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  1. jimmmUK

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Out Now

    Anyone on PS4, please add me - jimmmUK. Mostly playing multiplayer at the moment, so would be great to team up if people are online. Happy to jump on to Blackout if that's what most people are on.
  2. Awesome - that takes us up to 7. @Sladey19 any link to @gooner4life? Think we should cap this week off at 8 and do a knockout tournament, but have everyone who gets knocked in the first round drop into a secondary tournament. Everyone will get to play at least two that way
  3. Added - what's your PSN and division in rivals?
  4. If this goes well, I'm sure there'll be another. Has been a bit of a spontaneous plan! Looks like this may be a tight league/tournament, with everyone in the same Rivals division so far.
  5. Some of us from the Ultimate Team topic are going to play a mini league or tournament (depending on numbers) this Wednesday evening from 9pm. So far we've got: 1. @jimmmUK (PSN: jimmmUK, Rivals Division 5) 2. @Jerec 3. @Pants McSkill (PSN: Pants_McSkill, Rivals Division 5) 4. @nakamura (PSN: volkte37, Rivals Division 5) 5. @AlfromSleep (PSN: Alfromsleep, Rivals Division 5) 6. @gooner4life (PSN: gooner4life, Rivals Division 4) 7. @Sladey19 (PSN: gooner4life_19, Rivals Division TBC) 8. Anyone else interested? Also, those already signed up, can you please let me know your PSN name and what division your in of Rivals? Will try do some sort of seeding.
  6. Sounds good. I'll start another thread to keep chat out of here and see if anyone else is available.
  7. Depends how much time everyone has available? I could probably set aside a couple of hours - 9-11pm. Would be good to have an even number, so everyone is playing consistently. Anyone else interested so we have 6?
  8. Nice, that's 4 of us. For time sake - maybe play a game each against each other? What time would work for everyone? @Jerec @Pants McSkill @nakamura
  9. I'd be up for a couple against you too if you've got time. Could maybe make it into a mini-league between me, you and Jerec?
  10. Squad battles is pretty easy, as it's against the CPU. Play the easy 2 games per round on World Class and the harder two games on Professional. It's Division Rivals where I'm struggling to get out of Division 5. Would say I'm in the bottom end of mid-way in that Division. Think I'm going to stop playing Squad Battles, as the gameplay is so different to Rivals, it's hard to adjust my style between the two. Would rather play real people
  11. I got to Elite 3 of Squad Battles this week. Rewards this morning, along with my pre-order packs. Got my first TOTW. Then my second. Both Rúben Dias
  12. @Jerec I'm currently in division 5. On an average 5 game run I'm probably winning 2, drawing 1 and losing 2 - so will actually be a good match-up Add me on PSN: jimmmuk - and let's arrange a game for one evening later this week. Maybe Wednesday evening? I would do earlier, but am most likely going to change formation (again!) as I miss having 2 up top!
  13. I'd be up for a game or two later this week @Jerec. Probably can't give you any tips, as looks like you're better than me (higher rank in Rivals and in the weekend league) - but would be good to play someone who plays in the weekend league, ahead of my first time in it this weekend! Out of interest, what division are you in for Rivals?
  14. I've got the weekend free next week, so going to play my first ever weekend league. Really don't know what to expect, as I'm pretty stuck in division 5 of Rivals, so got a feeling I'm going to get absolutely smashed. Might completely sack off playing squad battles, as going between that and Rivals really effects my style of play - meaning that I always struggle my first few games of Rivals after playing battles.

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