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  1. I hadn't thought of that. The extra NES pad was only £8.99 on the Nintendo store anyway, so I went for one of those to go with my new NES mini. Those cables really are short though. The SNES ones aren't long enough either, but were fine after adding an extension lead. For the NES I've had to use an extension lead for the extension lead!
  2. Enterprise was bland, then good, then suddenly shit. Discovery was weird but interesting to start with, then increasingly shit as it went on. There's always hope that it will unshittify itself next season I suppose.
  3. Mogster

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    You need to mesmerise them with the left bumper/L1, then lead them down the floaty path that shows up until the "Embrace" option appears. You need to have a mesmerise level of equal of higher than the character though, and this goes up by one as you progress through each chapter. This does have an effect on the game though. Obviously any unfinished sidequests involving that character will go, and the district status will probably drop, but also any characters with connections to the victim can be affected in certain ways.
  4. Mogster

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    I just beat her to the victim.
  5. Mogster

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    I have an awesome level 5 shotgun, but I've only ever used it once. That was on the end of chapter 3 boss, and and when I finally beat it I was out of shells anyway. I switch between a bonesaw/stake combo and a two handed, high damage weapon I barely use. I've also never needed to farm anything and I'm on chapter 5 now. I've always been pretty thorough when looting buildings and stuff though. I think it's worth putting a few levels into your blood gain from bites earlier on in the game. It's less important when your weapons suck up loads of the stuff later on, but earlier on I found it useful when I needed a refill. It just means you can get a lot in one go without having to waste too much of a fight with stuns and bites. Stamina is king! I've maxed out my stamina levels completely now, and I've never felt that any of those were excessive. Otherwise I've got a bunch of levels in my claws, autophagy, that massive damage ultimate, and the leap thing. I've got a bunch of levels in HP and blood storage too. I didn't have any trouble with the sewer boss myself, but the boss at the end of that chapter was a ridiculous difficulty spike for me. I barely scraped by when I finally beat it, and nothing else in the game has been anywhere near that difficult. So far...
  6. Mogster

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    Feed! As far as I can tell the game is designed to keep you under-levelled unless you embrace a few people. Once their blood quality bar is full you can get yourself a pretty big XP boost depending on who it us, although this will probably result in a drop in status for the district they were in when you sleep. Don't forget to level up your weapons too, although certain characters drop some pretty decent weapons when you embrace them too. It's totally possible to go through the game without embracing anyone, but you won't be making things easy for yourself.
  7. Mogster


    Jump scares are just one form of scariness, which is probably why they're called jump scares instead of just, well, "scares". Atmosphere, tension and dread are all very much "scary" in my book. A walk through a dark wood at night can be scary enough without anything actually jumping out at you. On the other hand, someone shouting "boo" at you can make you jump without actually scaring you. A good jump scare needs all the other kinds of horror to be effective, as otherwise they're just annoying. That's one thing this film had in its favour for me. It was all about the atmosphere, and it was very economical with the jump scares. Weirdly the one thing that actually made me jump was something really daft.
  8. Mogster

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    I've been playing this, and I'm currently in the middle of chapter 4. I'm rather enjoying it too. I don't think all the mechanics quite hang together properly, but they're pretty interesting all the same. I've not been bothering with a no kills run, although I've been trying to restrict my victims to people who either won't be missed. I like that you have to consider the effects of all this, although it's been more than worth it for me so far. My last spree netted me loads of experience and a couple of amazing high level weapons. I like that choosing when to level up is an interesting decision to make, but having to run around handing out medicine each time is rather tedious. I suppose that creates a decision in itself if you can't be arsed though. I'm enjoying the story, and some of the smaller character stories too. It's decent, not to mention different but it's not quite gripping me. Then there's the combat, which is functional but basic. There's too much of it though, to the point where I've taken to blinking past a lot of the incidental encounters. Also the chapter 3 boss was a ridiculous difficulty spike. It's good anyway, and I'll stick around until the end. It's certainly one of the more interesting games I've played this year.
  9. Mogster

    Supergirl - TV series

    I think all the Arrowverse shows bar Legends have struggled a bit this season, Flash and Supergirl most of all. They all tried to string out their main story arcs too far, and while I didn't think I'd be saying this I think they all suffer for having every main character be in the know. Supergirl worked best when Kara was out on her own, juggling her superhero life with her job at Catco, and having to hide her identity from some of her closest friends. Kara Danvers is a much more interesting character than Supergirl, and it feels like we've barely seen her this time. Instead everything's been focused on the DEO, and it felt like we needed much more character development to break up the superheroics. That said, J'onn's little arc with his dad has been excellent, even if it has been "borrowing" a bit from Star Trek. The show needs more stuff like that to make me care about the characters again.
  10. Mogster


    True, but then that is the defining feature of the genre. If a horror movie had an amazing plot with brilliant characters, but nobody found it at all scary then it would be fair to say that it was a poor horror movie, despite still being a decent movie in isolation. The same would go for a comedy movie that wasn't very funny, or an action movie that had dull action sequences. Regardless of their other strengths they would clearly be failing at their main "thing", and anyone sitting down expecting a movie from that genre would probably be disappointed.
  11. Mogster


    I just saw this, and I feel a bit worried now to say I didn't like it. I thought it started well, and did a fantastic job early on of building a genuine sense of dread. I was left guessing a couple of times too as to what was really going on. Sadly I thought it completely fell apart after that though. It just got silly towards the end, and was hampered by some ridiculously overwrought acting. I think this was definitely the director trying to turn things up to 11 rather than any fault of the cast mind. I thought the ending went too far in spelling things out too, when it really didn't need to.
  12. Mogster

    Nintendo Switch

    From what I've read, the only mandatory motion controls are for aiming. Throwing works with a button press as well as flicking a joycon. This came up in an interview before E3 when asking about playing on a train or something like that.
  13. I can do any of those.
  14. I really enjoyed the session, and didn't feel it was an unwinnable fight at all. It's just the way things went, and I can't wait to see how it pans out.
  15. I think I set an alarm for this last year, but I really need a good night's sleep tonight. One to watch with breakfast then!

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