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  1. Aren’t they all Netflix movies? I know several are anyway. If they are, I’d assume it’s worldwide.
  2. JohnC


    Good news! They've just announced season 3 renewal.
  3. JohnC

    Taika Waititi's Wellington Paranormal

    There was a bit, I think the second last one, just after the opening credits. O’Leary is talking for a while and Minogue is just standing with a sort of empty motionless expression the whole time which cracked me up. Maaka’s PIN. The bit where the body snatchers are repeating everything they say and Minogue’s “He’s outsmarted me!”
  4. Just seen the first and there seems to be a strange lack of atmosphere.
  5. JohnC


    Trailer for The Last Sharknado: It's About Time. FX as bad as ever.
  6. JohnC

    What are the most varied game series?

    Dune and Dune II were quite different. [edit] I see there were a couple more in the vein of Dune II, so I suppose it didn't vary after that.
  7. JohnC

    Watchmen coming to HBO

    It's now been picked up for a series.
  8. JohnC

    Snowpiercer - TV version

    Steven Ogg has joined, for a key recurring role.
  9. The continued huge popularity suggests 90% are not fatigued.
  10. JohnC


    There's been a couple of Z Nation characters in separate appearances.
  11. JohnC


    I watched them all over a few days when the fifth appeared on Netflix. They were fun in their own stupid way. I will watch the final one when that comes to Netflix. I don't know how Jedward managed to end up in two of them. Were they even known in the US?
  12. JohnC

    Star Trek Discovery

    Ethan Peck will be playing Spock. I don't really know him.
  13. JohnC

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    What about a recent Honda McLaren?

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