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  1. Bob Sacamano

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Bruce Arians is the new head coach at Tamper, really like the guy from watching his time at Arizona on the Amazon doc so glad to see him back.
  2. Bob Sacamano

    Football Thread 2018/19

    My friend plays for Exeter, he’s past the point where he’s going to massively improve and move up to a much higher level but he earns good money and has played at Wembley in a play off final so he’s done well.
  3. Bob Sacamano

    Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

    That part of Croydon still looks like it’s in the 80’s so they didn’t have to do much. I actually walk through there on way to work and for a couple of days thought that was a new WH Smith opening because they had been using that retro style on their carrier bags in all their shops at the time so assumed they were going back to it.
  4. Bob Sacamano

    The Man Utd Thread

    I think you have to see how he does in a few tough games first, the games you've won have been against teams you should be beating. Im sure the change from Mourinho's dark cloud to attaking football and smiles on faces is massive but if you find that he cant beat the top 6 teams or find a way to change things up when needed then you're looking at struggling to get into the top 4 and thats surely not enough for Man U. I do hope he does it and gets the job.
  5. Bob Sacamano

    Doom - 25 years old today

    As an Amiga and then PlayStation gamer I was aware of Doom but never really played it when it was relevant enough to have an impact. Did play the SNES version on my neighbours machine when he rented it and remember having fun but not much more, how was that port? Obviously I’ve played proper PC Doom before but can’t remember how the SNES port compared.
  6. Bob Sacamano

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    Watched the quick look for this on Giantbomb because I was tempted to play this as a single player game and ignore the co-op but it doesn’t look like it has anything worth seeing. The world looked nice and some of the locations were really good but it seems like a waste of tons of work if it’s not being used for any kind of story but then maybe it’s a lot easy to build if it doesn’t have to have to tie into characters and plot they’re not wasting ideas or much thought on this. Also seems strange to have it so far away from Fallout 4 in the timeline when they are re-using so many assists from it, doesn’t seem right that things would look the same and just make it feel like a lazy cash in.
  7. Bob Sacamano

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas (No Man’s Starfox)

    If I buy the boxed Switch version (want the Arwing) do I have to put the Arwing ship model on the controller to use it? It says it comes with the digital verison of the default ship so is that all I can use unless I carry the modcels around?
  8. Bob Sacamano

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I guess maybe because there are so many characters that the new ones feel like such a small portion and that the rest feel like re-runs, especially having played the Wii-U Smash. Hopefully when the DLC is all done it will feel more like a new game to me. Still excited to pick it up (hopefully) tonight.
  9. Bob Sacamano

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    All this talk about possible DLC characters makes me a bit disappointed that they went with (admitidly tons of) mostly existing characters and didn’t really dig into the obscure like they have in the past.
  10. Bob Sacamano

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    That Hunt video doesnt seem like something that bad, I was expecting a field goal style kick to the girl from the way it was being reported.
  11. Bob Sacamano

    Narcos - Season 4 on 16 November

    Finished season 4 and not sure what I think, it seems to sell the violence and general nastiness of the cartel very short, the worst people by far are cops and politicians in this, with the criminals portrayed as roguish scamps who stumbled into positions of great wealth and power. Also the very late change to Felix seems completely unearned. Its good viewing and slickly made still but I’ve come away disappointed, hopefully season 2 (of Mexico) willmake me change my mind. Escobars tiny cameo stole the show and reminded me who amazing that performance was in the first two seasons, such presence on screen.
  12. Bob Sacamano

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    He’s finished 5th in the championship, in the same car that Lewis has just won it by 88 points, that has to set off alarm bells at Mercedes.
  13. Bob Sacamano

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Mercedes strategy people won that for Lewis, he got a 10 second odd advantage by pitting when he did and I don’t think he would have stayed first without it, Bottas showed that the Merc is so much harder on its tyres and Lewis used the gap to manage them home.
  14. Bob Sacamano

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Have Redbull just shafted Riccardo? Edit: seems not, could be some tasty overtakes later
  15. Bob Sacamano

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Didn’t look like he had much choice, lost everything.

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