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  1. yikes, I usually get stuff a day or two after ordering.
  2. Scale75 Scalecolor metallics or Vallejo metal colour.
  3. Unless you're planning on handling it I wouldn't bother with varnishing it. I would varnish things for gaming with but if it's a display thing, then I wouldn't bother. I only tend to varnish things for the effect (like a bit of gloss on a gem or something) or matte if I've used inks and they've gone glossy.
  4. I've just ordered two large multi person models, The Triumph of St Katherine which led me to Katakros, which is just an awesome looking bunch of stuff. Advantage of not playing I can just pick up cool looking shit (although I used both sisters and undead back in the '90s), I won't run out of things to paint for a while. I didn't get Mortarion because it's too big...
  5. done some more work on this dude, pretty happy with where it’s going
  6. yes! I thought that too.
  7. The main reason I use mine for priming is avoiding running into my neighbours honestly.
  8. as I remember it the temperature is to do with paint viscosity or something, I’ve seen a lot of people recommend putting your spray cans in a bucket of warm (not hot) water before use. Marco also has a good video about using spray paint: I’m a prick so I prime with an airbrush, but I’ve had good results with both Vallejo & Scale 75 primers applying with a brush too.
  9. yeah, that was fucking stupid. I can kinda see what they were going for with the if this is an art form then we should be able to tackle more subjects, but that book was not that way to do it. And I can’t believe at no point in production no one had second thoughts about it. And then the promotional video with Holocaust images in it… I’m probably not a good judge of this stuff, I’m slightly uncomfortable with the amount of busts & display minis produced of the SS.
  10. If anyone’s looking for a mini painting book I can really recommend Kirill Kanaev’s book for AK Interactive. It’s massive, apparently took him two years to write, and full of details. Mine arrived about a week ago and I’ve barely scratched the surface, it’s something I’ll be going back to for a long time. It’s expensive but for me it’s well worth it. Here’s someone’s review of it: Edit: and if you’re just looking for a book of lovely minis to look at Roman Lappat Miniature Art Vol 1 is great. https://www.mrleesminis.com/product-page/roman-lap
  11. Jesus, “not racist” twitter really is predictable isn’t it. Still I found this handy guide
  12. Game of the Year A1. Paradise Killer A2. Murder By Numbers A3. Journey to the Savage Planet A4. Hades A5. Star Wars Squadrons Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Ubisoft’s cultural issues Z2. This industry continuing to be filled with abusive arseholes - people I’ve looked up to, people I’ve worked with (hearing from women I’ve worked with about men I’ve worked with in the past). And it’s not just sexual abuse, it’s also bullying and abuse of power - the smart asshole trope needs to die, too many people take it to heart. Z3. Me for not usi
  13. Maybe some wet blending for the cloak? Probably not the best example but this is just two shades of red wet blended. Been working on the spire.
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