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  1. Had a great time with this yesterday, it’s quite a generous demo! I had to save and quit in the end as I had to go to bed. But after being quite confused with Impa at the beginning, her and Zelda started to make sense, to the point the Link was starting to feel a bit vanilla. Quite satisfying doing the map upgrades too. Looking forward to playing more.
  2. We might need a separate hype thread for both consoles as we should really be able to enjoy some industry speculation without the pre-order crew feeling like their chips are being pissed on.
  3. Demo drop! Nice! Worth a title change @Bojangle? This was my most looked-forward to game even before they announced you can control the Divine Beasts.
  4. Yeah they’re all absolute narcissists with Messiah complexes. Especially Mark who just seemed to pivot to another way to get attention and make it about him. Each of them clearly thought they were going to take over the whole thing. Nippy seemed like the only one capable of any introspection and he looked broken. Overall an annoying series though as it was stretching about 2 hours worth of material over 9 episodes. The last two episodes pretty much became a platform for Raniere’s unedited bollocks. Was hard to watch. Glad to see the sentences are so harsh. Mac is
  5. I know you love that video, but it was an advert. I’m sure that’s enough for some, but it’s a bit like saying “why don’t you just buy x game? the pics on the back of the box look great!” without reading any impressions or reviews. As for the PS5, I don’t intend to pick one up for a while so I’m less bothered, but I’ve seen way more games running on it than I have on Series S.
  6. “Mine was full of old chip-fryer oil!”
  7. Why are they selling it then ffs? All this secrecy has put me right off.
  8. Love all the snow in that MM clip. Proper Christmas game
  9. Sony have done more than enough to earn my money...at some point next year. I keep debating picking up a series S in the meantime but I’m just not seeing enough info about it. Mostly I look at the games I want to catch up on (Death Stranding, Ghosts of Tsushima and a whole bunch of indies) not to mention the new Hyrule Warriors out soon and I’m more than alright for a bit I think.
  10. Yeah come on it’s been long enough now. Outlets are receiving PS5s so I’m hoping they’re not waiting for all those impressions to come out and die down before releasing the Series S embargo.
  11. There’s a lot of subtle stuff in Star Wars and Marvel too but you don’t notice it next to the whiz bang. It’s in everything now, even stuff set in modern day. Why close a street in NYC to film when you can just put it in later, take your time with the shoot and it’ll probably be cheaper.
  12. I wonder if Netflix will add sunshine glare to half the screen with the reflection of my dad sleeping off his roast?
  13. Looks like he’s about to absolutely wreck some demons in Hades.
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