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  1. Honestly think my review above was over-generous.
  2. Ad Astra One of the worst films I have ever had the misfortune to see. Truly dire on every level. While the unending abuses of basic primary school science are its most fucking egregious failings, the writing, performances, effects (bar a few well done scenes), and the primary plot McGuffin (which makes literally no sense, and is resolved nonsensically) all vie for the worst aspect of this absolute fucking space turkey. Utter utter shite. If you have the least understanding of physics, or indeed storytelling, avoid like a needle of Covid in the eye. 0/5
  3. So, in your view what is the point of diminishing returns for PC cost vs noticeable real-world game performance gains? I ask because I saw one of the usual builders had an SLI 2080Ti and Xenon CPU build that was the thick end of £20K. Twenty thousand Great British Pounds. Which, I imagine, most would think is overkill. So, rig-posturing aside, where’s the reasonable investment limit, if you want amazing, and perceptibly better performance and pretties from all current and announced games?
  4. Man those last five posts were painful.
  5. Also delighted to back that, and see that it's just passed its goal. Well done @Soo Denim Can't wait to read the full thing. Get it up on resetera, if that's allowed, and see if we you can knock off a few stretch goals.
  6. Two hours later and I finally got the pun in the name.
  7. I wish every game lasted 6-12 hours.
  8. Pics and link please, as every other PC case in this thread is a garish eyesore. I’m tempted to finally go PC instead of XSX, but it would need to be no bigger than the XSX box, at least as powerful, absolutely as quiet, and as easy on the eye (a boring black slab or box if you will).
  9. Any word of it coming to consoles?
  10. Just started playing this over the last few days via GP on X1X. Holy shit it’s amazing!! Finally found the parts of the to scan (it was bloody miles away). So now I can visit the deeper pods and unlock more of the audiologs and story. It took me way too long to find that crash site that in the meantime I’ve already been out right round the Aurora, and inside the So I missed out on any visual spectacle there. I’ve also been I also have a cool So many cool moments, and I’m barely getting started. Can’t wait to go back in and try out mothy! Loving it!!
  11. Yes. Absolutely. I’ll save you some time. The answer to your entire post is the above. That is what brand power and inertia will do. I don’t see very many 1-console players switching platforms this gen. Sadly, I expect Sony’s market research shows this, and they’ll have little incentive to offer a GP equivalent.
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