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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Really enjoying Sky Force - exactly what I was after, so thanks again for the recommendation. I’m still pretty bad, but it’s definitely accessible - currently switching between doing different missions, balancing pushing on and trying to get further into the game with upgrading my ship and going for the medals. Nice looking game too.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Just bought Sky Force.... now to see if I’m as bad at shmups as I remember!
  3. Nintendo Switch

    Thanks @Hylian and @Stanshall - will check those out later!
  4. Nintendo Switch

    Can anyone recommend a good shoot ‘em up for someone who’s not played many games in the genre? Perhaps one of the neo geo shooters?
  5. Rocket League

    I’ve started playing this a bit more recently since a friend got it but am truly awful. I guess I just need practice, but what’s the consensus on ball cam? I find it easier without, but some of the guides I’ve read suggest that if you want to get good, you should use it.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    It does record it - just has to wait till you connect again before it will update the play time.
  7. Nintendo Switch

    .... and only £16.99 in Sainsbury’s at the moment!
  8. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Just tried the
  9. Nintendo Switch

    I asked about Lego City Undercover a few days ago. Noticed it was down to £16.99 in Sainsbury’s today, so picked it up and my son does indeed love it, despite struggling a bit with the controls (it’s his first 3D game).
  10. Nintendo Switch

    Does anyone know if Monzo works with the Russian Store?
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Has anyone played Lego City Undercover? I’m wondering if it would be any good to play with my 4.5 yr old.....
  12. Star Wars - the new canon

    Another kindle daily deal some of you may be interested in: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Star-Wars-Phasma-Journey-Last-ebook/dp/B06ZZ2YMWB I’ve bought a few of these now - must start actually reading them!
  13. I enjoyed it - made me even more determined to join the club* *give up at around 750 moons
  14. I’ve just hit 500 so I’m hoping that article is wrong!
  15. Nintendo Switch

    Steam World Heist? Not too taxing, turn based, pretty slow pace.

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