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  1. TCGS have really been killing it with the GOTY stuff, both in the podcast and on Twitter, in the last couple of days. It's really cheered me up in what could prove to be quite a depressing week. Thanks lads!
  2. I played all the way through this at the weekend, and agree that the first hour or two after the tutorial can be a bit of a struggle. I appreciate it tries to maintain as much mystery as possible, but there were a couple of mechanics I thought could have been clearer, namely: 1. The first time you view a death-scene, is there something specific you need to do to exit it? (The answer seems to be no, it just closes after a set amount of time, but to start off with I thought maybe I needed to view the victim from a certain perspective or similar to close the scene). 2. Are there specific groups of three deaths that you need to solve together, or just any three? (It's the latter). My general advice would be don't worry about solving things to start off with, just explore and get as many clues as you can. It's fine to have a massive stack of mystery deaths, you don't need to solve them as you go along. I loved it by the time I finished, it's probably my favourite game I've played this year, so it's definitely worth sticking with.
  3. Warning for any Fire Emblem players: one of the screenshot captions in the Edge review contains an ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE SPOILER I've not seen in any other review, and has ruined what would have been a great surprise. So thanks for that.
  4. It seemed like the main problem with half the population being wiped out was that there was no longer anyone to do the sweeping up.
  5. I thought a lot of the criticism of this series up until now had been a bit harsh, but the latest episode was awful. There were no interesting twists or revelations; the whole hour could have been replaced with a caption card that read “Ted does a load of stupid and incredibly suspicious shit for no apparent reason”. They’ve somehow managed to engineer a situation where either potential outcome (Ted is/isn’t H) would feel equally unsurprising and unengaging, and as a result there’s no sense of suspense whatsoever.
  6. Aged badly?! Come on. Yes, it's a parody of a show format that doesn't really exist anymore, but even at the time the format was deliberately dated. KMKY is absolutely prime Partridge; it's just as funny as any of the other series and has a subtlety and attention to detail to it they've never quite recaptured since.
  7. Dull, humourless fantasy. I’m sure there are hundreds of examples in gaming history, but the worst, and most prominent, modern examples are Skyrim and Dragon Age. I still remember the opening words on the back of Dragon Age Origins, text that is literally meant to sell you the game. And what did they go with? “You are a grey warden”. Fucking hell. Just call the whole game “Beige Janitor” and be done with it.
  8. Finished this last night, and it’s left me with mixed feelings. Firstly, the series doesn’t really seem to have a proper ending. I appreciate this is real life, so you can’t expect everything to be tied up neatly by a certain point, but there’s no effort made even to summarise the point both cases have reached and indicate what might happen next. The whole thing ends so abruptly I was searching around afterwards for another episode. More significantly, I found that the longer the series went on, the more doubts I had about Avery’s innocence. Dassey’s innocence is, to me, pretty much beyond doubt, and I also fully believe that much of the evidence against Avery was tampered with to one degree or another. But the issue I had with Zellner’s case was the same I have with almost any conspiracy theory: it requires a degree of planning and intelligence on the part of the conspirators that is far beyond any capability they have demonstrated. To take one example: her theory that they broke into Avery’s trailer to obtain the blood samples. How did they know he’d leave blood behind? How did they manage to wait unseen for him to go out, but then be so close that they could get in so quickly? How come they had the correct equipment for removing blood, and were able to do it so successfully, when even Zellner and her blood expert struggled to work out how to get the blood out the sink? All the scenarios presented by the state and the defence seem to require significant leaps of faith, so my feelings were much more ambivalent at the end of this than they were at the end of the first season.
  9. I’ve not really got far enough into this to form a proper opinion yet, but one thing that struck me in the first few hours is how it obviously draws inspiration from other recent big games. In the past, Rockstar games have generally felt to me like they were developed in a vacuum, but this seems to have several very clear points of reference. The stamina meter feels like it was directly nicked from Breath of the Wild, the hunting-vision is very Witcher 3, and the big missions have a distinct whiff of Naughty Dog about them. None of that is necessarily bad, but it does remove the feeling that Rockstar games have previously had that they were somehow magically dropped into the world fully-formed.
  10. I think I might be the only person who remembers this. It was basically two separate games united by the theme of rollerskating, but the monochrome isometric one was where it was at. This was ace; really nippy and smooth for the time. Plus bonus wah-wah in the theme tune.
  11. To balance all the (correct) observations about how much the combat derives from that Arkham games, I'd point out that Spider-Man 2 also had pretty much the same "press dodge when the icon flashes over your head" mechanic. When I first played Arkham Asylum, I distinctly remember being surprised at just how much they'd taken from that game's combat. So, y'know, what goes around comes around.
  12. Is it just me, or is it a little glitchy? Nothing dreadful, but things like slight dialog skipping and characters suddenly teleporting a few inches to one side mid-cutscene. I'm playing pre-patch, as it's taking forever to download, so hoping that will sort it.
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