz.
  9. Performance Enhancing Drugs in Cycling and Other Sports

    After all the focus and arguments about if they should be allowed in the Winter Olympics, a Russian has managed to fail a test. Though there's still the B sample test tomorrow. He says he fears a non-selected team mate spiked his drink.
  10. Yeah, not only is it pretty offensive, but if you imagine Hammond falling off a bike and May getting splashed with water, that'll be everything that actually happens in the episode.
  11. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    About the Falcon and it's mandibles, or lack of... Toy image which some people might think a spoiler
  12. Not sure what happened. Seems to have been fairly widely reported as coming. Something must be happening though, as I did come across a page for Meaning of Life, it's just not got the video.

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