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  1. I think the main thing is - what else do you do? Are there dungeons with puzzles? Kinda reminds me of Star Fox Adventures more than Zelda. I am looking forward to it, but i want to know what's involved.
  2. I remember spending stupid money for a japanese day one release. I'm sure i ended up paying about 500 quid for a GC, extra controller, Luigi Mansion, Wave Race and Monkey Ball. Then finding out my TV was incompatible and i could only play games in black and white, till i spent another 6-100 quid on a NTSC PAL converter. Few months later and i got another tv that worked. Thankfully, the JAPAN-USA switch mod came out, and i could buy NTSCU games otherwise it would have been a massive waste of money. I mean why the heck did i spent that much on a system that I couldn't understand half the games?
  3. yeah just was gonna mention bayonetta 3. its a nintendo game.. unless something.. changed.
  4. Ocarina 3ds + 4k texture pack =
  5. My viewers say the same thing But i am starting to use the backstepping move as much as possible now, well when i remember. I'm starting to click with it. I like some of the weapons - the axe and knife have been pretty useful. There are some really odd areas - like a confession booth. Sometimes when i sit down, either a man or woman appears. Sometimes they kill me, sometimes they don't. Sometimes i get an item. No idea what that's all about!
  6. So after finishing Metroid Fusion i thought i'd take a crack at this. I've played 4 hours (ingame timer says 1h30mins!) so as you can tell, i am finding this game pretty tough! I'm loving the music and art, but not so keen on the jump (seems a bit laggy?) and also when getting hit by enemies, there doesn't seem to be any invincibility frames - so despite having high health, i don't last long since i am being rebounded into every enemy on screen! Not massively keen on the rpg element, i prefer how the metroid games work. It also seems quite obscure sometimes on what you are supposed to be doing - but i guess that is the fun of the game. Exploring an old castle and not knowing where or what you should be doing next. Save rooms are spaced quite apart, sometimes hidden well. Walks back to areas/bosses take a bit of time (so far, i'm not using save states) but hey, at least I appear to be getting better at the combat side of things due to this. In any case, look forward to getting back to it.
  7. Finished S6 last night. I thought it was a decent ending although felt like it lacked a bigger story like previous seasons. It also feels like they could have easily done another season (i do wonder if some stuff was cut, i was pretty sure it was initially announced S6 was 16 episodes). It all wrapped up somewhat nicely and i did enjoy it despite the flaws this season. Will miss the show for sure!
  8. Weird, friend played it through to review... must have mishead him. That's great news though.
  9. PLayed the demo, seemed alright but i think i'm going to sit this one out for a while. Too many other games to get on with and i'm not 100% convinced i like controlling the characters individually. Also no story mode. Maybe in a few months.
  10. Yeah I have given up watching all the trailers for Dread now. Too many spoilers! I'm all up to date on the Metroid games (Zero Mission, Super Metroid, AM2R, Fusion) so looking forward to this a lot.
  11. Metroid Fusion was tough! Some of those bosses took a while. Game itself ranks at the bottom of the metroid games for me, but i still enjoyed it. Just some really annoying long walks back to boss fights though as save points are quite a distance back. Thank god for save states.
  12. I saw this message the other day. I think the general consensus was that it was fake..
  13. Metroid Fusion is so tough! Nightmare took me ages to defeat. The thing i'm finding with Fusion is save points are very far back from boss positions. It get's very tedious getting back to the fights (thankfully i can use save states but i really didn't want to)
  14. I'm enjoying it, but i do agree that it's somewhat different to the others. Kinda reminds me of Metroid 2 (or AM2R at least) with smaller areas to focus one and a bit more linearity to it. There is a lot of text but then again it's not a bad thing to have a story, although it certainly has a different feel to Zero Mission and Super Metroid. I really like the horror like atmosphere to it all. The bright colours however kinda detract from that somewhat.
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