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  1. Awesome, I'll check them out!
  2. Midfield upgraded with Nainggolan and SBC Hamsik replacing FUT Birthday Asamoah and Anderson. Defence is my next upgrade focus. Then (a lot of) saving for some bigger budget players.
  3. Any recommendations on how I can improve my Calcio A team? Only person of note that I own on the bench is 84 IF Brozovic - the rest are Calcio A loanees. Have just over 50k in the bank - hopefully closer to 100k after the weekend play and squad battle rewards Monday AM.
  4. I just had totally the opposite and probably had my best session on Fifa 18! Playing professional on Squad Battles I had the following results: - 11-0 - 6-0 - 6-1 - 4-2 Followed by a 6-2 win on world class against the new TOTW. My team seems to finally have clicked, well on single player anyway!
  5. With the clocks going back I didn’t know when to try the 1.30 pack method. Tried at 12.30, because you know that technically was 1.30 and I was tired - got bugger all! Best player was Musa.
  6. Paulinho and Umtitu, with a different GK choice, are the obvious replacements for those two off the top of my head - cheaper as well! Ill probably give Pique and Asensio a go, but appreciate the warning
  7. Thoughts on the below French, Brazilian and Spanish hybrid? Just in my budget, with room to upgrade certain areas over time.
  8. I’ve got 380,000 coins (PS4) after trading and selling my Serie A team. Want to build a French & Brazilian hybrid team, but struggling a bit getting good chemistry. Anyone fancy having a crack? 4321 or a 433 formation ideally
  9. Just packed 86 rated Kimmich IF. When is best to sell him? Now or when he’s out of packs? Currently selling for 61,000+ BIN.
  10. What players out of interest? There’s plenty of Australian League players on the market place at low prices - e.g. bronze players for 200 BIN
  11. I am really struggling BIG time with FUT this year. Quite a few losses in Division 9, meant I only scraped the title on the last match. Usually don't lose until I hit Division 5! - and then I'll hover between Division 3 and 4. It's mainly my defence where I'm struggling, but I also do not feel as confident attacking this year - so I really need to work on my dribbling and build up play. There's tons of Youtube tutorials and tips out there. Any in particular I should watch? Also - I've heard that TOTY is due out within the next couple of weeks and the market prices will drop around this time. Is this true? If so, I might sell my team now and play Career for 2 weeks before buying again...
  12. So I've managed to accumulate 250,000 coins and have yet to make a team! Fifa points, free packs and trading. I usually like to make a hybrid, but that can be restrictive! Is Calcio A still the best starter league? Also, what formations is everyone rocking this year?
  13. How is everyone making so much coinage already? Is impressive! Lots of games or Fifa points?
  14. I played some games against the computer last night and really enjoyed it. Played at World Class difficulty and never felt I was being cheated. Actually won most, so maybe a step up to Legendary is on the cards after a couple of weeks play. Defending is tougher than last year, but after a few games I could see improvement in my defensive play. Never conceded more than 2 in the games I played last night, with 50% of my games ending with a clean sheet to me. May be a totally different story when I go online - but positive impressions so far!

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