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  1. You and everyone with taste. Good luck you jammy bast.
  2. jonamok

    Nintendo eShop

    Thanks. I’d be on it like a car bonnet if it didn’t have the total game wipe when you just have a bad map/fucked up. Could see me wiping a map, then being woefully underpowered with the remaining units but still in the harder late game maps. The whole roguelike sort of thing is fine in say Spelunky where you open shortcuts, and carry some benefit forwards, but here where it’s a complete NG restart with two puny starting units after having had all those upgrades etc. would utterly kill it for me, and render that restart irritating as fuck, and as a result the late game would just be punishingly stressful. Will wait for the the reviews I think.
  3. jonamok

    Nintendo eShop

    @Gotters Thanks for the Bad North impressions. Hadn’t realised it was a roguelike/lite (what’s the difference?). It looks absolutely lovely. What is the permadeath mechanic? Just your unit lost and its upgrades lost, or if all units die on one stage is that it, game over back to the very start of the game? If so it’s a perma-no for me. What is the end game? Is there a final island to work towards? Also how does the map work with the curved dotted line filling in and moving forwards? Cheers!
  4. Release date March 22nd 2019 according to its Steam pre-order page (or so says resetera).
  5. jonamok

    Nintendo eShop

    Looking forward to the full GottersGuide(TM).
  6. jonamok

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    Same in Wigan Smiths yesterday. One of each bar “Solaire and his distracting thumb.”
  7. Right? Could have been way more original with a simple edit: “You’re on a quest to become Devine wearing Revlon.”
  8. I sense his mild disenchantment.
  9. Watched three now. It has its moments - mostly via Matt Berry channeling Zapp Branningan. But it’s very flat on the whole, and much of it is just misjudged. I’ll give it a few more.
  10. jonamok

    Mark Kermode's Secrets of Cinema - Tuesdays 9pm BBC 4

    How about Children of Men? CineFix have it in their top 10 all-time SF movies. IIRC, it’s a fiction based on contemporary biological science. Naturally Comrade won’t agree it’s SF, but I’ll go with CineFix:
  11. jonamok

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    Anyone made any progress in cracking the inside cover codes? Can’t even find where the Guile code might be.
  12. Dark Souls is the best game ever. But the equivalent would be like a DaS demo that began as you walk through the fog gate into the Ornstein & Smough fight as an SL1 Deprived, given three goes and told to buy the game. Gotta admire that refusal to pander.
  13. Never played any version of MH full stop. And that demo makes me glad I haven’t. Maybe it’s not representative of the game, but that’s on Capcom. My experience: Pick a mission, weapon and a style, all nonsensically described. Watch a nonsensical disjointed FMV. Appear as some over-designed character I haven’t seen in character gen, follow giant screen size 3D pulsing Arrows. Accompanied by a mewling cat-thing. Go through five tiny areas, each with its own nonsensical map loading screen. Finally see the boss, but no clue given on how to attack or lock on or change attacks or dodge or heal. Hit the monster a few times. Miss it more often. Keep sheathing weapon. Get greeted with a big Time Out graphic. Five minutes of nonsensical bollocks. Thanks for playing the demo. Buy the fucking game. You fucking what? Complete dogshit experience. Worst demo of anything I’ve ever played. If it’s at all representative life is way too short for that.
  14. Appreciated. I sit a looong way back from the TV, so small text in an RPG is a no-no.
  15. Day One. If I can scale the text right up. Otherwise maybe a Switch version one day.

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