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  1. DirkCrisis

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

    In an interview, he said that he played Pokemon Red and Blue as a child but is the same age as me so would have been in his 20s. This has nothing to do with Star Wars but does suggest he is ashamed of playing Pokemon in his 20s before it was cool. I'm not sure I can forgive him.
  2. DirkCrisis

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    Just seen episode 5. Really liked the card game scene near the start.
  3. DirkCrisis

    Films with one set.

    2007's Interview is worth a look in a Sartre Hell room kind of way with 2 protagonists you can't really trust and, along the same Hell room lines, Tape is worth a look too. Arguably, Hateful Eight is mostly set in a single room but there are flashbacks to other scenes so I'm not sure it really counts. EDIT - Crap! I forgot Pontypool! That's more of a radio DJ stuck in the station in the event of a viral outbreak.
  4. DirkCrisis

    The Worst Characters Committed to Screen

    Both Bruce Payne and Steven Berkoffs characters in Steal (a.k.a. Riders). Berkoff is simply some sort of poorly drawn Rockabilly lunatic, but Payne's horrifically sexist character may be looked upon in this day and age as another #metoo investigation in the making. I can only hope that Payne was simply using his acting skills to create the most objectionable character possible rather than simply playing himself. Still not as bad as Neelix though. That said, there is also Scott Bakula's Captain Archer. A captain who got beaten up by aliens every week and was into water polo during his downtime.
  5. DirkCrisis

    True Detective - Season 3

    Good shout.
  6. DirkCrisis

    True Detective - Season 3

    Yes, that's what it was for. There was a whole scene dedicated to spelling it out. Why is another matter of course.
  7. DirkCrisis

    My idea for a modern horror movie

    Crank was the only film where a game developer was an acceptable character and even then it was a cover for Statham's real job.
  8. DirkCrisis

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part

    This was great. The end credit song was amazing.
  9. DirkCrisis

    True Detective - Season 3

    Dorff's old man zinger was one of my favourite things about this week's episode.
  10. DirkCrisis

    American Horror Story

    Bar Apocalypse, these have all been on Netflix for a while. I watched Murder House, Roanoake and Apocalypse when they were broadcast but hadn't really seen any of the others (bar an episode of Asylum a few years back). I've seen Coven which i really liked and Hotel, which, even though it turns into Rentaghost in the last episode stands out as having more positive messages and as close to a happy ending for most characters as you're going to get. I also really like Evan Peters' HH Holmes character filling each scene with his caddish murderous glee. Haven't seen Freakshow as I hear that might be the duff one and after one episode of Cult, I'm not sure I can really go back to it as it seems to believe it is incisively political whilst I find it incoherent.
  11. DirkCrisis

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    Dominic West was a more horrifying Jigsaw in 2008's much unloved and completely charmless Punisher film
  12. DirkCrisis

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Signing U23s who you then immediately loan out. Is there anything more underwhelming for a fan or frustrating for a player in the transfer window?
  13. DirkCrisis

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    42 points with a Salah blank, an Aguero goal and I left Brooks' 12 points on the bench. This second half of the season is rubbish.
  14. DirkCrisis

    Amazon Prime Video

    I've been watching 1997s "Ghost Stories" TV series so you don't have to. Twenty one episodes in and these are the ones you should bother with - assuming you want to torture yourself with 90s re-interpretations of Tales of the Unexpected where the twist is always "It was a ghost!". Episode 10 - "Cloistered" - A woman in a series of flowery librarian dresses who has to care for an elderly pervert finds solace in stalking a ghost man in the house opposite. Episode 14 - "Cold Dark Space". The Amazon blurb gives away one of the few twists where it wasn't quite a ghost. Episode 20 - "Point Hope" Ghost incel lives in lighthouse and is tragically only able to obssess over women who are directly outside the lighthouse or drowning in the sea. Special mentions to the following two episodes which border on being good: Episode 7 - "Landscape of Lost Dreams" - This is a rip off of the M.R. James ghost in a painting moving towards the house trope. It's not as good, but does have the most annoying 90s businessman with a giant mobile phone in it. Episode 21 - "The stainless blade" - From the blurb "The famous magician Vance Delbert passes on the secret of his magic sword."

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