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  1. Michael Sheen as Chris Tarrant in a mini-series about that coughing scandal
  2. Looks like all this nonsense about Mandy being Boba Fett can be put to bed. Pedro Pascal gave his real name in an interview and it isn't an existing character in a different helmet. His name is
  3. Season 7 doesn't start until February, but they've already renewed it for season 8.
  4. JohnC

    Google Stadia

    Maybe they could have held off on launching it if so many things are "coming soon".
  5. Marky Mark Wahlberg is set to star alongside Tom Holland. Apparently Drake's mentor Sully.
  6. Renewed for a second season. Apparently won't come until 2021 though.
  7. Warner Bros are refreshing the logo again. Old one New one, unveiled on the water tower
  8. I'd been seeing stories for a while about a new DC Universe Harley Quinn cartoon but didn't pay much attention. I just knew Penny off Big Bang Theory was playing the main role. Happened upon a trailer this morning and it's not what I expected, being full of swearing and violence. They've assembled a pretty impressive cast too Kaley Cuoco as Harley Alan Tudyk as Joker and Clayface Diedrich Bader as Batman Jason Alexander as Cy Borgman Christopher Meloni as James Gordon Tony Hale as Doctor Psycho and Felix Faust Giancarlo Esposito as Lex Luthor Wanda Sykes as Queen of Fables J. B. Smoove as Frank the Plant James Adomian as Bane James Wolk as Superman And a bunch more, I think some from other cartoons too
  9. I was mildly annoyed at first that the French bits weren't subtitled, but it turned out that it wasn't sophisticated enough for that to be too big an issue. I thought it was clear enough what was happening without understanding the words.
  10. Or a bonus Blu-ray that adds Knuckles if you jam them both in.
  11. I've seen comments about this happening because certain players may not fully support the format it's in. Can you try a different player?
  12. There seemed to be Weighted Companion Cubes in that last location.
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