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  1. Maybe compare visitors and see how many are common between you? I don't understand why shovels are banned but flower picking is allowed for non best friends personally, seems a daft choice.
  2. Posted, its 29k but don't worry about sending bells, put it on my account for the future
  3. I have brown... still want me to order one?
  4. Lol, flew into Spleeners without realising it was turnip bonanza day and now I can't move for people arriving!
  5. Gates open, Blaire crafting a palm-tree lamp and Kicks is in town. Help yourselves to the DIY recipes by the beach.
  6. Gates open, Blaire crafting a palm-tree lamp. Help yourselves to the DIY recipes by the beach.
  7. Created a new path to go see Redd... (just need him to turn up now!)
  8. Think he means the proper two wide workbench rather than the simple one.
  9. Fastest fingers, so send it to Donut
  10. 7 wood. 4 iron nuggets
  11. Too late, its already in your mailbox.
  12. Yeah that was me...but looks like Donut got in first
  13. I had ironwood dresser available in my pile of dupes...think its still there EDIT: it was, posted
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