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  1. Seems like an extra additional duty of 25% on goods imported from the Snakes has been a thing for a little while.
  2. Might as well mention 8bitmods are also doing 20% off during this period. You can get a Fenrir ODE for £80 all in - which is significantly less than a MODE if you know it's going to permanently live in a Saturn. https://8bitmods.com/
  3. Playing these on DC is/will be far better than using any emulator or previous solution outside of actual Atomiswave hardware though, especially once the few games exhibiting the odd data-access bugs (and Dolphin Blue) are fixed...
  4. Generally, no. Bare bones page and folder navigation mostly, white & yellow text on black backgrounds..but this means they nip along and are responsive. However the Everdrive 64s and highest-end MD and SNES ones have customisable menus which can display background imagery or (in the Mega Everdrive Pro's case) scrolling background tiles.
  5. Yeah, it's the same size as s normal cart (now) Everdrive.me ship from 'within the EU'
  6. Some of them have been converted to CDI which can be burned onto CD using IMGburn and played (provided you haven't got a very late gen console revision) - but only those. They're all being released as GDI files which require either GDEMU or MODE ODE solutions, or alternate methods (like a Serial-to-SD dongle). The plan is for them all to be eventually converted to Dreamcast, confirmed to be as bug-free as possible and then 'officially' have burnable, optimised CDI versions released alongside the 'finished' GDI originals. This is the main hub for the project:
  7. I want to upgrade to a Mega Everdrive Pro but can't quite justify it for access to a few edge case games & demos.. and not needing to use CDs.. and the other fun extras that aren't really about playing games but would be super pleasurable timesinks nonetheless. However an SD2SNES / FX Pak Pro would result in the SNES being dusted off for the first time in decades and being a permanent fixture again. I've cracked at 20% off before as well, because it's a great deal.
  8. Yeah, it's the same hardware though instead of taking GD-ROMs it takes cartridges, has slightly fewer button inputs per player, and writes SRAM files for saving purposes instead of writing to a VMU. It was erroneously thought of as being somewhat souped up Dreamcast hardware (similar to Naomi) but turns out it's identical in terms of key components. This twitter thread summarises it well:
  9. I believe all SMS games work fine on the Mega SG whilst using MD controllers. No ROM patching required. Games which rely on SG-1000 video modes to work (such as F-16 Fighting Falcon) also work fine. And SMS games have Pause button functionality routed to the Start button too.
  10. That COTM patch sounds great. I rinsed the game pretty effectively twice over the years, and doubt I'd come back to it in its vanilla form despite it being a better Castlevania of this kind. I'm tempted to install this patched version on a 3DS for a rainy day as it really does seem like an elegant improvement.
  11. Catching up with the latest Atomiswave conversions, we've now got: Dolphin Blue Faster Than Speed King of Fighters Neowave Maximum Speed Fist Of The North Star Demolish Fist Faster Than Speed is a night-time street racer against an opponent, with checkpoints, underground sections with pseudo exploratory elements. Not really my thing but man is it shiny, silly and slick. KOF Neowave is another huge-rostered team-battle Vs fighter. I'm out of my depth with it but again it's great to have another visually arresting, gorgeously animated
  12. I first played the Apple II version, randomly enough. There was the kid in the area a bit younger than me who we got to know through local SMS game lending, and he was keen one day to show us something on his dad's computer. He also showed us some of (presumably) his older brother's porn mag stash a bit later that first afternoon but I digress. The game was just magical, the satisfaction of pulling off a long jump and managing to grab on a ledge and pull yourself up immense, the quality of the animation like nothing if seen before..and it blew my mind enough to make me bug him into
  13. Secret Command and The Ninja are evergreen system classics in my book. Brilliant games. Lovely selection of carts to receive in one go.
  14. I don't watch AVGN for months (maybe years) and when I check out his latest the needless Taito slander turns ambivalence into annoyance. I'm aware it's a character reading lines from a script but I don't recall 'The Nerd' ever celebrating his ignorant stupidity like this. Maybe I've had too much internet for one day.
  15. So now with five Atomiswave conversions available (Knights of Valour IV being the latest one) and all of them having been tested I have a few thoughts: These games have exceptional 2D pixel art. Really stunning. Every single one of them. Even Knights of Valour with its meshing of 2D sprites over dynamic 3D backgrounds; it doesn't come across a weird mishmash, rather something that feels more like a 1930s Disney or Fleischer studios animation (but at 60fps) and plays like a cross between Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder and Guardian Heroes. It's a full blooded, 8 playab
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