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  1. Yeah agreed. I get the exact thing with Forza too now you mention it.
  2. I wonder if @Chindie is talking about the home button? That’s the one I have trouble registering the press the most and I can’t tell if it’s not pushing in enough or laggy software as sometimes it just takes a bit of time.
  3. My point was they absolutely would have charged more before all this.
  4. Really looking forward to this. Excited for some proper race tracks with cars I’ve worked hard to get. Can’t wait to see what they’ve done with the dualsense too.
  5. It was all mags. The PlayStation ones fucking hated 2D games too. In fact I bet loads of people on this forum agreed with them. Look at some of the reactions sub-60fps games get on here for instance.
  6. I don’t think we’ll need to worry about gamepass going up on our end. Even if MS have the market sewn up it will always need to be an attractive price to compete with all the other things vying for our attention like Netflix, Kindle etc. What we do need to keep an eye on though is what MS are willing to pay devs. That’s where they (or any other company) would start to turn the screws first and will have a direct affect on what kind of games get made.
  7. It’s funny bringing up the 360 era actually. Imagine being a pissed-off Sony fan right now when we’re potentially looking at the return of a company that, last time it was on the back-foot, gave us a refreshed cheaper PS3, generous PS+ games every month, loads of investment and spotlighting of the indie scene and super consumer-friendly stuff like seamless crossplay with the Vita. All alongside the no-expense-spared exclusives they’re still doing nowadays. And all you have to do is give up fucking COD. I mean shit even if nothing like the above happens again, this buyout has already sliced a tenner a month off whatever gamepass rival they had planned at the very least.
  8. It won’t be anyway near as comprehensive as that. Probably more along the lines of Nintendo’s SNES and N64 stuff on Switch.
  9. Yeah it’s annoying but I have to watch it every morning to get MS points. Haven’t checked my balance in a while but I should have loads now!
  10. Yeah couple of great bits in there, “it’s done” made me laugh and also the “well it’s been fun tussling with you guys but we’re off to compete with Amazon, Apple and Meta” bit is bang-on.
  11. Yeah the songs are absolute bangers, this thread is mental.
  12. The whole pad from the buttons to the vibrations sounds like fucking ED209 is walking into the room. If I’m playing a 2d game I have to switch to the analogue stick after everyone has gone to bed.
  13. Well there we are, the thread has turned into an argument about Stadia Input lag. The natural heat death of all videogame discussion. Time for the next big news story please internet.
  14. Yep after the initial casting announcement and quite a good first trailer I’ve totally cooled on this now. Can’t really explain why, maybe like others have said it just looks to be covering too much familiar ground from Begins, even though it simultaneously is showing us loads of villains we’ve not seen on film since the 90s? Probably explains the run time.
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