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  1. Nothing to do with luck when it comes to penalties. Just stick them in the top corner and a goalie has no chance.
  2. After rewatching the first bout last night, I think Fury should win this comfortably.
  3. Be pretty cool to play the flight you’re about to take while on the flight.
  4. Got Wolfenstein 2: New Colossus in the sale. It’s bloody awesome. Will tide me over until Doom Eternal releases.
  5. Is this coming out on switch?
  6. Never played animal crossing before. I just watched the direct and am none the wiser about what the appeal is. It looks a bit shit.
  7. Oh well, looks like I may double dip then
  8. When is doom eternal coming out on switch? I’d rather get it over the PS4 version.
  9. Norwich should’ve beaten Liverpool at the start of the season too.
  10. It’s possibly the best 2d platformer ever made.
  11. NSMB is much better than Tropical Freeze. I wouldn’t bother with Tropical Freeze, the controls are a mess and it’s designed to be hard rather than fair.
  12. Superhot. It’s short but sweet.
  13. Trials Rising is only £8. I reckon the digital triggers may ruin the game so will try a demo first.
  14. Finally, the best tennis game on the SNES. Pop n Twinbee is good too.
  15. One of the best films I’ve ever seen. An astonishing piece of cinema.
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