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  1. I had no idea this was on the slate.
  2. This had better be good enough to rinse away the taste of the sequel.
  3. Canoe looks weird without his John Wick head.
  4. Does that mean it looks like your character is walking around in the nip?
  5. I started the game yesterday and just nipped into the thread to post exactly that*. Well coincimental. * Not verbatim, obviously.
  6. Cheers folks. No idea what was going on, it said "£28 with GamePass" next to it but when I clicked on it it just installed. Weird.
  7. Why is it asking me to pay for Shadow of War?
  8. It is odd, I'll grant you that, and I'm not sure what purpose the bizarre, protracted silences have but it just seems to be its thing. It is worth persevering with though.
  9. Nobody can help you if you're judging it after half an episode.
  10. This thread is weirdly depressing.
  11. Well if it happened to Ghostbusters then it must surely be true for this.
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