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  1. At least he’s smelling the coffee for a change and not a fart.
  2. Some weird takes in here. Anyhoo, amazing comparison video for anyone still hanging on to their rose-tinted specs...
  3. Nah. Looks perfect. Well, apart from the slight lack of impact on the player’s shield. That needs to feel more weighty - though maybe the haptics will compensate.
  4. They’re still alive, just changed their name, likely after a C&D from Sony. Now called customizemyplates.com and are saying an extra 3-week delay and all sold out. Amateur hour I feel, but I’ll keep the order for now.
  5. What do the damn grains and the ring of longevity do?!?
  6. Jesus that looks stunning. The lighting is insanely pretty.
  7. Nabbed an MSI overclocked from CCL. £520. That'll do. Nvidia site just points to a dead page on Scan. Scan itself was borked for me. Shitshow part X.
  8. Well, after that I have literally no idea whether to try for a 3070 tomorrow, hold out for a 6800XT in three weeks, keep praying for 3080s to flood the market, or just pick up a cheap ass old GTX card so I can begin my PC build, then mothball it and play on the imminent PS5 until the Spring when there might be more of everything available, including perhaps new 30 series cards with more memory...
  9. Nope. Sony meant to be providing free adapters. Nobody knows when or how.
  10. Okay, who else got the calculator writing on the first clue? Felt good. Took me far too long to get Smash Bros. though.
  11. Time for a thread title update, though I appreciate that’s becoming a full-time job.
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