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  1. See no-one has answered about cables. I use an Amazon Basics 3m USB A to USB C cable, works flawlessly. Cheap too i did have a 5m one and got disconnects, but I suspect this is more down to the USB ports on my laptop. I'd try those before coughing for the expensive Oculus cable. Just played through Half Life Alyx with it on Oculus Link worked perfectly.
  2. S0L

    PC Engine Mini

    Yay! Mine turned up today. Nice box, not quite as small as I expected and the controller has a massively long cable... But if doesn't accept inputs! It's not the pad as I plugged it into my PC and that works fine, but I can't set up the language as no matter which port the pads plugged into, nothing happens. Had a quick look inside the console, no obvious dry joints or solder issues so not something I can fix. Xbox and PS4 pads don't seem to work either, though as it doesn't recognise its own pad that might just be mine. Amazon Japan now shipping me a new one but this one has to go back by DHL I was looking forward to giving it a go too. Ah well, back to Half Life Alyx instead!
  3. S0L

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Height is one of the Preferences, you can set it to match if you're stood up or sat down. You can toggle stood\crouch with the left stick press on Oculus controllers. Just sunk a few hours in, runs and looks lovely on Quest via Link, really impressed. Some of the Oculus games aren't smooth (Asgards Wrath) on the same setup, so given it's running both Steam and Oculus VR at the same time is impressive. Controls taking a while to get used too, I keep accidentally jumping as pushing down on the right stick is close to fetching up the quick switch menu, I also keep forgetting to arm the pistol after a reload... It's a proper game though, not dived into something this good on VR since Resident Evil on PSVR, weirdly it reminds me of that as you have to keep on top of ammo and well, let's just say you need to aim accurately which isn't half tricky when you are hoping away from those little bastards. If my face didn't hurt so from the Quest I'd still be in there, but three hours was enough for today! Comfort mods now enroute!
  4. S0L

    PC Engine Mini

    Me too. My card details were out of date on Amazon.jp so now I've got to wait till April before they send out the next batch. Boo. At least it looks like the controller cables are a little longer this time around!
  5. Brill, I shall see if I can find my prescription and get some. Ta!
  6. Where did you get them? I like the sound of that
  7. Not on this one. I'm up to something I'd love to tell you about, but I suspect it's going to be a year or so before it gets revealed. This is the handiwork of the TSR guys. I've seen early versions of it and I'm loving the mash of Model 1 style graphics with some pretty obvious nods to driving games we might have done
  8. Congratulations, you just described every video game ever made. You can't level this at Jeff alone
  9. On the Oculus Link, I was finding it dropped frames and connection using a Amazon Basics 5m cable vs a 3m one. I've put that down to the ports on my laptop not pushing out enough power, but it's handy tip to know if you don't need the extra cable length and don't want to cough £80 for the official Oculus cable.
  10. That's impressive! Amazing how they've managed to capture the feel despite it being in a window the size of a postage stamp
  11. With regards to Rush Rally, the guy who develops that did all the car physics for pretty much every Sumo racing game for years. So if the handling feels familiar, that’ll be why. He left to go freelance and has been working on that series as a labour of love for a while now. All by himself too!
  12. I was always impressed with Silpheed with its pre-calculated polys... As a Lynx owner, there were some amazing Arcade conversions, to my younger eyes this was pretty close to a perfect conversion, even had all the speech too! This wasn't all that shoddy either considering the difference from the arcade hardware! And a SNES game that blew my socks off with no enhancement chips...
  13. That's fair To balance all the PC talk, stand-alone the Quest is really something special. Post pub last night I bought Beat Saber and was happily slicing blocks like a madman. It's so well sorted and works out of the box. Was proper grinning ear to ear. I know a few people in the office are considering picking one up after me raving about it at length!
  14. That's pretty much my spec. The annoying thing is the Asgard is super smooth on the Laptop monitor, it's just stuttering in the headset. CPU is maxed so I assume it's just CPU bound for the streaming. Doesn't matter what options I pick in the Asgard options, be it Ultra or low, the headset speed is the same. Since I don't want to buy a new Laptop it's gonna be overclocking time or hoping for some Link optimisations. It was Half Life that finally pushed me over the edge to purchase the Quest due to Link happening. I'll be seeing if that hand tracking is live tonight though, the Quest is proper future tech though. The guardian implementation is mind blowing, so if the hand tracking is anything like as good it'll be like seeing a glimpse of the future today!
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