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  1. Nice. There's a group of us heading up on Friday staying at the Hilton for the weekend. What time do the tables in the Hilton dry up? We were only there for the Sat last year but by the time we moved across it was totally rammed. Id like to be sure of getting one if poss.
  2. The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Most of the Tiny Epic games I’ve played have been good fun. That said, I’m not sure I’d bother backing that Kickstarter as their games tend to be cheaper when they get to retail.
  3. The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Thanks. I’m in for a quid.. for now.
  4. The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Am I right in thinking you can change a $1 pledge to a full pledge in the pledge manager after a Kickstarter has finished? Nemesis has me interested but I want to see if they are listening to the issues raised by it’s playtesters.
  5. The Kickstarter Group Thread

    There's some interesting opinion of Nemesis here.
  6. Bargain buys for everyone.

    Seems that Amazon are doing a Star Wars promotion today.. Imperial Assualt can be nabbed for £47. That’s about as cheap as I’ve seen it.
  7. Bargain buys for everyone.

    Give them a bell. From my experience it's usually a couple of days before they post orders out.
  8. Bargain buys for everyone.

    Caverna back up at £29.99... get in there before BGG forum gets wind of it.
  9. Bargain buys for everyone.

    Plenty of decent games on Board game Guru’s Saturday special today.. http://www.boardgameguru.co.uk/guru-saturday-specials-72-c.asp Just bought Shogun for £19 Caverna for £30 is a steal.
  10. The Kickstarter Group Thread

    I haven't checked yet. Planning to unbox it on Thursday evening when my group comes over.
  11. The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Gloomhaven arrived yesterday morning. I was not prepared for how big this game is... I'm not even sure it'll fit on my shelves. I think we'll be holding off playing it for a while what with Pandemic Legacy Season 2 arriving this week.
  12. The Kickstarter Group Thread

    @Rikku yeah south coast. Looks like it’ll be here by Sat.
  13. The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Just got my Gloomhaven shipping notice from HappyShops. Hoping this batch doesn’t have the manufacturing flaws that some have reported. Think I might order that removable stickers this weekend. I can’t imagine I’ll want to revisit it after a completing a campaign lasting as long as this one does.. Might as well get something back for it.
  14. George Romero is dead

    Feeling this one. Dawn holds special significance for me as the first (decent) proper grown up film I was allowed to watch. During the height of the video nasty scare around 83 or 84. My dad was a bobby in small police station & one of the local video rental shop owners did the responsible thing and dropped off any offending tapes he happened to own in a box for the police to destroy. My dad being the responsible police officer/parent he is, brought said box home to me, his 12 year old son to watch on our new Ferguson Videostar VHS recorder. From the Friday night to the following Monday when my dad was to return to work with the brown cardboard box of tapes I was pretty much allowed to watch whatever I pleased from it. I passed on the martial arts stuff which I suspect my dad had thought I would choose and picked out anything that had a scary looking monster on the cover. I found most of the movies were too boring to watch all of the way through, for the most part the box art being more impressive than the movie contained within it's clamshell case. The single exception from the bunch however was Zombies Dawn of the Dead. I must have watched that Intervision copy of Dawn at least three or four times whilst we had that box of tapes. Sat on my mum's sofa watching through my fingers, heart pounding, terrified and loving every bloody minute of it. I fell completely in love with two things that weekend, Gaylen Ross and horror movies. Thanks George RIP
  15. Fear the Walking Dead Thread

    This season has had some of the best TV in the franchise for a long time. Last night's mid season two parter was excellent I thought. Some proper tension. For the first time in ages, it feels like we could lose a lead character at any moment.

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