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  1. Kiwi Cake

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    This is a strange game. I'd love to know more about Sumo's brief for the campaign, as it feels a lot like what I would expect a straight remake of Crackdown to feel like. This isn't inherently a bad thing as this feels more like what I wanted Crackdown 2 to be, which is an updated take on Crackdown with a load of quality of life improvements, but it undeniably feels quite old fashioned in some places. I'm having fun with it which is ultimately all that matters. Terry Crews/10
  2. Kiwi Cake

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - remade for the Switch

    If you add stuff it becomes a reimagining.
  3. Kiwi Cake

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    Another excellent Direct. Nintendo are on it this generation for sure.
  4. All hail the Jumpmaster.
  5. Kiwi Cake

    The Division 2

    I've been playing the first game this last few weeks as prep for the sequel and there is a noticeable improvement in the combat for me. Your mileage may vary, I guess.
  6. Kiwi Cake

    The Division 2

    Whilst there is absolutely a part of me that will miss New York in the snow, everything else about this feels like a solid improvement. Cover is snappier, the shooting feels tighter, the feedback has improved and movement feels more responsive. It feels like the game has shaken off the somewhat woolly feel of the first, and I don't just mean the jumpers haha! Ahem. Washington may not be as evocative but it does feel suitably different, which I like. The game is familiar but new and that's pretty much what I wanted. This is currently set to be my looter shooter of choice, I think.
  7. I think what we're seeing now is Respawn accepting that they had to change tact but not wanting to give up on Titanfall entirely. We know there's another Titanfall project to launch later this year, so they're likely trying to build the universe into something that can maintain itself. I'm quite excited to see what they've got planned in the future.
  8. Respawn-made walking/sitting simulator set in the Titanfall universe.
  9. Kiwi Cake

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Not sure if this demo has improved anything but performance was noticeably worse for me on the X last week. Unfortunately I didn't get to play much on account of the loading bug, but when it worked the inconsistent framerate made the game feel a lot worse to play. PC wise I'm also on a 1060/i5 and have had surprisingly solid performance on "Ultra", which also made me suspicious!
  10. Kiwi Cake

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Had a good night on this and I've decided I like it.
  11. Kiwi Cake

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Switched from Xbox X last week to PC this week and it's astonishing how much better it runs. No issues at all so far, but it's early days I guess.
  12. Kiwi Cake

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    It's way easier, the difference is that we are old and rubbish now.
  13. Kiwi Cake

    Epic trying to beat Steam the wrong way?

    The worst thing about Hitler was his single year exclusivity deals.
  14. Kiwi Cake

    The Evil Within 2 - Welcome to Resident Hill

    Depends on who you ask, to be honest. If you're a fan of old fashioned survival horror games I personally feel there's a lot of value in the first game, but it certainly has its issues. I'd say it's easily worth a fiver, though the sequel is far superior.
  15. Kiwi Cake

    Epic trying to beat Steam the wrong way?

    Not a fan of exclusivity and I'm also not a fan of having to have 5/6 store clients installed just to have access to all my digital games, but Steam has been bad for a while now. Valve may have revolutionised digital distribution and set a lot of standards in the process, but in recent years they've been distinctly bad at responding to issues raised by the developers who ultimately make them their money. Epic might be fighting dirty and they may not win the war, but if all that comes of this is that Steam finally sorts itself out and starts innovating again, then it's worth the trivial price of purchasing a few games on another store.

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