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  1. Now Netflix have gone full Victor Kiam and bought the Roald Dahl Story Company.
  2. Very much a lighthearted affair this week, so some of you will probably hate it. The fuck was that at the end though?
  3. Finally made it to a cinema for the first time since... I can't even remember what I saw last in the before times. I really enjoyed this.
  4. JohnC


    Second season of Belgian show Into the Night came out recently, though I'm only starting on it now. And I noticed there's a Turkish spin-off also coming. Set on a submarine, running concurrently with this, named Into the Deep.
  5. Just noticed with a little surprise that my 2015 TV has a native app so I gave it a short try seeing as I don’t need to buy anything extra. And it works! I’ll have to give some game a proper try.
  6. And I completely forgot that return with Merc!
  7. I don't remember taking any notice of his logo before this film.
  8. NASCAR are holding a race inside the LA Coliseum. On a wee 1/4 mile temporary track.
  9. Anthony Mackie is to take the lead role of John Doe. https://deadline.com/2021/09/anthony-mackie-john-doe-sony-pictures-television-playstation-productions-twisted-metal-series-1234833738/
  10. Bryce Dallas Howard is to direct a reboot of Flight Of The Navigator.
  11. It’s already wrapped filming. Amber Midthunder (Legion, Banshee, Roswell) is the lead.
  12. I think they came up on John Oliver’s show sometime when he did pyramid schemes or something.
  13. This is finally set to happen. Again. But instead of the long rumoured Eddie Murphy, it's Tracy Morgan.
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