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  1. I've been waiting for you to finish watching just so I could see your reaction to this video, because I totally missed it when I watched the finale. Before you watch it, remember that Sam and Liam are BFFs and the only reason the campaign exists at all is because Liam wanted to play D&D for his birthday and roped Sam in to playing. Doesn't it just make you love Sam more than you thought you ever could? Also, for anyone that hasn't finished the first campaign, in no way or form should you watch the video below.
  2. The Grand Pursuivant

    Arrested Development Topic In Cold Brown Taste!

    I loved the original S4, and having finished the remix, I'd say I prefer the original. Watching it feels a bit like that one time you decide to pour the milk in before the hot water when you make a cup of tea, just to see what it's like. You definitely won't do it again, but at least now you know. There's definitely some new/previously unreleased scenes in there though. And I liked the new narration. That's all probably youtubable though.
  3. The Grand Pursuivant


    Ysera and Alex are better for Warrior than Harrison. You're seeing Harrison in Warrior decks because Warlock is so strong. Most Warrior decks often need to use lots of resources to keep up with the power of both the Warlock deck and hero power. Killing their weapon and drawing 3 cards is crazy good. It's basically there to help win that match up. The card is strictly not as good as an Acidic Swamp Ooze against all other weapons though. Warrior has tons of card draw anyway, and it's far superior to play a 2 mana card with a good statline than a 5 mana card with a bad statline that will most of the time only draw one card. If you are teching for weapons, if you come up a weaponless deck, again Ooze is better. Harrison is basically a card you play in a control deck against weapon classes that won't kill you before you can clear their board. Which at the moment is just Warlock. It's super slow, has bed stats, and is unplayable against aggro decks. It's a Legendary that is worse than a common in most scenarios. Nice to have, but really not needed. On the other hand, Alex and Grom are a classic combo that will always be playable in a Warrior deck. Ysera is just a great card that will always be playable in any control deck. Definitely go for one of those two over Harrison.
  4. The Grand Pursuivant


    Al'Akir is a weird one. It's a strong card that has seen a lot of play in Shaman. The problem is that it has only seen play because it is a good card. It doesn't really synergise with any Shaman cards that have been printed since Classic, especially since the nerf to rockbiter, so if Shaman decks can find other powerful cards that do suit their synergies it tends to be one of the first cards dropped from a deck. The question is what standard Legendaries are you missing that you want? There is a mini-hierarchy of neutral legendaries that goes a bit like this: 1) Always worth crafting: Bloodmage Leeroy 2) Fun/powerful cards that you won't regret crafting and are never far from the meta: Alexstraza Ysera Deathwing 3) Good to own but not necessary to have: Harrison Jones Black Knight
  5. The Grand Pursuivant

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    BIt of an up and down season for me. I spent so long bouncing from second to fifth that I'm gutted I didn't get top 5 in the end.I suppose seventh is ok, but bit of a comedown after getting second last year. I feel like the end of the season was a bit rubbish. My GW32 wildcard did not go as planned, and I transferred out a lot of players that ended up getting more points. Then I didn't make a single good transfer in until Sane in 37 and Van Aanholt in 38.But even that didn't matter because in 38 I had 6 players not starting. Classic FPL I guess! Also, if I'm right, is that champion two years in a row for @pompey88? Absolutely amazing achievement. Hats off to you!
  6. The Grand Pursuivant

    Films you’re sure will never get made

    My uncle is a producer at DNA films. I've asked him several times over the years if a sequel was ever likely and as much as they want to do one - and they really want to do one - it just isn't financially viable. So unless some rich guy with money to burn comes along and funds it then it just isn't going to happen.
  7. The Grand Pursuivant


    If you don't have any, then you should craft Golden molten giants. You'll get the full cost refunded then be able to DE them for a free 800 dust. You only get refunded for two cards though, so if you craft two normal moltens and two golden moltens, you will only get the two goldens refunded.
  8. The Grand Pursuivant

    8th Birthday Party - Ideas Please

    I work in a SEND secondary school, with kids educational abilities ranging from 3 to about 11, and they all universally adore Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. Would definitely get something like that going if you have it.
  9. The Grand Pursuivant


    That deck is probably the strongest deck in the meta right now. The only real change I'd make is to switch the Kabal Courier for a Twisting Nether. It's also one of the only decks that won't lose any important cards in the rotation, so you are good to go until the new meta settles in. If you think you'll still be playing the game beyond next month, then definitely save your dust. Also, I'd be reticent to disenchant any of your wild cards, as even though you may have no intention of playing that game ode now, you may change your mind later. And bear in mind that Ice Block, Coldlight Oracle and Molten Giant are being moved to the Hall of Fame, so you will get their dust value refunded in full AND keep the cards when the new expansion comes out, so don't DE those until after the expansion should you feel the need.
  10. The Grand Pursuivant


    If you post your decklist here I, and I'm sure others, will be happy to give you feedback on it. The new expansion and card rotation is coming out in a month, so my advice to a returning player with limited cards would be to try and save all of your gold and dust for that. Pretty much every deck in the meta right now will change drastically in less than a month, so using your resources on them might feel very frustrating when the new cards are released and you don't have any of them. Here are some budget decklists for the current expansion that you might be able to scrape together in the meantime. If you don't really care about the expansionsion, then the 'Arena or packs' question for new/returning players is almost always packs. To make an Arena run equal to the value of a pack, you need to earn at least 50 gold from your arena run. You can get a 50g reward from winning 3 runs, but that 50g reward is not guaranteed until you get 5 wins. Winning 3 runs can also get you 50 dust or a rare card as your only reward. As a new/returning player you will definitely not be getting 5 wins every run, and I would say you'd be doing very well if you were averaging 3. So just from that I'd say it's not worth it. However, Arena has just undergone some absolutely massive changes recently that favour worse players. Instead of being offered 3 random cards and choosing one, you are now offered 3 random cards of equivalent value. This change means that arena newbies can no longer make bad picks. They can and are still more likely to make incorrect picks in the draft, but this is no longer anywhere near as big an issue as it used to be. The meta has also been shaken up and is still undefined because Blizzard are, for the first time in history, actively changing card offering rates in Arena based on community feedback. I have lost a lot of games recently to players who I could tell were bad at the game, purely because the small mistakes they made throughout the game that would ordinarily punish them enough to cause a loss (attack ordering, minion placement, tapping last as warlock, trading with minions instead of face etc) were nullified by the crazy strength of their decks. So if you are going to play arena, do it now. But like, right now. This whole paragraph will be null and void in a week if Blizzard keep making changes. I probably play Arena more than anyone on the forum, so if you want any advice or want me to help with a run feel free to hit me up. My battle.net is krlmarxbeard#2934
  11. The Grand Pursuivant

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    Second wildcard lasts til the end of the season.
  12. The Grand Pursuivant

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    They changed that last season. If you don't wildcard by new year, you lose it.
  13. The Grand Pursuivant


    It was quite funny actually, he spent about 3 turns actively playing minions that wouldn't trigger the deathrattle (As you can see he started to starfire my face despite being massively behind on board), and the moment I actually managed to get it out he conceded instantly. I did not get to hit his face with it. I don't think anyone ever does.
  14. The Grand Pursuivant


    You hear stories of The Forgotten One. About those crazy bastards who try to summon him in constructed. But when you mostly play arena, they seem more like myths. A laughable story to scare children at night. Something that could never happen to you and that you could never try. Power beyond your grasp. And then, you find out, that Carnivorous Cube has turned myth in to reality. Terrible, wonderful reality.
  15. The Grand Pursuivant

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2017/18

    Wahey! All hail Bingo, our new overlord!

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