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  1. I get this.. playing REVII with the VR and Sony headphones on is the absolute worst, but is really the only way to play it as that's the whole idea! (brown pants) I won't let myself play it unless it's with the headphones, which is probably why it's been sat gathering dust since first play through I always thought from the start that all VR games should incorporate a quick 'pause and look outside' option.. so you see and hear within the room through the PS camera. No need to take the thing of every time the floor creaks then
  2. I managed to get myself a nice condition FAT Vita off facebook and have modded it - nice and easy with that guide mentioned above! So far I've installed HomeBrewBrowser and RetroArch, I have one game working so far with MAME Now I really want to build a collection of my fave ROMS for my old consoles but I'm struggling to find some ROMS legit anywhere (especially Nintendo) Anybody care to help a forumite out?
  3. I've had two as well. The first I lent to a 'mate' at work who then moved away and forgot to return it... The second I bought last year from FB Marketplace - seems to be quite dodgy as the screen has a tendency to go mental flickering about every now and then. Sometime it 'sorts itself out' though, not sure what's wrong tbh but it's a pain in the arse. I love the Vectrex, have done since it was first out when we we far too poor for me to have one as well as my 'proper' computer (I had a Ti994a yay!). Anyway, any advice on fixing the screen flickering would be gratefully received as I'd love to get it working again.
  4. my poor brain doesn't understand how that should work either, surely if the piece existed in the real world, physics would not allow it to rotate around in that space...
  5. I just came in to say this is wonderful
  6. It made a pretty good PC webcam with the right driver...
  7. Ta This place has seriously damaged my bank balance this week!
  8. I love this, have a warm spot for both of them having grown up with their stuff most of my life. In fact I'm having a bit of a Bob moment recently - I'm ploughing through the Athletico podcasts ridiculously quickly.. he's become my Alderman
  9. add a real-debrid account ..thank me later (EDIT: thanks Gari)
  10. I just bagged me a space harrier! Wish I hadn't missed out on the lovely outrun though!!
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