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  1. Netflix and Dreamworks (now owned by Universal's parent company) are bringing an animated Fast & Furious show to the world. It's a spin-off from the main movie series, led by Dom's cousin, Tony Toretto. Like his cousin, he gets involved in a shadowy government agency. Tony and his crew infiltrate a racing league which is a front for a crime organisation. Obviously.
  2. Chinese giant Tencent have also come on board to co-finance this and distribute it in China, where even Genisys did well.
  3. The showrunner has said it probably won't arrive until 2020. Says they're putting quality ahead of speed. And it'll be 8 episodes so it can be tight, not lagging in the middle.
  4. Season 3 started shooting today and season 4 will also happen. Duffers said they had a 4 season plan.
  5. They're just on about fan theories.
  6. Looking at my local Odeon for this week, there's 15 non-Marvel stories being told. There's as much Opera as there is Marvel. Often there's more Bollywood than Marvel. There are other stories being told. This "Everything is Marvel" narrative is for idiots.
  7. Not a lot of detail on this one yet. It's existence seems to have come to light when actress/singer Nina Bergman made a tweet about going to Bulgaria to shoot it. Universal only commented that it's being handled by Universal 1440 Entertainment, who do non-theatrical stuff, ie. direct to DVD or streaming. Don't know if it's a non-theatrical sequel to the previous one like those Death Race ones, or something new inspired by the newer game.
  8. Nothing's been greenlit yet, but the creators and writers say they're working on scripts.
  9. It's passed $500m, $200m of that from China. $120m from the US, for comparison.
  10. The Walking Dead!

    Wasn't he in it briefly this week?
  11. The Expanse - Syfy

    Yes, it is.
  12. MASK

    Now you've ruined it. It'll never live up to that.

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