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  1. Yeah i thought it was weird hearing scooby speak so much. Apparently people arnt happy about that from what i've seen across the interwebbs.
  2. Used my 90 rubys and got the glider special. That was it, everything was a duplicate =(
  3. Exactly that. Which is kinda lame , especially as you say when you think you are trying to one up each other. It might not be that was complety across the board but I've seen video evidence of one person showing up on two different leaderboards during the same week but with complelty different people in their ranking.
  4. Sonic actually looks like Sonic.. so already it's looking better. The only reason i'd want to watch this movie is for Jim Carrey though. The movie just seems to be same quality of garfield or those chipmunk movies.
  5. There was no way I was getting better than 4th this week. Which leads me onto something else. Whilst the players are real in your group , it seems that you might not actually appear in their group. So you could have a tier 20 in your tier 16.
  6. Yeah i got to B2 yesterday. There is a bit where Then my PC crashed, so i finished my live stream. I'll try again another time.
  7. Episode 6 is a little better - part 1 was silly, but fun with some real bad acting and part 2, well it wasn't anything amazing at all.. It's a shame , there are about 4-5 stories that are pretty watchable, but nothing really that amazing. The guy in the suitcase and the house of head were probably the better ones for me.
  8. Darhkwing

    Google Stadia

    I think Uplay etc was supposed to be on it from launch?
  9. Given me a new mobile app idea. "Toe or Thumb"
  10. Heh, i use a Ps4 pad several switch games, but i tend to just use a pro pad for Luigi. I find the ps4 sticks to not be quite as equal to Nintendo pads.
  11. A lot of the stuff Nintendo has taken down is likely due to them being exe. Too easy for anyone to download and play. The Metroid and Pokemon games for example.
  12. Nintendo won't shut this down. It's a ROM hack for a start. There are HUNDREDS of Mario 64 rom hacks out there to download. Kaze has a whole youtube channel for rom hacks for the game. Why would Nintendo take notice? If it was a download that INCLUDED the ROM then maybe they would get involved.
  13. Apparently the director was quizzed on how revealing the trailer was and he said that it wasnt the case at all
  14. Played this earlier this year. I thought it was the weakest of the bunch, a little bit too generic and fiddly to figure out what you should be doing. Still, glad i got through it after giving up on the gamecube version years ago.
  15. Yeah i thought it was good generally, just a bit confusing at first. Was told that it's left up to you whether to
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