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  1. I need some water balloons really struggling with those.
  2. Mario 64 had a great mirror. I'm sure there was some crazy trickery involved.
  3. Was just about to post this myself- very sad news.
  4. Just bought it on PC - think im going to get stuck into Resistance for a bit, I'm waiting to build my new PC for the main game.
  5. Weirdly if you google it , every website mentioning the trailer has been removed.
  6. Twitch apparently has said they will ban/suspend anyone playing it before the release date... I expect Youtube will be simular.
  7. Yeah two friends just got their copies today (one from Very, one from Amazon) so looks like they all been shipping early.
  8. I guess , but that was by memory card only which was pretty limiting. I think a lot of people created second towns too. Recall the game including a memory card just for the game itself.
  9. The DS version was much better than the gamecube version. You could visit other people too. And its portable ( the way AC works best). However the gc version with the retro games was pretty amazing.
  10. Darhkwing

    Split Second

    Yeah I played that too. I did end up getting the game myself but the first level was probably the best in the game.
  11. Never heard that before..
  12. I've actually started re watching it from the beginning. Just finished Season 1. Ted is such as dick though. Like, he doesn't deserve to get a girlfriend! However, i also see something of me in him.. very picky and over thinks everything. Robin is Although even she shares traits with ted at times..
  13. Apparently a new final chapter coming?
  14. Anyone played this resistance beta? its not too bad, could get a bit samey unless it has loads of maps. Seems to take an age to find a group though =/
  15. I haven't a clue... i haven't touched it since I completed it in 2010 or whenever it came out..
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