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  1. Dan Ashworth says that there has been no contact from Leicester around signing Dunk. I still think they're more likely to sign Ake or Tarkowski. And we're more likely to lose Knockeart to Fulham as they have made a formal approach for him. EDIT - I realise this thrilling Brighton update is really only of interest to me.
  2. West Ham about to spend £45 million on Sebastien Haller is quite interesting, but the quote from Pellegrini at the end is pretty brutal
  3. With regard to player valuations there was quite a good piece on F365 a few days back which essentially said that the price shouldn't be read as a universal valuation, rather what a team is willing to pay for a player at a point in time because they fit a philosophy, team dynamic or system. Leicester will be motivated to replace Maguire so clubs in the UK at least will price their defenders accordingly. I still think the whole thing is a bit cloudy around Maguire with reports today suggesting that he's come to an agreement with Leicester that he can go if Man U meet the price, but he hasn't put in a formal transfer request.
  4. Has Maguire to Man U been announced? I only care as the knock on effect might be Dunk to Leicester (although it might just as easily be Ake or Tarkowski). I should imagine it might be more likely to be one of the other two but given we have 5 centre backs, selling Dunk wouldn't be disastrous.
  5. I re-watched Terminator Salvation last night assuming that all the bad stuff was contained in that one and Genisys, whilst terrible, did at least have nostalgia on it's side. Anyway it turns out that there are a few good visual bits with Hunter-Killers vs A10's and that massive human collector machine they nicked from War of the Worlds but it's not really worth watching for the 5 minutes they're onscreen. How have Terminator, Alien, Predator AND Robocop all been turned into a set of franchises which increasingly diminishing returns? Have they all been mis-handled or are there simply no more stories to tell after one or two films?
  6. As long as you can prove you never use iPlayer then you don't have to pay for it. But obviously now you have to sign into iPlayer then it's not like you can not pay the TV licence and still use it.
  7. I thought the music was great although when "original score by ..." came up in the end credits I did wonder if the person who scored Lords of Salem would dispute how original it actually was.
  8. This is a chilling warning that humanity must never try to base a religion on Wes Anderson films.
  9. Kids these days like sitting down at gigs. Preferably under a tartan blanket with a flask of tea.
  10. Got Nottingham standing tickets aswell! I was surprised that See Tickets wasn't crawling at 10 AM and it just allowed me to check out without any hassle. First time that's happened in a few years.
  11. Apparently I've been automatically re-enrolled - Trossard's Giants
  12. I'm new to the world of audible having signed up for a free trial the other month to get Good Omens. Are these 2 for 1 sales a perpetual thing? I bought 3 extra credits and have just grabbed Pattern Recognition and the Douglas Adams book and it would be quite easy to blow the other two on 4 other titles in the next few days but it might also be worth my while waiting for the next sale assuming they're regular. Also, is the BBC dramatization of the 7 Discworld novels decent?
  13. I should imagine if you got annoyed by the silly witch stuff at the end of Hereditary, this might well be more of the same, judging by some of the brief floaty bits in the trailer. Personally, I love silly witch stuff.
  14. Throw away your VHS tapes! Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor are on Prime!
  15. I think that, for me, it's that he hates doing the press and it makes him come across as bored and disinterested in his work. Ralph Fiennes is another culprit. Part of their very privileged job is to sell the film even if they think it's a stinker and if they're being surly and unengaged, it makes me question why I should be supporting them. I appreciate that being stuck in a room being asked questions on repeat is infuriating but realistically, they're actors so should at least be able to pretend.
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