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  1. iOS companion app is now available https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/rdr2-companion/id1293430833
  2. Gambit looked awful to me, can I just play it PVE and skip the sweaty PVP bit? Cayde being in the campaign is also ringing alarms bells of childish dialogue and light tone. How much of the 2.0.0 roadmap do you get without buying Forsaken? No way I'm pre-ordering shit this time. I really was expecting them to call it Redemption and give it away free... shows how wrong I was.
  3. Why didn't they all just go down the pit lane every lap under the VSC if it was so much quicker? Terrible race overall though, don't think I'm going to bother watching much of this season.
  4. That is very, very good news, and not just for Titans. Bring back Titan skating, random rolls and the old weapon system and I'd consider re-installing. I don't miss D2 at all after not playing for months but I'd be all over a new D1 DLC!
  5. I wasn't just light, it was one of the most tone deaf Train Wreck At Bungie's ever. Take this empty 350 words for example: 350 words and zero details worth reading. "Exotic pass is moving forward nicely with Jon Weisnewskiat the helm" well that's fucked then. "super exciting new content to put smiles on all your faces before the year is out" yay, only 340 days to wait! "we’ll continue to show up here to share many more details" how can you continue to share details if you haven't started to share any yet? "Because Sandbox loves you." are you not the pricks that made the current awful sandbox in the first place? Someone posted this on Reddit, it's perfect...
  6. The biggest problem they have is the way the whole studio is setup to develop the game and its dlc. They have 700 employees (along with a couple of other studios helping out supposedly) but a very very small proportion of those people are currently working on anything that will be released before fall 2018 which will basically means you need to buy the next expansion to get any real benefit. This is how they work (was the same for D1): Main game and both first year DLCs are developed at the same time, main game is finished and the DLCs are basically complete before it ships. The majority of employees work on this while a small fraction (live team) keep D1 alive post Rise of Iron and develop Age of Triumph. Once D2 ships vast majority of employees switch to work on the big fall 2018 D2 expansion. The live team take over control of the main game and run the events that were created as part of the D2 development cycle and keep the lights on while implementing a few quality of life improvements and tweaking the sandbox etc. Once the fall 2018 expansion is released they split and start working on the fall 2019 expansion and D3. Once the 2019 expansion is done they shift the remaining employees to D3. The development update they released last week basically contained the stuff they were already developing for the fall 2018 expansion and would have kept under wraps until the press started building up for that around August. The studio is not setup to react quickly to problems with the game and they move at a glacial pace to a set timeframe. There are no quick fixes to the fundamental problems with the game and unless you fancy spending another £40 next September on the fall dlc the vast majority of the changes will be of little consequence. What they really need to do is pull everyone off the fall 2018 expansion, abandon it and fix the base game asap but there is no chance of them doing that and missing out on the dlc money (they likely also have contractual obligations to Activision to ship that expansion as well).
  7. Err so whats the point in any players taking part before the final rally of the season? At this point the self harm must be intentional, there is no way they can be making these kinds of game mechanic decisions otherwise right?!?
  8. Went in without knowing anything about the film and loved every minute of it. Instant classic.
  9. Aye, if there is one thing we have learnt from D2 is that Bungie love to actively punish people who play more than Johnny casual. I'd recommend not playing for more than three and a half minutes in any hour window for optimal rewards.
  10. Just needed a much bigger more diverse set of random modifiers imo (hey, like D1!). The timer concept was great although the timegates and oracles were a bit rubbish after the first go as they were always in the same place. They should have randomised those too.
  11. Fixed that for you. "we’re sensitive to pay-to-win outcomes." is the reason the loot feels so bland and weak. Can't be having powerful loot in bright engrams as it may be deemed pay-to-win, but can't have loot in the game thats more powerful than it outside of bright engrams or nobody will buy silver. If you can't make powerful loot outside of bright engrams why make a black spindle type quest as nobody will be bother to do it. Can't have random rolls in loot in bright engrams or thats pay-to-win so can't have random rolls outside of bright engrams or nobody will buy silver. It affects everything. Eververse is the single reason D2 was such a turd on delivery. The only change they need to make right now is to go back to making it emotes only. Everything else will correct itself over time after that as they will no longer have to think how it affects their cash cow.
  12. TL/DR; Play something else for 12 months
  13. Anyone else suspect the whole reason for the removal of modifiers for raid equipment was so it wasn't outclassing the Eververse stuff? I think they got a taste of massive profits from Eververse in the mid D1 cycle and then designed most of D2 around it on some very deep levels which is very disturbing. We were all blaming esports when the real villain was Tess Everis. Still, been a couple of months clean now.
  14. I don't see much point in coming back until more fundamental changes are made which makes the game more fun for my time investment. I'd have maybe tried the DLC raid if it wasn't another visit to the Leviathan which I personally rate as the worst raid they have produced by a country mile. If they ever decide to re-introduce the power fantasy/space magic in Y2/3 I'd consider giving it another go but reading the blog and podcast summary they don't have a clue whats really wrong with their game as I suspect nobody in a position of power there actually really plays it, so I don't hold much hope currently.
  15. Yup, I look forward to rinsing that and moaning about its shortcomings.
  16. Whats the point in being more generous with the loot if it’s all shit? Nothing in that blog post is adressing the real issues D2 has. I’m done.
  17. I wouldn't bother, it will just have 6 of the same t-shirts in it.
  18. Just how bad do you think tomorrow’s stream must have been when they recorded/rehearsed it to have now cancelled it? The last stream was the worst thing they have ever put out by a large margin but maybe this one could have topped that with a whole stream reveal about all the latest Eververse content they are adding in the DLC. I imagine they think they can better control the message in a blog post than another pathetic tone deaf stream with a blue and two tokens but it’s going to have to really be a massive blog post to cover all the issues the game has and how they are going to address them and in what timeframe. Something the size of TWAB isn’t going to cut it but I really suspect that’s what they will put out. I’m interested to see how they word this from a curiousity standpoint (will they apologise for the xp system? Will they admit they fucked up a lot of stuff that wasn’t broken?) but pretty much anything less than an announcement of porting the D2 content (missions/strikes/raid/pvp maps) back into D1 (with its old weapons, subclasses and 6v6 PvP) will be too little too late for me.
  19. This video encapsulates a huge set of basic reasons D2 is so fundamentally flawed imo. I can't see myself going back to it without some wholesale changes I don't think Bungie will be willing to make.
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