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  1. oli

    The Walking Dead!

    What if it ends up that Rick, Negan and everyone we’ve seen are the zombies all along?!!?!
  2. There was an interview with Rian Johnson, I forget if it was Empire or Slashfilmcast, where he said he spent ages trying to work out how to write Luke. It sounded like he felt painted into a corner by JJ Abrams and this was the only way he could reconcile Luke not helping or doing anything when Han died.
  3. Here we go, my review is up now. I hit 1500 words and their were still things to complain about... https://readysteadycut.com/2018/02/05/review-cloverfield-paradox/
  4. Just seen it and written a review for Ready Steady Cut that will go up later. In short i though it was shit
  5. oli

    Play Tetris and help my research

    Fair enough, thanks anyway
  6. oli

    Play Tetris and help my research

    I’m running a second round of this work if anyone would like to play 6-7 minutes of Tetris for me? No need to log in or anything this time out Play here
  7. The implication seems to be you can hit stuff though
  8. Isn’t there a line in ANH when Han is getting ready to jump to hyperspace where he mentions it needs to be properly calculated or they could jump through a star or asteroid?
  9. oli

    Nintendo Switch

    I ended up buying Skyrim for the Switch making it the third time I’ve bought the game. I’m away for a new job 3-4 days a week until we sell our house so I thought portable Skyrim fun might Travelodge life more bearable. Managed to at least get it slightly cheaper from the SA store.
  10. I really like the movie, it’s my joint favourite ‘movie continuation of a beloved TV series’ along with Serenity. There is a lot of fan service but I love the characters especially the relationship with Keith and Veronica. He’s the parent I dream of being. Well him or Coach Taylor
  11. I don’t get the issues with Rey.
  12. I loved the Last Jedi and having seen it three times now I genuinely think it gets better each time - in fact you can see exactly what I thought here. That said, I can completely understand why someone might not like it. It's not what anyone expected, even if you sat down 1000 fans and got them to protect the plot I doubt any of them would get it all. I've read a lot about how it betrayed Luke's character and I can kind of see the point of view even though I disagree with it. I just can't buy Attack of the Clones being better than any other Star Wars film though. Seriously, do you remember that film? We get Sifo Dyas that never actually pays off (unless you watch all of the Clone Wars and even then pay off is a bit strong). There's Dex's fucking Diner which is just an utter shit show. There's the crap in the colosseum, which is a CGI nightmare. You get the romance between Anakin and Padme including that scene in the field with him dicking about on some weird cow/tick hybrid thing. Hayden Christensen is an utter shambles - look at what Adam Driver is going and it's a million miles away in terms of quality in fact TLJ and TFA have pretty great performances across the board, with a few exceptions.
  13. I’ve just caught up with Wittertainment and I was surprised how positive Kermode was given all the complaints about it being poor film making. He seemed to be impressed in how grounded in character it was and how those characters made sense in their choices. I’m not saying that his opinion is worth more than anyone just that I was expecting it to get a pasting because so many people seem convinced that it’s a poorly constructed movie.

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