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  1. I did a very brief summary of most GT4 cars somewhere in this thread.. I'll see if I can find it.. Here we go
  2. Nice one, thank you. /me takes lots of screenshots as that won't be happening again!
  3. Still got 13 days and 98 free slots when I look? Maybe you're on the naughty list?
  4. If you find the bug that results in me being 2nd, there's no rush to fix it
  5. Ha! Love that second shot, with me (black Aston) right in the middle of the frame. It's almost like everyone can sense the BACK OFF! that I'm mentally projecting
  6. Aye, guilty as charged. I was in the 1:44's all week, then pulled a 1:42 out of the bag on the day. Again, no idea how. I did save the replay of my 0.8s improvement so I'll take a look and share it if I find anything useful. Great win @Erik - well done on another stellar performance. I'll happily take 3rd place even if was due to the misfortune of others rather than my pace. (Seems to be my MO - sneak about, avoiding issues and quietly hoover up points.) What a group of people, and what a game!
  7. Bugger. That's a shame, on two counts. (No pun intended) Hope they don't mess you about too much.
  8. Make a lot of mistakes then?
  9. I'd say yours looks better without the DudeBro! WRC stuff on it.
  10. That's the one I was musing on. Reviews quite well, not massively over priced. (For a Fanatec)
  11. Interesting. Still like it
  12. Ooh is that new? Tempting.. I'd justify it to my self (and bank account) that it's usable in Dirt Rally etc.
  13. Crikey - I'm in the 1:44's at the mo. My car doesn't seem to like this track and I keep over rotating as I come off the brakes whilst trail braking. I'm sure it'll all come together during qually
  14. I tried them all, honest! I was just quicker in the Aston. Probably because I use the Aston GT3. The KTM felt like sitting in the bath (in VR)
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