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  1. the_debaser

    Football Thread 2017/18

  2. the_debaser

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Iniesta is playing his final game for Barca tonight. Apart from Zidane, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better midfielder play the game.
  3. the_debaser

    Football Thread 2017/18

    It casts massive shadows across the pitch in the middle of May, that’s what’s wrong with it. Cant believe Jones didn’t get a red card there.
  4. the_debaser

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Until someone fixes the roof on Wembley the FA cup should be played somewhere else.
  5. the_debaser

    Football Thread 2017/18

    You can only beat what’s put in front of you. As a Wolves fan with the resources you’ve been afforded this year, have you not enjoyed your season?
  6. the_debaser

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Great achievement. Two trebles in a row. Dembele was immense.
  7. the_debaser

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Great goal by McGregor in the cup final.
  8. the_debaser

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    New Edge mag says this is something of a spiritual successor to motorstorm. Is it?
  9. Agreed, looks great. Can’t wait for this.
  10. the_debaser

    The Happytime Murders - Puppet Serial Killer Movie

    Looks decent. The scene at the end is good.
  11. the_debaser

    Football Thread 2017/18

    No pace, doesn’t really create much. Looks pretty skilful when he’s on the ball but he doesn’t produce. I think Keane was spot on when he said he was overrated, and Southgate has made the right choice.
  12. the_debaser

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Get rid. BOTW has killed all third person games for me. I could appreciate what they’ve tried to do but it just feels so last gen.
  13. That looks absolutely superb, apart from the underwater swimming bit. Day 1.
  14. the_debaser

    Nintendo Switch

    What’s warioware got to do with anything? That has five second bursts of fun. This is a bit like Wii sports/play except shitter.

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