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  1. What colour is the windmill at the end that the shootout is in?
  2. 2 things - Fast & Furious 5 is a great popcorn movie. 63% on RT is a good score Carry on
  3. Calling someone a cunt for calling nobody in particular weirdos is a weirdly hypocrtitical flex
  4. Could still have the decision wheel for introverted weirdos like
  5. Yeah that was great. Surprised its not utilised more. Especially in games like this and Dishonored where it could be incorporated into the UI and spacial awareness. Whistle to get attention like in Manhunt.
  6. Surely we're at the point where you could do it by voice command by now...
  7. Maybe just devote 15 min of your life to find out for yourself, or do you rely on internet strangers to guide you through every decision in life?
  8. I enjoyed the subsequent discussion though. But my god you don’t half over think stuff.
  9. Disappointed on second read of this when I realised you didn’t say “giggling”
  10. Brilliant! absolute classic, not laughed as much in ages with this thread, but your contributions have been the icing on the cake. Take a bow sir, top drawer!
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