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  1. Conversely I've played online a few times, and it was pretty much the same experience as the single player just with 'real' people. To be fair though, my experience online is usually the same as you describe, which is why despite loving driving games I almost never venture online in GT Sport, PCars etc.
  2. Somehow mine arrived this morning! Played a few hours today and it’s great (PS4 Pro). Handles well, very pretty and raises the odd proper laugh. Has as a Demolition Derby / Flatout feel to it. (£26 from Base.com)
  3. This guy! It's hard, but very rewarding when you get a move right.. and on purpose. Like jumping through the air, landing, remembering to hold the slide button down and katana'ing a guy in his recently decapitated face. One thing I've not seen mentioned in reviews is that you can free move about by holding down the big button on the left hand move controller and pointing your face in the direction you want to wander. Do it for too long and you'll be dead mind, but it's possible.
  4. Goddammit, stop bumping this thread without saying "VR mode available now!!" (and it being true)
  5. EDF. Always more armour to collect, more weapon combos to try out.
  6. That’s the thing, the progress bar has gone, replaced with ‘ready’ and the notifications said Installed. Nothing’s changed apart from me having a cuppa and waiting, now it works. Looks like it was still doing something in the background despite all appearances saying it was done. Either way - it’s bug huntin’ time now!
  7. Well, quite. Trouble is, it claims to have finished.
  8. Just downloaded this and tried the first two missions. It wont let me play the third single player ‘offline’ mission. Comes up with “Until the download has been completed, you cannot select this mission” Also complains about the mode not being available until download completes if I try online mode. Anyone else?
  9. No, he wants to be able to program, skipping straight past the learning bit.
  10. Yes! I had the same issue, and fixed it. Here's my bloggy write up on how I did it. https://www.sneakyninja.net/g29-wheel-y-good-fix/
  11. I suspect the BBC article has touched on the real reason this has come up now.
  12. I doubt it was that much in the grand scheme of things. The devs did a Reddit Ask Me Anything and there were only 2 of them on the VR expansion, a designer and a coder. A case of quality over quantity I reckon!
  13. Still loving this in VR. It's as if someone took what Powerdrome on the Amiga looked like in my head and made it reality! Is it me, or is the audio left/right channels reversed on the main menu. When the ships pass you on either side, the sound comes from the opposite ear.
  14. I can recommend the Rally Cross events in Dirt Rally VR. I hated them before but the sense of being in a race with cars all around you is great in VR.
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