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  1. JohnC


    Rocky is tiny in that second one.
  2. JohnC

    Goodbye Games TM (and Gamesmaster)

    What was the old mag that went online only some time back? I thought that was GM, but obviously not.
  3. JohnC

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Hamilton and a spectacular jumper were on The Daily Show last night
  4. JohnC


    Their own service is available in the UK, so I'd imagine it does.
  5. JohnC

    Monster Hunter

    https://deadline.com/2018/10/monster-hunter-milla-jovovich-resident-evil-meagan-good-josh-helman-1202485266/ Milla Jovovich, Tony Jaa, Tip ‘T.I.’ Harris, Diego Boneta, Ron Perlman, Meagan Good and Josh Helman cast. They've started shooting in South Africa and Namibia. I have no idea if that is anything like the game. I don't really know anything about them and I had always assumed it was a standard fantasy world type setting, nothing to do with our world.
  6. JohnC

    Ash vs Evil Dead - Season 3 Feb 25th

    Campbell says he will never play Ash again. He's too old for the hardship involved. He would be fine with being replaced with a younger version.
  7. JohnC


    Poster for the Elseworlds crossover
  8. JohnC

    The Walking Dead!

    Didn't she change at the end of last season, after all her people were killed? I think she was basically putting it on to be special or something.
  9. JohnC


    They're developing a spin-off. There's been no actors signed yet, but it'll be focused on a new female Grimm. They seem intent on carrying over something from the old show too, with perhaps some original cast in regular or recurring roles.
  10. JohnC

    Doctor Who

  11. JohnC

    Watchmen coming to HBO

  12. JohnC

    SNES Mini

    Yeah, looks like a render to me. Especially the top one.
  13. JohnC


    Jack Bannon is playing Alfred and Ben Aldridge is Thomas Wayne. Production begins in a week in Leavesden studios.
  14. JohnC

    Doctor Who


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