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  1. Darhkwing

    Cuphead. Classic cartoon inspired side-scroller

    Finished Isle 2 last night. The lobber helped on the dragon, but only the second phase. After a while i find something "clicks" and they are not as difficult to beat as the first seemed!
  2. I signed up to the beta but , considering I'm in the UK not sure its gonna work.
  3. Darhkwing

    Cuphead. Classic cartoon inspired side-scroller

    He sure is! All i have left to do on island 2 is the dragon and the stupid egypt flying level. The bird one took a while, but after attempting it 20/30 times i was getting through to the last "stage" with most my life left.
  4. Darhkwing

    Sonic Mania

    The Mario kart games have Baby Mario (and other characters) with the Normal Mario (and other characters. Probably the sports games too. None of the mainline games though.
  5. I was think more How to train you dragon 3...
  6. Darhkwing

    The first one is by far the worst one

    Burnout SOR2
  7. Darhkwing

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    All this talk about lag when streaming the games. Surely it's not actually streaming them right? The games are bytes.. it's surely going to download the game each time you play so i don't see why it would lag.
  8. Darhkwing

    The Lion King (Live Action)

    It looks good, in a way that planet earth stuff looks good. But i just don't know. The original is great because the music works, animation is top notch and the characters really interesting and expressive. This just looks a bit soulless. The new scar looks/sounds terrible IMO and timon and pumba.. hmm i'm not really sure on. Interested to see how this works with the songs. Mind, i preferred Aladdin personally so looking forward to that a little bit more.
  9. Yeah i tried changing the sensitivity down for a few notches which helped slightly. It just feels like a game in beta to me. I might try it a bit more and see if it changes my mind, but i don't think it will =(
  10. I played it for half hour. It looks great. I like the simplicty of the menus - the whole presentation reminds me of NFS Hot Pursuit. However, the cars don't control very well. There is no on screen map either and why are the signs on the bends pointing the wrong direction? it's very offputting. It just all feels very off. Controls are very twitchy. I turned the takedown camera off as i felt it wasn't adding anything to it (it doesn't seem as fluid as past burnout games). Hot Pursuit had perfect controls, especially for drifting. I just can't get on with this at all which is a shame as it looks nice. It needs more work and an online mode and then i would definitely be up for playing more of it.
  11. Darhkwing

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    This is the guide i used The main issue i had was getting into the kart. I mapped the dpad on a joypad to free move the camera. Then i used the steering wheel to play. edit: i made a "Lets play" video if you want how it worked for me.
  12. Darhkwing

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    Mario kart Wii in vr is great ( especially with a steering wheel ).

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