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  1. The proportions of it never felt tuned to the players abilities, I found myself jumping completely over some high ledges but then having to stack a bunch of bins to reach others, despite having maxed out agility. Someone up above mentioned this quality to the design made it feel less gamey, personally I thought it just felt sloppy because it never convinced as a real location either, more like a movie set filled with mannequins.
  2. It's been done before, just not recently. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is pretty much the template for a game like this, rather than the recent Deus Ex titles. It was also massively buggy with an infamous amount of cut content at release, but then they never had access to anywhere near as many resources as CDPR right now.
  3. DS2 > DS3, I genuinely think it's more varied and interesting. Everyone talks about how good the DLC for 2 was, but there are just as many locations from the base game etched into my mind. I can barely remember a thing about DS3, it was tough in places but lacked teeth.
  4. ‘Spiritual reboot’ was all I needed to hear.
  5. I remain absolutely baffled by the Gears 5 and Halo: Infinite showings. Two franchises that MS has been accused of relying on too much in the past, with two exciting new games which are supposedly shaking up their formulas significantly, both given insipid cutscenes that were somehow less impressive than their unveils last year.
  6. That 120fps line combined with a cross-platform store does make me think they’ll offer third party VR support.
  7. The other weird thing about that Halo trailer is that the spectacular landscapes they showed last year were a hundred times more impressive than a contained metal environment, it’s like they’ve gone backwards with the hype.
  8. The Halo trailer they showed last year was so much more exciting and evocative than this faux-emotional cutscene pish. I just don’t understand what devs think they’re achieving by unveiling games with this overly elaborate b-movie nonsense. I’m still excited for the game, but I thought the whole point was they’re going back to basics and this sends the opposite message.
  9. Just goes to show how ridiculous the reaction to Sony’s 2015 conference was, four years later and only one of their triple-megaton announcements has actually come out. I remember a few of us at the time saying it was mostly hot air and getting nuked from orbit for it.
  10. That dude above also claims that the show depicts radiation making the helicopter blow up rather than hitting a crane cable, despite that being exactly what happens. They just changed the timing of when it happened for dramatic effect.
  11. All of Bradford Young’s stuff looks like that, he pretty much sets it entirely in-camera on set. He’s an exceptional cinematographer and I think looks amazing, although I’ll admit that perhaps it’s a bit incongruous with the knock-about tone of the film. It may have been a better fit for something more downbeat like Rogue One. It’s probably safe for me to say that the film always had the same look. Something the entire industry is having to compete with at the moment is people equating bright/colourful/high contrast imagery with ‘good’ lighting/HDR, it’s a highly subjective issue. He was absolutely right about cinemas and projection levels though, it’s partially a money saving exercise by not running the bulbs at the correct brightness and partially because most multiplexes are automated and there’s nobody manually checking whether the projectors are still set up for 3D. I saw Avengers Endgame in 2D and literally couldn’t see what was happening in the darker scenes (Tony in space, Hawkeye in Tokyo), and that’s a relatively bright film.
  12. I didn’t realise you could change your weapons in FFVII until Cosmo Canyon, about 20 hours into the game. It was my first JRPG and unsurprisingly I found it exceedingly difficult.
  13. I just rewatched Forever for the first time in what must have been at least 15 years and Kilmer (who I otherwise like) was fucking dreadful. Carey, Jones, Kidman and even O’Donnel are all turned up to 11 but Kilmer just seems confused and bored. I’m gonna go on the record that Batman & Robin is a better film as well. Haven’t seen that for a long time either but at least it was funny, Forever is just loud and annoying.
  14. At this point 18s are pretty much exclusively for excessive nudity, sexual violence and lingering agony (Saw, Hostel etc). Most action films avoid it by never directly focusing on the after-effects of the violence, but I must admit I’m quite surprised the eyeball bit didn’t hit the quota as that was full-on Fulci. There’s a whole other debate to be had about the merits of our society holding sexual content to a higher standard than violence, the French have it the other way around.
  15. I also thought King's Landing looked pretty weak, but to be fair to them it's not like they had much of an alternative. They would never have been able to film the battle on location for a variety of reasons, such as the cost, the amount of time needed and the flexibility of the location. Generally speaking most filming permits don't allow you to set off a bunch of explosions.
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