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  1. Bushtopher

    PlayStation VR

    Seems to be. I was having issues more generally with the PS4 not showing anything on the tv but that seems to have been fixed. Not entirely sure how but seems to be behaving now. Yup, on a Pro, but boost mode is disabled.
  2. Bushtopher

    PlayStation VR

    Lots of people mentioning Wipeout makes me sad that it doesn't seem to work for me anymore.... whenever I load it up, the screen just goes blank - on the headset and TV - although the sound is fine and it seems to be running still from what I can hear. I spent far too long trying to fix this at the weekend with no joy. Anyone else had this and have any suggestions - other than trying different HDMI ports, cables, turning off HDR, HDPC - tried all those. Soooooo frustrating!!
  3. Bushtopher

    Into the Breach - #perfectforswitch

    No! I loved the flame mechs! Found my run through with them relatively easy too - more so than the ice mechs.
  4. Bushtopher

    Into the Breach - #perfectforswitch

    Nope - smoky rocket guys. I did have a go with the swap mech which was great fun initially but proved too challenging.... need to get the flying achievement though so may give them another go.
  5. Bushtopher

    Into the Breach - #perfectforswitch

    This is now my most played game on the Switch - and still have a long way to go to unlock all the achievements. Finally completed it on medium with each of the squads last night. The achievement for completing it with three of the same mech was fun - a lot easier than I was expecting!
  6. Bushtopher

    Any Fantasy recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend anything similar to the Joe Abercrombie books? Love his stuff but have read it all and fancy something similar.
  7. Bushtopher

    Nintendo Switch

    Has anyone played Mario Party? Wondering whether it would be any good to play with a 3 year old and a 5 year old, but have never played any games in the series before.
  8. Bushtopher

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    I commented to a friend earlier that if Ricciardo had that Ferrari seat this year, I reckon it would be a lot closer. They took the wrong Red Bull driver.
  9. I’ve been very tempted to pre order (or import this). Instead, I went out and bought Donkey Konga, and have been having great fun playing it with the kids this weekend - they love it!
  10. Bushtopher

    Into the Breach - #perfectforswitch

    Zenith Guard run completed with 4 islands on normal..... onto the Blitzkrieg crew! Think this may be my GOTY - such a well crafted game.
  11. Bushtopher

    Into the Breach - #perfectforswitch

    Definitely getting the hang of Zenith Guard now. Seems pilot choice can have a big impact - perhaps more than I’d appreciated. Having the guy who pushes enemies back when he repairs has really improved my squad, for example.
  12. Bushtopher

    Into the Breach - #perfectforswitch

    I see what you mean! They’re rubbish compared to the first two crews. Nice to have another challenge though. So what is kept when you die? Is it only the experience of your pilot?
  13. Bushtopher

    Into the Breach - #perfectforswitch

    Just completed this with all 4 islands on normal - finding it pretty easy now but hoping the different mech crews will keep it challenging. If not, there’s always hard mode I guess.....!
  14. Bushtopher

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I need to give Hollow Knight more of a go - only played about an hour but found it pretty dull with lots of back tracking. Don’t quite understand the love for it yet. Doesn’t help that I went and bought Into The Breach which is excellent and taking up all of my gaming time at the moment.

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