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  1. "Have you justified your selection?" and we wonder why sportspeople don't want to do press conferences.
  2. Check the rules. "No offence There is no offside offence if a player receives the ball directly from: a goal kick a throw-in a corner kick"
  3. You can't be offside from a corner. And a quality own goal. Good to see the comical international football train rolling already.
  4. I have finished 1 and now starting 2. I was nearly full on Paragon in 1 but would like to try Renegade in 2. Some points have carried over, but can I still realistically make enough progress down the Renegade path in 2 for it to be worthwhile or is it more an average between the two games? Spoiler free answers appreciated, I'm on my first play through.
  5. What help can I offer? If the game is so bugged, it's not worth bothering with.
  6. Yeah it's a shit game. Probably best play something else instead.
  7. Japanese audio says it like that.
  8. You are both at notorious areas. I like the idea of Sen's Fortress but I don't think it actually works out as great design - more just repetitively banging your head against it instead. It doesn't get much easier with future playthroughs, which I think says it all. The Anor London archers are legendary, but once you work out the way to take on the ledge knights it gets a lot easier. There's lot of good stuff waiting around the corner, two things in particular. Loving reading your experiences. Reminds me of Dark Calls.
  9. I rewatched S01E02 this evening, an episode which means a lot more in the context of the last few months. It displays of the basic mechanics of racist police brutality when three officers go into a project and a child is blinded. Two of those officers are, in the context of the series as a whole, "good people". Daniels engineers the cover up. The tone is difficult to place - the TV falls with comedy timing, the gunshot is the punctuation of horror - until you realise the simple neutrality of it, and it is an early highlight of The Wire being documentary as drama. And then we are le
  10. Would be grateful if anyone has a half decent price today - on for a six figure loss here!
  11. The Conversation was streaming for free on BBC iPlayer recently. Sorry for this useless and probably annoying information
  12. What a stupid and nebulous question. The idea of ranking such different games smacks of the infantile state of games criticism. p.s. voted Dark Souls 1.
  13. Ready Steady Cook. The new version. With Rylan. Love it. Is Not Going Out shit? Should I be guilty? Or is it actually unappreciated quality wisecracking comedy?
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