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  1. Been waiting for this to feature in a sale for an eternity.
  2. I take it you tried easy allies? I don’t agree with their reviews much but I think their news analysis is great.
  3. A lot of the smaller films used as an example wouldn’t exist without the product placement to be fair. And the bigger ones certainly wouldn’t have as many stunts/explosions/set-pieces.
  4. I wish that this time round the Empire were the scrappy rebels. Using old Star Destroyers and patched-up TIE’s they’ve got hold of. You’d still have the iconography of the classic movies, but this time they’re the desperate underdogs, using guerrilla tactics and an extremist ideology to go with it.
  5. Same as every sale ever then
  6. I’d like the next film to explain how going into a black hole sends you back in time for some reason.
  7. Yisss! Been waiting for CIV 6 and Bloodstained to be on sale for a while. When does the sale go live?
  8. Or counterpoint: They use more than a 30 second IMDB search to make hiring decisions?
  9. Is it a Long Halloween adaptation or did I make that up?
  10. I don’t doubt Avatar isn’t as big a deal as Fox thinks it is. (Especially now they’ve lost so much momentum). But I’m not really seeing much of a connect between this film and Avatar 2. Certainly not in the eyes of the public?
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