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  1. I played Storm G in Japan, which pretty much continuously rolls. That’d work well with Dirt Rally for me, given I roll the car seemingly every few seconds.
  2. Control (PS4) I think I’ve accepted that I’m just not going to return to this now. Signed up to PSNow predominantly for this game. It doesn’t run particularly well on the Pro - I’d much prefer a stronger frame rate than higher fidelity graphics. I guess I have a couple of major issues with it. The first is that I ran into a couple of bugs where necessary events failed to trigger. The main issue with this is that you don’t know you’ve hit a bug, so spend ages running around like a headless chicken before checking a guide to figure out what was supposed to happen (and then reloading a checkpoint). The other problem I had was with the layout and struggling to find the right path to a destination. One of the key factors here is the respawning enemies. I prefer the presence of enemies to be a cue that I’m going the right way, but that’s simply not the case with Control. Combine those issues with a peculiar narrative I had little patience with, and combat I failed to engage with, and it’s clear it’s not for me. Disappointed.
  3. I can’t figure out if they’ve got character likeness rights. That’s either a compliment if they haven’t, or an indication of how poor the character models are otherwise.
  4. klargon

    Fall Guys

    I find the camera is at its worst in that game. I want to hide in a corner but the camera just can’t cope. It’s a bit of a nightmare in the tail game, too. Hopefully they can make some improvements.
  5. klargon

    Fall Guys

    If there’s no keeper in the rocket league rip-off, you can time a jump and dive from the initial ball drop to get it straight in the net. I just wait in the centre for a ball to drop rather than running around!
  6. Problem you've got now is you have a clutch pedal that you don't really use. You'll convince yourself that the TH8A shifter is an absolutely essential purchase!
  7. You Died ... but a Necromancer revived you (PC) This was included in the recent Black Lives Matter itch.io bundle. It's a single-screen game, using only 4-way directional controls, where the objective is to get past/survive a series of traps across a progressively difficult set of levels. The levels are grouped, and (on Normal difficulty) you only restart the entire group when you die, adding more pressure for each level in the group. The traps and placement are procedural, which sometimes leads to some very harsh configurations. It can be infuriating, but you also feel like the levels are never impossible, so it has a real addictive quality. The restart speed is quick, which is always essential in this sort of game. I played it co-op with a mate over Parsec, which I think adds quite a lot to the experience due to being able to see someone equally as inept! Doesn't outstay its welcome. Gets a recommendation from me.
  8. klargon


    I might have to bite. It renders my PSP a bit redundant though - it’s just a DJMax machine with every PSP release on there. The great thing about DJMax is that the reward for getting good is the song actually sounding correct. Shame K-Pop is quite far away from my preferred music genres!
  9. klargon

    Xbox Game Pass

    I found the seasons mechanic to be more of an annoyance than a useful feature. I just played it when it wasn’t winter!
  10. I was considering signing up last month as they were offering a decent discount. However, I found that there’s such an abundance of keys for sale for the games on resale sites that it’s cheaper just to buy the games I want.
  11. How does the free month of choice work? Can you use it for a month of premium then cancel it before the recurring payment is taken?
  12. What's the TV unit? I need something a bit sturdier - looks pretty good.
  13. Just to say I get this problem on both my Samsung and Philips TV apps. It’s infuriating!
  14. The thing is, there were things about Bosman I really didn’t like. Not once did I think he was funny. Box Peek, while nicely presented, was absolute trash. However, what The Final Bosman showed is that he really understands his opinion and can articulate it really well. I agree that the majority of their content now is just a little stale, rather than crap. Jones and Blood aren’t the right people to lead the podcast.
  15. 5pm Thursday, according to the thread title. I’ve stuck with the podcast, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll do so for. I find there’s an expectation that you’ve watched all their videos in between podcasts (or kept up with news), so there’s a lack of context and explanation at times that Bosman would have prevented. Damiani is on them a lot, too, and I find him intolerable. I don’t watch any of their streams now.
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