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  1. I hope so!! You’re having a great season though - must be comfortably inside the top 10k with that score, right?
  2. I was bricking it going into yesterday’s games as I don’t have any Spurs players and it looked like everyone had captained Kane. Massive relief this morning when I saw the score (I’m in Singapore so don’t get to see the games live). Saw it was 4-0 and feared the worst. Can’t believe Kane didn’t get a single return from that match. The postponement of the Man U match might help too as I’ve got a full bench that is likely to play. Overall, massively lucky in this weird game week, and reckon I’ve got a decent chance of moving up to second in our league. First place l
  3. Max’s time deleted. Bottas did something!
  4. Nice graphic. Striking distance: 2 laps. Overtake difficulty: off the scale.
  5. C’mon Bottas! Take the fight to Max!! Do something!!
  6. Blimey, that was pretty awesome from Lewis there.
  7. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Addition is now showing as free. Look forward to playing this when I eventually get a PS5
  8. A reminder that Horizon Zero Dawn should be free from today. Still showing at £15.99 for me so guess will update at some point later.
  9. True, but shame to have missed out on the scrap that was shaping up - looked like Ham was closing in quickly on Max until the error
  10. Yes. Imagine it will end up simply as a racing incident.
  11. I agree with @kiroquai, but just saw the replay and not sure Russell was going to have a go necessarily until Bottas gave him the finger!
  12. Yes, they do it seems. At least we still (hopefully) have a race on.... Max would have walked it without this red flag which would have been a disappointing end to the race.
  13. So at the restart do the lapped cars - eg Lewis - have an opportunity to unlap themselves?
  14. I think that’s a bit harsh/early - need a better angle. Looks like Bottas didn’t know he was there and was moving to the right.
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