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  1. I think we all would have noticed if Nintendo released a new console.
  2. I’ve got a PS5, Series S and Switch under the telly but as a father of 2 young kids, I just think “what the fuck am I doing?” I hate having all three competing for my attention when I finally get some time to myself, not to mention books, streaming services etc. As nifty a bit of kit as it is, I’ll probably sell the Xbox once my gamepass runs out at the end of the year as there’s nothing 1st party on the horizon that interests me and any gamepass stuff I like I’d rather just buy it so I can play it on the switch.
  3. Ah well that’s patchable. The intent is there that’s the main thing.
  4. Sounds like they have filter options etc too. Thank god, I’m not sure any of those PSone textures should be seen in 4K.
  5. Yeah Nate said in hit points the previous week it sold 50,000 units. It’s just supply.
  6. Oh yeah there’s big “you know, I’m something of a games journalist myself” energy to a lot of the negative comments way back when. A lot of people learnt to write in a certain style and felt very threatened when something else came along. Some of the aggression in the thread Zok linked to is insane. Then they all got the rug pulled out from them when youtubers and steamers came along anyway.
  7. All racing games get killed off it seems. Even the ones with made up cars for some reason.
  8. Haha @Uncle Nasty hating on dark mode before it was cool. “I hate reading white text on a black background”
  9. Haha yeah I’ve enjoyed the guy for years, glad to see him do so well now in video form but I learnt quickly not to mention him on here without ducking for cover. I used to physically print his GOTY essays from the insert credit website and read them on the train home as they were so long. I’ll see if I can find them online as the website is now dedicated to the podcast (understandably)
  10. Yeah what’s up with that thread title? We only got 1!
  11. So is this still dirt cheap somewhere or nah?
  12. I was gonna ask if there was any examples of “good” stores.
  13. Ffs would love to revisit this on Switch. (Hopefully this time with an invert option)
  14. “Now please enjoy our upcoming Disney+ show with er…Ewan McGregor replacing Alec Guinness”
  15. Great update for PC players, less so for console. Makes me a bit salty they lump them together like that tbh
  16. After the Starfield delay this week there was speculation of what big, third-party game MS will throw money at to get on gamepass to fill what is starting to look like a pretty empty year. and well….there’s not much really is there? I know we’re a few weeks away from Summer Game Fest but even Keighley has down-played expectations on big announcements as he says publishers are focusing on service games. So is 2022 a bit of a one off or are we starting to see the effects of those warnings a few years back that triple AAA game dev is becoming unsustainable (if you’re not first party anyway)? Or is this just the usual lull in new generation software that’s been extended out because of covid and shortages? It will be interesting to see once the summer announcements come and go if you could have filled an old school E3 type event even if one was happening. Anyway cheer me up basically: we’ve still got God of War 2, Bayonetta 3, Silksong and all the smaller stuff we don’t know about yet. Right?
  17. I’ll have what you’re having: Bitter.
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