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  1. Review embargo is 4am tomorrow. Few early tweets bigging it up. We’ll see.
  2. My journey exactly. I’d wager you’ll momentarily contemplate trading it in again before you beat it, but beat it you will.
  3. Not all spoilers are created equal. I’ve no idea if that’s major or not, and it seems neither have you.
  4. That needs a better spoiler warning @Moz. Like: “Major plot development spoiler”
  5. Got all of the slabs bar Havok now, as I keep fucking up my stealthy approach to Fia, but I’m just not engaged at all. It feels like a shopping list, or a pile of systems looking for a game. Only done a few cycles, but already near the point of following a walkthrough just to get it done. And as for difficulty, I don’t find it remotely trivial. Using the Dualsense, I’m dying plenty. No matter what I set the sensitivities too, it aims like shit, so in a firefight I get shot plenty.
  6. Ah, that’s more like it.
  7. That was just okay. Nothing else has come close to Captain Carter yet.
  8. I doubt it will be done any time soon. The devs seemed surprised and disinterested at the clamour for it, and I’m guessing only said they’d look into it to get Twitter off their back. Personally, I’d rather they spent the time creating some killer DLC. Which I suspect is what they’re doing.
  9. [Cross-post] Farewell you lovely boffin. The ZX81 and Speccy cemented my life-long fascination with this hobby. 10 PRINT RIP SIR CLIVE SINCLAIR 20 GOTO 10
  10. So, what slabs do people actually find useful? I only have three: What should I go for next that has good synergy with my first slab, above?
  11. Not sure this is for me. Just spent ages getting to and killing Harriet. Getting her nexus slab. Then it says to exit level if I want to infuse it. Well, duh. At this point I have 20,000 residuum. Seems my only way out is past a load of her followers, and while trying to nexus them I get swamped and lose all that progress. No slab for you, start again. Fuck that. Also, why can’t I inspect my weapons/loadout mid-level? Unless I’m missing it in the awful menus that’s a terrible decision. Trade-in is beckoning.
  12. I’ve seen so much unforgivable shit make it into release (or even day-one-patched) code of late that literally nothing surprises me anymore. I now imagine these outsource testing companies just use a random name generator to add 300 people to the game’s credits roll, and testing is actually what you see in Mythic Quest: two people, on a couch, flirting with each other.
  13. Bollocks. Just got a crash and lost a couple of hours of precious gaming time on the third section of the island. Explored everywhere, killed everyone, completed the mission, found a load of trinkets, a few secret areas, and then crashed while playing with some hidden machine. Fuck that for a wasted night. Early days, but somewhat demotivating. This is the problem with games like this (end of mission saves only) on the PS5’s flakey OS.
  14. Thanks. Yep, I’m still early doors in day 1. Another question: do I need a Bethesda.net account for the multiplayer component, as that’s a big no.
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