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  1. Tipper should have grown a beard to complete the set.
  2. And the sale price for Moss was pulled a few hours later. Oculus mistakenly told the dev they could discount it. Only the Rift version was actually allowed to be reduced, though the dev was keen to offer it for the Quest too. There is no sale on Quest and now some doubts as to whether there is one imminent. Too soon into the Quest’s life maybe? Oh well, glad I nabbed it while I could.
  3. All book-related answers to Scott’s questions in big fucking fat spoiler boxes please, and labelled as book talk if you would be so kind.
  4. Windows only, meh. Will wait until it’s fully released then. Wish them luck.
  5. Moss has just had a price cut on Quest, down from £22.99 to the much more impulse-friendly £15.61. I’ll be having that.
  6. I know, but a man can dream.
  7. I’d love a version of this for PSVR or (lol) the Quest.
  8. @boybrown Don’t know the story with the cloth covers, but without paying for expedited shipping my VRCover came by sea and took about 4 weeks.
  9. The one and only. I really can’t get on with it. Deeply uncomfortable for a glasses wearer. The plastic frame it comes with is rigid, whereas the Oculus one is flexible beneath the foam. Makes a massive difference. I’ll let other people use it for sharing/hygiene reasons, but I’m sticking to the foam (might even buy a spare). The deluxe spongey strap thing you can buy for the Quest improves the comfort much more, and a homebrew rear-strap counterweight really helps with long play sessions too. Those two mods combined take all the pressure off your brow/cheekbones.
  10. Yes, after doing a perfect run on fast-hard $100 Bills this morning, and still being miles behind you, I worked out that you must also have disappearing arrows selected. So I had a crack at that, and despite missing two blocks on the one tired attempt I had I still improved my score and closed the gap to about 4K. A clean run should get me right around your epic score. I do so hate bloody disappearing arrows though!
  11. Thought I’d go back to the campaign, and finally completed it [Quest]. Pretty straightforward on the whole bar a few irritating maximum distance/zero error levels, and any of those I could bypass I did. The few expert levels towards the end were relatively easy, as none ask for zero error runs, to my surprise. Oh well, back to wrestling with the leaderboards.
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