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  1. Good luck for tomorrow, @Rikku! This gives me more time to stew over my spell choices I guess.
  2. I love The Motion Picture. It's definitely a very weird entry in the series though.
  3. I didn't mind the theme song too much, after getting over the initial reaction. The third season remix was somehow even worse though.
  4. Mogster

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    I loved BSG and The Expanse. The Expanse gets better as it goes though, while I felt BSG definitely had a bit of a slump after the first two seasons.
  5. Mogster

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    It does improve, but if you think the first season is "complete drivel" then it's probably not for you.
  6. Mogster

    Game of Thrones Poll thread

    I don't hate this season by any means, but it has been very disappointing for the most part. At this point it should feel like all the events and character development of the show to date are coming to a head, but instead stuff just seems to be happening for the sake of quickly tieing everything up. I read the first novel back when the show started, but decided to leave the rest until after the show finished. I'm looking forward to seeing how GRRM finishes things off, assuming he ever does.
  7. Mogster

    Microsoft Rewards

    It's the Microsoft gift cards rather than the Xbox ones. They're equally valid for Xbox credit.
  8. Mogster

    Xbox Game Pass

    You'd need to buy the game, but you can do this at a discount while it's still in Game Pass.
  9. I was so sure we were doomed. Roscoe's nerves got the better of him, which is my excuse for screwing up that deception roll. All's well that ends well though!
  10. Renewed! https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/the-orville-renewed-season-3-fox-1203188078/
  11. I've bought it. It would seem steep if I'd paid anything for the base game, but for the amount of time I've spent I don't mind paying up for some extra stuff.
  12. I'm still running into the odd game where I get wiped in no time, but I'm also finding my way into the top ten way more than I used to. A win definitely feels like it's in sight now.
  13. Mogster

    Star Trek Discovery

    I figured that was something Control did rather than a standard feature of those ships. It didn't explain the armada of pods and shuttles the Enterprise managed to throw out though.
  14. Mogster

    The Wandering Earth - Netflix Sci-Fi

    This is from the synopsis on Wikipedia: I don’t know. It sounds fun in a willing suspension of disbelief way.

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