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  1. Lewis getting spicy https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/nov/26/f1-has-massive-problem-to-address-over-human-rights-says-lewis-hamilton
  2. Although I see that kate is free with this code '128GHK' until tomorrow. https://www.hcsvoicepacks.com/products/kate?variant=10793800452
  3. Voice attack is not free but not very expensive https://store.steampowered.com/app/583010/VoiceAttack/ I think you can use it without packs to do the controlling, but you won't have shatner talk back to you then of course. Re: HOTAS for VR. I just use a xbox pad and it is fine. A hotas would be nice, but expensive and Flight Simulator has made them a bit rare! Takes a while to remember the key mappings, but is fine really.
  4. If you watch twitch just now you can get purple ship skins just for watching for 15 minutes https://www.twitch.tv/EliteDangerous Drops here: https://www.twitch.tv/drops/inventory Valid streams : https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Elite: Dangerous?tl=c2542d6d-cd10-4532-919b-3d19f30a768b
  5. More info, new location coming in 21hrs from this post!
  6. It is one of the books you can 'borrow' if you are prime. It is not because of the Unlimited thing https://www.amazon.co.uk/Three-Body-Problem-Cixin-Liu/dp/1784971553 Prime Reading I think it is called https://www.amazon.co.uk/kindle-dbs/fd/prime-pr
  7. If you enjoyed the Queens Gambit on Netflix then the book it is adapted from is £0.99 at the moment https://www.amazon.co.uk/Queens-Gambit-Walter-Tevis-ebook/dp/B0118GQM1A
  8. Books should not be free Does it appear on your list here? https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/mycd/myx#/home/content/booksAll/dateDsc/ My guess is either the payment has not gone through yet, or you have a different card liked to your kindle than you think.
  9. Also I set up a private group thing, that I think you can join with no approval. a bit unsure how though! add it as a friend maybe? or invite it to your private group? unsure exactly... under the Social menu anyway.. CMDR name 'rllmuk' Also I made a Squadron also called 'rllmuk' that you can join from the right hand panel in game. It is tied to the rllmuk faction on mukhang I need to accept you into that, and it means me logging on an alt so if I don't do it quickly then ping me here and I can do it.
  10. PvP folk use kb/m for accuracy. I use a 360 pad and it is good, though I have had to get deep into the custom binding thing to get everything on the pad. The main tips (to not overwhelm... there are a LOT LOT LOT of things to bind) are that you can do 'chord' bindings... so I use 'A' as a toggle, so (eg) 'Y' targets things ahead and 'A' + 'Y' targets nearest threat. With time nearly all keys are doubled up for things! The first things I bound were the 'Flight Landing Override' keys, so that with gear down I could use my d-pad to move forwards, backwards and sideways to help
  11. I tried copying my elite steam install into where the edge downloader is downloading, but it just seems to be ignoring the existing files.
  12. It looks like you need to download it all again
  13. Maybe if you are following this thread you have it already.. but if you fancy an alt Elite is free on Edge now... includes Horizons of course. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/elite-dangerous/home
  14. Just in case you follow threads like this for general apace game interest.. Elite: Dangerous is free on Edge https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/elite-dangerous/home
  15. Elite: Dangerous on Edge https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/elite-dangerous/home
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