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  1. so that entire film was a lie?!
  2. So don’t get it for handheld only? I’ve been playing Automachef, it's really managed to get its hooks in despite making no concessions to running on the switch in handheld mode & having terrible tutorials. It's like inifinifactory or the like but it's a kitchen with meal prep, it's got that optimisation hook with targets on meals delivered, electricity used, ingredients used. It's rough around the edges, e.g. it has an efficiency score but it only gives vague indication over what goes into it - so there's nothing for this layout scored badly because X. For example the other night I build a kitchen delivering 4 meals to two different hatches for the first time (restaurant & take away), came in well below all the targets but only got 46% efficiency & I don't know why. To give an example of how bad the tutorials are, there's a tutorial after 15 levels (and a bunch of optional levels) that tells you to use an order reader to only dispense ingredients when needed, if you hadn't worked that out in level 2 you wouldn't have gotten this far.
  3. @erhgiez god no, you can get them here. A pack of three 15mm astronauts. https://www.mrleesminis.com/product-page/astronaut-set-beyond-the-stars Roman Lappat has been doing a series of them: https://www.instagram.com/romanlappat.miniatureart/
  4. I’m almost ashamed to post after those! I’ve been painting my tiny astronaut, hard to get a good photo of it. Plan is to stick on spacecraft the use the airbrush to add lighting from the lava & shadows.
  5. ADB & Abnett are my favourite black library authors by a long way. To be fair I haven’t read much outside the Horus Heresy series. Watson’s Space Marine way back when, the Eisenhorn trilogy, and recently having run out of Heresy & siege of terra books I wanted to read I read the Black Legion books, cause ADB. I should really check out the Night Lords ones.
  6. Speaking of Black Library stuff I got about a third of the way into Dark Imperium and fuck me I don’t care. I like the stuff with Guilliman’s thoughts on how the Imperium has changed (eg the meeting with the priest) but I can’t be doing with all the stuff about how wonderful he is. Everything the Horus Heresy did to final make me like the ultramarines and not thing of them as some boring, teachers pet type pricks is getting swiftly undone. I’ve given up on it. Is it worth persevering in with, does it improve? I moved on to Spears of the Emperor, such a better book. Thank the false emperor for ABD.
  7. I think this video on Jojo Rabbit and The Book Thief (book, not the film) touches on maybe the thing many film critics are hitting when they criticise it for not doing the holocaust properly, and that’s the distinction between stories about/involving Jewish people durning the holocaust and stories where the Jews are an object in the story but not people in it. The author (person who created the video) explains it much better and it comes quite near the start:
  8. Cool, can’t wait to see it. Mine’s still in a box in my very long backlog.
  9. yeah, we can all learn from that. I don’t adjust any settings, getting things in focus causes enough issues at times one change I did make this year which helps photos & painting is using some baking paper to diffuse the light. Just held onto this famous Ikea lamps with magnets.
  10. Added some crackle paint, took a knife to my crappy sculpting, re-airbrushed it, and am blacking the rocks in black. Not going to be black, more a moon rock grey I think.
  11. Falling Down is my favourite of his, although I haven’t seen it in a long time. I went to a press screening of 8mm and I despised it, I thought it completely failed to live up to its premise and wasn’t nearly as dark as it needed to be. That’s the only time I’ve seen it, so maybe it’s another that needs a rewatch. I like some of the things Minnie Driver’s been tweeting about him.
  12. I love the original Harlequins, these are the very first minis I painted back in ‘94: Which you can tell by the chipping I painted over bare metal
  13. What did you watch it on? Reading this makes me wonder if I should give it another shot. I love the first two, and saw the third at the cinema at release. I hated it so much I’ve never watched any of the other Terminator films.
  14. I finished The Clone Wars the other day, I’d watched the first 5 seasons years ago so I started with the last few episodes of season 5 to get back into it & remind me how certain things played out. While I’m not a fan of the prequels I liked that the last two seasons started to tie more elements into them, season 7 runs alongside Ep3. Season 7 has definitely benefited from a leap in tech, some of the camera moves & compositions they use are quite something. The final two episodes are just great, some of their best. The music is fantastic, there’s a 5 minute sequence in the second last episode with next to no dialog just slowing following what’s going on with the most un-Star Wars music - ominous, synthy, electronic, but so very appropriate.
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