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  1. Indeed. It was more like a family friendly electronic toy. Just typically Nintendo though the march to the beat of their own drum. I don't really consider them to be in the same market as Sony or Microsoft anymore they left that when they released the Wii.
  2. Indeed never considered the Wii a fad at all. It was popular and brought lots of people in to play and have fun. IMHO it was the most inclusive console ever made. It had Mario, Zelda but also Wii Sports etc. Some of my family had never touched a gaming device for years and since the Wii went never have again. It was a beautifully simple device. Personally when I look back over the years it is one of the best gaming consoles ever released IMHO. They did follow it up of course with a WiiU but after the Wii where could they go?
  3. True. But as long as people are willing to pay silly money for a PS5 CEX will keep offering the cash. Supply will catch up with demand eventually. Just might take a bit of time.
  4. I think the Wii U was almost a prototype Switch. It probably stimulated ideas within Nintendo and also that they had to make hard business decisions and take a risk of combining hand held and home machines into one unit. The more I think about it I'm glad they did. It means they are still here being their whacky selves. Lets face it they bring a bit of fun into gaming and throw plenty of curveballs out there with their hardware designs. It would be a bland world without them around. What will their next piece of hardware be? The only thing with them is that they are sl
  5. Whilst it does have some inaccuracies really enjoyed this when I watched it a while back...although have to say "Bedrooms to Billions" was much better from a UK point of view. Not sure about the "Billions" bit though...
  6. Wow brings back some memories! Used to avoid arcade conversions like a plague back then when they released they were invariably terrible. Although do remember Salamander on the C64 being reasonable at the time. Had that on disk and I think it loaded each level in. R-Type wasn't bad either.Worst thing I ever saw was Outrun on a C64. The music was OK. The best games were the ones that used the strengths of the various machines to deliver a tailored experience. What is nice these days is actually playing the arcade games on a PC. Children with their new consoles will *neve
  7. Enjoyed my Switch whilst I had it (sold it last year). Generally don't care about their policies regarding their content. Its theirs in the end and they are free to do what they want to do with it. Whilst I do like their approach to throwing random things out there I was a bit disappointed they effectively ditched the home console market. My switch was docked the whole time I owned it and didn't really like playing the games on the Joycons. IMHO it was a bit of a compromise but understand why they did it. The hardware IMHO is a touch underpowered Luigis Mansion 3 for ex
  8. Allegedly there will be shortages through to spring. Guessing AMD are churning stuff out as fast as they can at the moment...
  9. If they can actually buy a new card at RRP. All a bit insane TBH. Nvidia should focus on trying to meet demand of the current cards it has on the market before bringing new models out all the time. At least it might help get the cards down to RRP.
  10. Agree 100%. I know you are protected by credit card insurance but claiming it all back is a PITA and then the loss of the account etc. Better to try and cut the risk down as much as possible.
  11. I'd make sure you have your PS account linked to an authenticator app in fact any online service you use to be fair. Most decent online businesses support authenticator apps now and it's really easy to set up. Both MS and Google offer easy to use / configure apps. Think the main issue at times is that Sony is not a software company so don't have products out there like MS OSes and Azure etc it's their bread and butter. Hopefully it will get resolved quickly and not too much damage has been done.
  12. Agree. Although I remember it being the same on the 360 launch (the only other console I've bought at launch). I pre& ordered a year in advance for that. Although pre-ordering was quite late this time for the new consoles so think this has compounded the current problem.
  13. Not really. Scalpers have been around as long as eBay what is different is that more people are tech savvy and we are in the midst of a global pandemic. So hugely more in demand and more people out to try and make some easy money. Also gaming is much bigger than it ever was. As for the reliability of consoles well they are more complex, people are more likely to be vocal about things not been 100% right. Also more consoles out there than ever before. Launch lineups are very slim this time though. Although plenty to play nothing that much different. I think it's just dif
  14. I bought an official play and charge kit when I bought a Xbox One years ago and its still going strong - get at least 6-7hours play with a headset attached. So whilst the official kits may seem expensive - especially when you buy a new console etc they are good value long term. Also have a bunch of rechargeable AA batteries kicking around too.
  15. Me neither. Played and finished more new games since getting the X than I have over the past year before it's release. Load speeds and quick resume are both awesome. As is the fact I can play all my catalogue of favourite games on there. Icing on the cake many improved too. Not fussed about "exclusive launch titles" because they are invariably not to great IMHO anyway. Anyhow enjoying having a new console to play on that exceeds the gaming experience on my PC for less than half the price of the GPU I was going to get for it. So win for me and no disappointment here!
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