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  1. I've never minded the soapy stuff in the first two seasons. In fact I quite like a bit of melodrama, but the balance was way off this time.
  2. After finding out about the Thieves Guild and the missing miners, I really didn't expect to end up actually going with the Fight Club idea, but I'm loving it.
  3. No Man's Sky is absolutely amazing on this. It runs incredibly well at 40fps on default settings, and it's just so nice to play it in the coolest room in the house without my PC baking me alive. I've almost finished the current Expedition in it now, almost entirely played on the Deck.
  4. This season almost felt like a different show to the first two. It had none of the spirit of exploration and wonder for a start, but also everyone seemed to turn into a complete idiot. Most of the drama in the first two seasons stemmed from the cold war tensions and competing states, while this time it was almost always the result of bad planning and sheer idiocy. It felt like the show had received a bit of a budget cut too. There was far less space stuff, most of what we saw of Mars took place in tiny habitation modules. This was also the first season where the period drama stuff felt a bit jarring. The space technology felt decades ahead of everything else in the show, when it used to feel more like something we could maybe have achieved at the time with enough money and incentive. I'm a big fan of The Martian, especially the book. This season came close to outright plagiarism a couple of times, but that story did a far better job of showing human ingenuity up against the odds while still making Mars feel like an incredible place. I hope this season was somehow the result of Covid shenanigans, and next season brings things back around.
  5. Yarr got to do what yarr got to do.
  6. That's right I'm afraid, although it works well in my experience. You'd have to install Windows to play them locally, and I doubt we'll ever have a way to access that stuff from SteamOS.
  7. I've actually been impressed at just how little tinkering has been required, as long as you stay within Steam's borders. I've basically treated it as a handheld console for the most part, trusting that "the game runs well at its default configuration" or whatever it says and finding that usually holds true. At most I'd just lower the refresh rate or something. Actually Xbox Game Pass just works too, after the initial tinkering involved in setting it up of course. All that said, I've not even had the opportunity to try it outside of the house yet, unless the garden counts.
  8. 01/08/2022 - Stray I think I was both pleasantly surprised and slightly disappointed at this. The game was basically marketed as "the cat game", but for the majority of the game I felt that playing a cat didn't make as much of a difference as it should. There are plenty of catty little touches to raise a smile, allowing you to knock things off shelves, scratch walls and stuff, but little that actually ties into the meat of the game. To be fair, you do make a lot of use of the cat's agility to get around the environments in a way that no human could, but this is all in aid of finding characters to talk to, objects to fetch and sometimes avoiding enemies in actual stealth sections. No cat would willingly do any of this stuff! Obviously it would probably have made for a much worse game if your only objectives in this world were to find food and somewhere warm to sleep, but you know. Where the game shines however is the design and atmosphere of it all. The neon lit, post apocalyptic city is gorgeous to look at and accompanied by some perfectly matched music. It creates a really eery atmosphere right from the start, and all helps to build an incredible sense of place. I found the story a little predictable, but solid all the same. It's all a step above what I expected to be just a walking simulator but cat. I'd love to see a sequel get made at some point, as I think it could be really special if it focussed more on this game's strengths, and it definitely leaves things in a place full of possibilities.
  9. Force Download will replace your local saves with whatever's in the Epic cloud, regardless of whether they're newer or older. Force Upload does the opposite. The regular download and upload are the "safe" options that should only replace older copies. It does sound like Heroic randomly changed your save location somehow. I wonder if it it was an update or something? It's lucky it did or you may have overwritten them with that force download! I haven't had quite the same issues with Heroic as you have, but I also can't really be arsed with running stuff outside of Steam on the Deck, Xbox Cloud stuff aside. You can install the Epic Store itself rather than Heroic though, which might be more reliable at the expense of being a bit more unwieldy. It would be nice to see Epic release some kind of official guide for running their stuff on the Deck, as it's clearly in the interest to do so unless they've got a handheld of their own in the works.
  10. I had that persistent performance overlay issue while using Heroic as well. I could usually get rid of it by messing with the performance slider a bit until it stayed gone.
  11. Some games already include the back pads and trackpads in their official configs. No Man's Sky maps different functions to the back pads depending on whether your on foot or on a ship (Rolls, jetpack, sprint and a couple of menus). The trackpads are also used for cursor movement and head look.
  12. I don't think that's fair at all. It's clearly inspired by it, but I don't see how it comes anywhere near close to plagiarism. The only similarity is that it starts with a guitar and whistling, before heading off in a completely different direction with the orchestra. It basically sums up the concept of Western meets fantasy jRPG.
  13. Like a Dragon is a perfect jumping on point if you want to follow Ichiban's story. It does have some ties to the earlier games which will mean more if you've played them, but it's not essential. The combat system changes to a mostly turn based RPG system with this game, while the earlier games are real time brawlers. If you want to play them all, then definitely start with Zero.
  14. I had to wait until today to watch this for reasons, but if this does end up being the last episode it was a pretty perfect way to end it. Funny, poignant, emotional and just plain great. The stuff made me a bit sad though. Back when TNG was new, I always felt that the Earth of Star Trek's future was something we would innevitably achieve some day. It felt to my naïve mind that humanity was gravitating towards working together, but now it feels like everything's falling apart.
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