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  1. He’s called “Captain America”, not “Captain Super-Strength and Speed” It’s a title, a symbol. A mantle to pass on.
  2. Cool I think I’ll wait for that version then and skip straight to Doom 2 for now.
  3. Is Doom 64 a new game or a remaster of OG Doom with better sprites etc?
  4. I’ll take you up on that please sir!
  5. I don’t think anyone is being too down on them? This is a pretty funny vid revisiting the Raimi film and I think they’re quite fair in it. (They’ve also done 2 and 3)
  6. Nah his Parker was way too cool for school. Macguire’s was an over-earnest wet whistle, but it totally suited the tone those films were going for.
  7. That’s a damn good trailer.
  8. But would other people? Enough of them to make it worth the confusion it would cause?
  9. I think they’d be mad to release another SKU. The lite version has a large market and makes sense but I doubt there’s much hunger for a pro model really?
  10. Why have they gone for this version of Monkey Ball when you could have released the original? Hopefully the lack of any GameCube ports is because they have something coming along the lines of Virtual Console, but maybe it’s just plain easier to port Wii games?
  11. I’m sure they can have him “hulk out” again and go on a rampage if they need to. Maybe trying to switch some HDMI cables round the back of his TV or something. Or assembling an ikea flat pack.
  12. Stop following me!
  13. They managed to communicate the Wii and DS pretty well considering how odd they were.
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