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  1. Yeah I've been watching a lot of there deep fake movie videos. Good stuff.
  2. I think I actually enjoyed dumbo more. At least its different enough from the original.
  3. My twitch is adhgamingtwitch =) you have linked to someone else..
  4. yeah i'd like to get one and probably will, but there is a lot of crap on it as standard. It needs to be hacked to get the most out of it - let's hope this happens asap =)
  5. Got WR on Razzy fun run.. first section caused me some grief with the saws Good stuff
  6. There are a whole ton of Shows that worked great as a single series and because it did so well they kept on making them. Prison Break Heroes Homeland Once Upon a Time
  7. Season 9 of How I met Your Mother. The entire season was based over a couple of days at Barney and Robins wedding. It seemed overly dragged out, and in the end it didn't even matter anyway. Not only this but the final episode was cheap. It was obvious from the beginning that it was meant to be Robin that Ted get's together with. However, due to the success of the show they kept it going and going, and ruined the initial vision. When you finally do get to met Teds future wife, it's all done in the space of a few episodes. She seemed nice and all, but she should have had more screen time and killing her off to then get with Robin was lame AF.
  8. Yeah this is a shame. I occasionally load some tunes up to listen to. This kind of makes me think there will be a Nintendo Music service coming soon.
  9. This might get a sequel if they can come up with a new story. They dont want to use anything from the official sequels apparently.
  10. Still play Hot Pursuit 2 with friends every so often. It's a shame no new NFS follows that style. Sure it's a bit basic compared to others but it's got the gameplay.
  11. Pretty sure Ubisoft already said they are looking at VR experiences for Splinter Cell and Assassins Creed.
  12. Bought my quest into my work and used part of the school hall with boundary turned off. Very effective ! Still if I could have used the entire hall it would be even better , might try before the end of summer. Played exorcist for a bit. Being about to walk around the area without having to fake walk is awesome. Still wasnt perfect but very cool. Was quite a freaky experience with the eerie noises and jump scares.
  13. He will always be that surfer dude from Shasta Mcnasty for me.
  14. Ended up watching it again over the weekend. So much better than the Lion King remake , mainly because they actually have some creative freedom to try some new things and change things up a bit. Still, it did feel like everything is taking place on a movie set. It looks like a stage production - everything is a bit too perfect - Aladdins clothes shouldn't be looking like they are brand new. Also, the weird framerate speed ups is an odd choice too.
  15. Thought it was okay. I enjoyed the last bit of the island more than anything though as it seemed more like F&F. These are more like super hero movies nowadays though.
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