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  1. Well I loved that. It worked well as a ghost story, with a great little twist to that I thought was really well done.
  2. I don't think it changes the story, as they wouldn't fit with the rest of what's going on.
  3. It's written by Japanese people in Japanese, for Japanese actors who speak Japanese, and then translated into English and displayed as silent text to be read on a screen. If you can understand Japanese then I imagine watching with the original audio would be the best experience, but otherwise it's really down to personal preference. Either way you're only getting a translation of the original dialogue, and both have their own drawbacks. Subtitles probably won't be a completely literal translation of the original dialogue, as they still need to be readable in a restricted amount of time and convey any nuance in a way the reader will comprehend. Some of that nuance can never be conveyed through text alone, and finally any time spent reading subs, however brief, is time you're not looking at the animation and the faces of the characters as they speak. I know there's been several quotes from Miyazaki on the subject but this is the only one I can find at the moment: As long as a dub is of a high quality, the only drawbacks are that there's an additional restriction to make the dialogue fit the animation, and obviously the characters will sound different to the originals. It's still just another translation though, just like subs, and you don't have the issues of reading dialogue that's supposed to be heard, or losing the nuance of the delivery. Personally I'd always watch a subbed version over a bad dub, and I'd always go with subs for a live action movie, but with these movies the dubs are so good that I'd rather experience those and properly take in the visuals. I'll check out the subs next time around.
  4. I thought that, but I soon got used to it. On the flipside you also get Mark Hamil.
  5. Yep! I was surprised to find Mark Hamil voicing a role in Castle In The Sky. I saw Kiki's Delivery Service for the first time yesterday, which is probably my favourite Ghibli movie so far. The dub's excellent too.
  6. I've been watching the dubs so far, saving the subs for a rewatch later down the line. There's so much to take in visually that I didn't want to miss anything through reading subs, and I've been quite impressed so far anyway. I had a look around the internet yesterday to see what the general opinion was on Ghibli dubs, and it seems even Miyazaki is a fan, which is good enough for me.
  7. It seems to vary. The first time I launched it it set itself to OpenGL and 720p. Second time around it set itself to Vulkan and 1080p.
  8. 10/02/2020 - Disco Elysium (PC) This was a rather good, and rather unique RPG that played more like a point and click adventure game. I had my eye on it ever since hearing about a preview version on a podcast way back when, although in the end I didn't enjoy it quite as much as I thought I would. At its best I was completely enthralled in the story, the character I was building and the idiosyncratic world. I made a point of avoiding save scumming when it came to skill checks and enjoying the results either way, although I had to abandon that idea later. The game offers a huge amount of freedom in how you develop your character, and while I'm sure there's some amount of smoke and mirrors involved it really didn't feel like it. However, things got a little bit dodgy towards the end, to the point where I briefly considered giving up. As there's no combat to speak of, you gain experience by completing skill checks and uncovering information, which you can spend on a wide selection of skills which modify those checks. Many checks can be further modified by learning pertinent information beforehand, or by saying the right things to soften someone up for instance, but they all ultimately come down to a dice roll. Anyway, there's a very important dice roll you need to succeed at towards the end, and while I'd done enough to raise my chance of success to about 85% I still failed the roll, but as I didn't want to save scum I carried on anyway. It was the kind of check you could retry after spending points in the relevant skill, so I figured I'd clear up some side quests and other skill checks I hadn't gone back to to gain some experience. The problem was it was late in the game, and I was really worried I wouldn't be able to do enough. Luckily I scraped by, save scumming before every check and talking to absolutely everyone to dig up options I might have missed. I scraped together enough experience to level up, and passed the important check. That was an extreme situation, but there were a few times in the game where I decided to pursue side-quests purely to level up my skills, which tended to take me out of the experience a bit, although a lot of those side-quests were genuinely interesting in their own right. Overall it was a really refreshing experience that wasn't quite like anything else I've played, and one with a really neat ending too. At least for my version of the character!
  9. The first time I ran Doom it set itself to 720p too, but after restarting it picked 1080p, and ran very smoothly. It did stutter a bit in certain areas if I tried maxing out the graphics to silly levels though, but I believe you're meant to just let the games run with the automatic settings for best results.
  10. I loved the escape sequences too, and the first is probably still my favourite sequence in the whole game. Each to their own I guess.
  11. It's very good, but it's a short and sweet single session thing. I played the phone version last year, and I think it's probably better suited to that format unless they've changed it in some way.
  12. Balanced should give you the best results in general I think, as it should automatically pick the best settings for your connection. Forcing 1080p60 probably would lower the stream quality to ensure a smoother framerate. 25mps is only the minimum connection speed for 1080p60 though, so I wouldn't expect miracles.
  13. To be fair that was the Romulan's handiwork, and it's completely in keeping with their society.
  14. Money is definitely a thing in Picard. The pilot guy even said he was "expensive", and Picard having his big old house was seen as quite the status symbol by Raffi.
  15. @Popo Assassin's Creed: Odyssey or The Witcher 3 perhaps?
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