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  1. I didn’t like it. I have an open mind. But if you’re gonna give me an hour of sit-com pastiche, at least have some ‘com’ in it. I think most of the love for this is the well-observed ‘50s member berries, the MCU Easter egg hunt, the little nods and hints for comic readers, and the likability of the leads. That’s all fucking great, but when the gags are so shallow and knowingly naff, when the physical comedy is so self-conscious, and it lasts for an hour, sorry, I need the actual bulk of the show to do more of the heavy lifting.
  2. Played it in all 3 modes. RT 60 is absolutely the only way to play. It’s fucking miraculous.
  3. In lockdown all at once. Once I get my life back, weekly is fine.
  4. All likely without the quality of comedy writers that made those shows great. Expect I’ll be bailing if that’s the plan.
  5. Hopefully there’s not much more of the sitcom stuff. It’s largely self indulgent and not particularly funny. Feels like they could have dealt with the important bits of the set up in 10 minutes. Not feeling it at all so far.
  6. That’s gonna die on its arse at £70. I’ll bite when it’s sub £40, assuming it reviews well.
  7. Might still be a courtesy to add [OPEN SPOILERS] to the thread title. Edit: Thanks Pob.
  8. Thanks. Was confusing me a bit initially.
  9. Question about these spidey games and Into the Spiderverse... MAJOR SPOILERS FOR BOTH GAMES/THE FILM
  10. Just hope there’s not a lot of that Lucille Ball laugh-track crap. The rest looks interesting though, if a little Legion.
  11. They’re still adding stuff, and bug fixing, but they say the story is all there and it’s fully (and very well) voiced. I’ve not encountered anything amiss yet, but I’m very early doors. They do ‘reset’ saves with major updates, and that’s bound to happen again. But that goes with the territory, and I’m just having fun in this lovely new world. I won’t mind replaying it when it hits v1, and I’m happy to lob them my £15 in the meantime. You might want to wait for v1, it shouldn’t be too many more months. Edit: In fact they’re saying it will be out early 2021,
  12. Put a few hours this morning into the sequel, and it’s brilliant (even in early access). Loads of amazing creatures, some very scary weather, and the usual mix of cautious exploration and gradual gear progression - some familiar, some new - and lots of hints of how the story and the world are going to open up. Plenty of surprises already, but no terrifying megafauna yet, but I doubt it will be long.
  13. jonamok

    NFL 2020!

    This Rams defence are absolute monsters.
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