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  1. I’m thinking of buying a Series S and wondered whether this looks like a good gaming monitor for it.... any thoughts from people more knowledgeable than me on this kind of thing please? https://prismplus.sg/collections/gaming-monitors/products/prism-f270i-pro
  2. Thanks. I’ve found it and installed the Dolby app but it won’t let me buy it. It shows a price of $0.00 and when I try to buy it it throws an error (I’ve started the trial without issue but want to buy it whilst it’s on sale)
  3. I’ve bought some gaming headphones for the first time to go with my Series X - just waiting for them to arrive (Razer Kaira Pro). Does anyone have a link to the Atmos app ok the web store? I can’t see anything to actually buy so not sure if I’m looking at the right thing. Sounds like Atmos is the preferred option for most and the one to go for - is that right?
  4. Thanks @Jonnycash, I’ve taken the plunge. First time I’ve bought some decent headphones for gaming, so looking forward to checking them out.
  5. What made you go for this over something like the 7X out of interest? Seems like I can’t get the 7X over here yet but could get the Kaira Pro, so wondering whether to wait or just get some instant gratification and go with the Kaira.
  6. Finally!! Now to get downloading so I can actually play something by the end of the working day
  7. My Series X is out for delivery! Pretty late to the party, I know, despite ordering as soon as pre-orders opened, but there we go. Thanks Amazon SG!
  8. Weird ask.... could anyone with the 7x weigh the box and contents for me please, and measure it up? Looks like it’s not yet available in Singapore so tempted to order to my parents and ask them to send it on to me.... but would like to check postage costs first.
  9. Where did you order it from? Can only see the 7 on Amazon, not the 7x.
  10. My pre-order from Amazon Singapore is still showing an expected delivery date of 19th November:(
  11. I got on the chat with Amazon (Singapore) today. They confirmed that whilst they’re getting stock tomorrow they don’t plan to ship my Series X till the 18th! W. T. F.?! The person on the live chat said they’d see if they could dispatch it sooner but it was unlikely. Bah.
  12. Did you manage to get amiberry set up and working in the end @Stoppy2000? Or can anyone else help me get it working please? I've downloaded one of the kickstart files - 'Kickstart v3.1 rev 40.68 (1993)(Commodore)(A1200)[!].rom' and put it in the bios folder, plus have Lemmings.lha in the roms folder, but when I try to run Lemmings I just get a blank screen. Can anyone help please? Also interested in finding the WHDLoad stuff if anyone has any pointers - would love to play some of the old Amiga stuff with my kids!
  13. I’ve just order both a Mario and a Luigi one for the kids Christmas present - can’t wait to have a go myself, looks like fun
  14. I’ve ordered a Series X from Amazon here in Singapore. Same release date. Expected delivery... 19th Nov I also have one of the second wave preordered (and paid for) with a local indie, but that won’t be delivered until 30th Nov.
  15. I did it again the very next run! On a roll! This time it was with the bow and one heat. Interestingly, both escapes so far relied on powerful casts - either the Hermes arrow one or the Demeter crystal laser things - and barely used the actual weapon I had equipped.
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