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  1. There goes I find that the fights against human opponents are just much more intuitive, so it's just a matter of learning to react the right way rather than learning how I'm supposed to react.
  2. I only realised about the after beating him. I don't think there's much difference between his two phases though, if any, so if you can beat one of them you can beat both. It is a tight space though, and yes the camera doesn't help if he backs you into a wall. All you can do is try and keep the fight in the centre.
  3. It's just a matter of timing. He destroyed me a good few times as well, but he doesn't have that many moves and once you learn how to deal with them he'll barely touch you. You'll get much further trying to counter them than you will trying to avoid them.
  4. It's always a well oiled machine... until it's not. I really should play through the other scenarios in this. The first campaign was amazing, but so very stressful.
  5. Yep, I bought Desperados III in the Epic sale so you don't have to. I haven't played it yet either. £15 for the game plus DLC was still a good deal mind.
  6. Try countering them rather than trying to avoid them. They're both opportunities for a fair bit of posture damage:
  7. Personally, out of those three I went for although there were probably others in between. I think the first of my choices there is entirely optional, but worth it.
  8. I guess? I can't remember all the details now, but I remember it had some great character moments. The final scene was daft mind.
  9. There was a plan though. There was a whole TV movie about it, revealing the Cylons' dastardly disguises. I loved the RDM show. I felt it took a bit of a dip in season 3, after a great start, but felt it recovered after that and I really liked the ending.
  10. I need to stop playing this late at night. I always intend to finish around 11pm, but that never seems to happen. I keep going to bed far too late and far too wired to sleep. I've reached though, and while I haven't beaten him yet he feels way more doable than the last boss. Next time!
  11. You're right of course, but that's down to the genre. You could spend the entire run of TNG exploring a planet as diverse as Earth, but that wouldn't be much of a Star Trek. The same is true of many space operas. It's also partially explained by the show. The prime directive forbids the Federation from interfering with developing worlds, and it's meant to be a utopian vision of the future where civilisations eventually unite and homogenise to some extent. Even Earth.
  12. Thanks for the tip, @df0. I finally beat him tonight after three more tries.
  13. Correct, although they're coming. They were supposed to be added last month, but were delayed until sometime this year due to reasons.
  14. Control is headed to PC Game Pass this Thursday apparently, which should stand out.
  15. Sorry. I did to start with, then noticed that nobody else was so I thought it was fair game.
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