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  1. I’m biased because I fucking love Returnal but as with any console, it’s all about the games. If there’s several that you like the look of then go for it. Especially now they’re included in PS+
  2. Just finished this using the 7 day premium free trial. As others have said, lovely wee thing. Perfect length and absolutely stunning looking. Nice!/10
  3. Because the lowest tier is just a couple of games a month? It’s not an ongoing library like the others?
  4. I loved season 3. The only duffer was the last ep for me. It was still great fun, it just stretched the believability a bit too far for an episode set in the “main” story arc.
  5. Pfffft. Hard to make a call on this one. It’s always had big 7/10 energy that I would either love or hate. Hence waiting so long for it to be on sale. I do love the idea it’s set in the comics world. I think I’ll need to just go for it. I managed to have fun with Jedi Power Battles all those years ago after all.
  6. Does it not have a load of fun Marvel trivia with a load of deep cut costume/character unlocks?
  7. You’ve lumped Switch 2 in there with some other choices but they’re not the same at all. WiiU would have been a lot less confusing if it was called Wii2
  8. I think I might have to jump in on Ultimate Alliance. It’s Nintendo published so will never get cheaper.
  9. Can we just email someone to tell them we’re all waiting for the Otogi games, Gunvalkerie and RR6 to be discounted? Saves them guessing.
  10. I enjoyed the game and want to play more but am a bit confused what mode to play now I’ve gone through the “main” bit. Just do that again but for better scores?
  11. Haha yeah true. Still fair play to him. He won out over his rival Lou I imagine!
  12. How have Susan, Toadfish and Harold not aged a day? It’s like the rest of the cast are their Dorian Gray portraits.
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