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  1. Although for a certain poster the top one is the ‘wee’ man.
  2. Looked like Croatia could score at will at any point in the second half.
  3. While since I’ve played it, but I think that’s the regular roll, and an equip load under 25% gives you the fast roll. Could be making that up though.
  4. That was fantastic. “Whisper kitchen Frasier bullshit.”
  5. Yep, according to the dev "captured from our standard workstations with RTX 2080 Super cards".
  6. Agree that Seen Been was brilliant, but Stephen Graham is on another level. Just an utterly compelling actor. Look at his work in this, in This is England and, most of all, in The Virtues. He’s pretty much as good as it gets. His mantelpiece should be creaking with awards.
  7. Finished it last night. Classic McGovern. Which is a very good thing. Not much else to add that hasn’t already been said.
  8. Awful as every moment of that looks, by far the worst thing about it is Eivor’s running animation. So bad.
  9. Inevitable thread spamming ban in 10...9...?
  10. I wonder at what minute into (or before) the game Southgate settled for the point?
  11. Because he’s a shite manager.
  12. Lee Dixon is such a charmless cunt isn’t he?
  13. Loads of Argos in the NW will seemingly have them this weekend too.
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