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  1. .... Have you taken it to bed with you?
  2. Can you go straight in on 2 without finishing 1?
  3. Hmm I don’t get lag using my PS gold headset and dongle with the Switch.
  4. I like the design of the One X, but that’s a terrible idea branding-wise. Looking at the above pic, it does all the explaining of what it is for you without needing to use words. Hopefully it’s just a dev kit they’re taking home.
  5. I doubt it. They can’t seem to make the current models fast enough as it is.
  6. Yep! Price permitting, I think it’s going to be my first of the next gen consoles while I wait for the PS5’s Bloodborne. There’s not much to catch up on really for me apart from Forza Horizon but the idea of my 360 games and gamepass is the real pull and seems like the perfect way to fill the gap while the devs get their heads round the new generation. I just hope it comes out the same time as the Series X and looks like this:
  7. It sold bonkers numbers though. So I get why it lead them down the wrong path.
  8. I’m not sure that’s DVD/Blu-rays are the best comparison anyway as a cinema or television run would have meant most (or all) of the initial production cost was recouped before being released for home viewing. Games don’t have that. Unless you think of the just-released period of a game being full RRP as the cinema run equivalent, which I guess there is an argument for. (And one that games come off looking like the better value proposition maybe)
  9. Xenoblade is really great. You can skip a lot of side quests and the battle system is fun, just might be worth checking out a beginners guide online if you’re worried about it.
  10. There’s a demo for Dragon Quest 11 and Trials of Mana remake of you’re curious about either of those @cowfields
  11. I know it’s just a light hearted spin-off but that ship design is rough.
  12. Yeah this is really great. Was hoping we’d see similar from Sony and Nintendo instead of E3 but fuck me right?
  13. Yeah agreed. A new Otogi (or even a remake of 1+2) would be such a canny choice too.
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