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  1. On the Oculus Link, I was finding it dropped frames and connection using a Amazon Basics 5m cable vs a 3m one. I've put that down to the ports on my laptop not pushing out enough power, but it's handy tip to know if you don't need the extra cable length and don't want to cough £80 for the official Oculus cable.
  2. That's impressive! Amazing how they've managed to capture the feel despite it being in a window the size of a postage stamp
  3. With regards to Rush Rally, the guy who develops that did all the car physics for pretty much every Sumo racing game for years. So if the handling feels familiar, that’ll be why. He left to go freelance and has been working on that series as a labour of love for a while now. All by himself too!
  4. I was always impressed with Silpheed with its pre-calculated polys... As a Lynx owner, there were some amazing Arcade conversions, to my younger eyes this was pretty close to a perfect conversion, even had all the speech too! This wasn't all that shoddy either considering the difference from the arcade hardware! And a SNES game that blew my socks off with no enhancement chips...
  5. That's fair To balance all the PC talk, stand-alone the Quest is really something special. Post pub last night I bought Beat Saber and was happily slicing blocks like a madman. It's so well sorted and works out of the box. Was proper grinning ear to ear. I know a few people in the office are considering picking one up after me raving about it at length!
  6. That's pretty much my spec. The annoying thing is the Asgard is super smooth on the Laptop monitor, it's just stuttering in the headset. CPU is maxed so I assume it's just CPU bound for the streaming. Doesn't matter what options I pick in the Asgard options, be it Ultra or low, the headset speed is the same. Since I don't want to buy a new Laptop it's gonna be overclocking time or hoping for some Link optimisations. It was Half Life that finally pushed me over the edge to purchase the Quest due to Link happening. I'll be seeing if that hand tracking is live tonight though, the Quest is proper future tech though. The guardian implementation is mind blowing, so if the hand tracking is anything like as good it'll be like seeing a glimpse of the future today!
  7. On the audio, when the Quest is connected there is an option under Devices in the Oculus app to default the audio out of the Quest or the laptop. That seemed to do the trick for me. GPU wise, by default mine was operating in a hybrid mode but it was specific to the brand (it's a Medion Erazer, though it's actually a Clevo base). Part of the inbuilt software gives an option to switch to Discrete only which did a reboot and completely disabled the Intel GPU. It's the first time I've seen that, normally you can specify which one you prefer but can't wholly disable the other. Doing so frees up some RAM too as it's no longer needed by the Intel GPU. It even helped other games (like Elite Dangerous) where you can specify the GPU as it no longer rendered for the Quest on the Nvidia one and the Laptop screen on the Intel one... As it's so CPU bound, it's well worth fetching up Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) telling it to show more details and seeing if there is anything in Startup you don't need. Every little helps. Or buy a faster laptop I guess! Mine is a i5 6300HQ with a 6GB 1060GTX to give you an idea. It managed Alien and ATS without too much stress, ditto Elite Dangerous seems fine with VR high settings. Asgard's Wrath feels like it's pushing it a fair bit though, might be on the verge of being just that bit too slow for that. I'm hoping as they move Link out of Beta it'll get optimised so it'll help. But even at early days, the fact it works so well within the Oculus software is to be applauded. I've seen far, far worse Beta software.
  8. Yeah, I don't even know what Virtual Desktop is, but the method I described worked for me. The tricky bit was knowing to enable Unknown Sources in the Oculus App and download SteamVR in Steam. After that I got most things running. Confirmed working with... Skyrim VR (Steam) - Need to go back to this as the perf was horrible but it was before I realised it was running on the Intel GPU vs the Nvidia one in my laptop... Alien Isolation (Steam) - Google the Mother VR patch for this, once you copy a single DLL into the Alien Isolation installation it works with both the headset and the controllers! American Truck Simulator (Steam) - Which being honest, is why I bought the Quest so I could play this in VR... ...but as I say, it feels a bit Wild West/hacky right now. You definitely need to have the Oculus app running at all times for the Link to work.
  9. I'm also finding out PC VR is the wild west after picking a Quest on Friday. I got Steam stuff to work by first setting the Oculus app to allow Unknown Sources in the Settings\General menu. Then installing SteamVR in Steam and running that. You can then run Steam apps from there and in theory it then adds them to the Oculus PC app from then on. I think. Worked for me. Had some fun as I'm using my Laptop and I had to disable the Intel GPU as that caused all sorts of nasty perf issues. Link is still in Beta, but surprised how well it works. It's a tad CPU hungry though! Hopefully optimisations in the pipeline. Native Quest stuff is lovely though, nice and easy to use. Resisting the urge to buy more games...
  10. S0L

    Crackdown 3

    Tank cannon recentres if you leave the stick alone, especially if you accelerate. That was a topic of some furious debate. I love how that collision didn't kill you
  11. S0L

    Crackdown 3

    You can summon the Agency vehicle as soon as you hit level 1. Push up on the D-Pad. Once in a vehicle change from with left and right on the D-Pad as you level up your driving ability. Why would you run and shoot a gun when you can drive a vehicle speed down a road flinging traffic out of the way, then drive up the side of a building and be more powerful than any other weapon in the game once transformed into a tank. Makes mincemeat out of bosses. Just saying. Or just launch it in a self destruct attack. The higher the level, the quicker you can respawn it, they're essentially large disposable bombs. Ditto if it's about to go pop, just hop out and summon a new one
  12. S0L

    Crackdown 3

    You finished it and took a picture of the lovely Microsoft testing crew to prove it? Strange choice! Did you max out all the skills, as you really haven't finished till you've maxed out driving. The amount of time we put into that vehicle to open up new ways of getting about and combat and everyone ignores it. *Sob*
  13. S0L

    Crackdown 3

    You should have tried them before the checkpoints were added *Shivers*
  14. Sunny Beach. Not that keen on the one way system, but the views are good and the traffic relatively light.
  15. I used to love digging myself of a self made hole in Tetris, which has to be the purest example of this I can think up!
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