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  1. MattyP

    Gears 5

    Same here except it'll be this and some SNES gaming for me!
  2. Just play on my PC these days...My PC isn't particularly high spec either GPU is still a NVidia 970. It does have SSDs though which make things a bit smoother. I do have an X though but likely this will be going in the near future as game pass is on the PC.
  3. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    Great news on the SNES games - suddenly my mini-SNES is looking a bit redundant ...
  4. MattyP

    Gears of War 4

    Yeah enjoyed Gears 4 too great blast... The thing I like about it is that its not pretentious about being something it's not. Big guys. Big guns. Aliens. Shoot! Particularly enjoyed the last few levels. Also played this through mostly on the PC. Enjoyed it more at 60fps .. Lovely.
  5. Anyone had a blast on this? Reminds me of a cross between trailblazer (c64) and F-Zero (although no competitors so not racing). Great old school fun although infuriating at times! Essentially its a twitch racer/puzzler... just you against the clock and track... Switch https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/racedierun-switch/ Demo on PC:- https://store.steampowered.com/app/818140/Stay_Safe/ And Switch version is cheaper at £8.99. Worth a look if you like to play twitch games..... PC version has more levels and I think probably a few more bells and whistles (not tried that version yet). Controls are very twichy on the joycons (not unplayably so) however looking forward to giving this a shot on the pro controller.
  6. My sentiments exactly! I think it's because we've experienced a broad range of games over the years and a lot of "new" games are just old concepts with fresh visuals and sounds. Very selective about what I play today enjoy games that I can pick up and play or that can be easily broken down into hour or two hour sessions. Most of all I just like to switch on and play. Without too many patches or system updates etc. Why I'm gravitating towards the switch for most games these days (my other consoles are still boxed after my recent move and haven't really missed playing them). Going forward think I'm just going back to PC and having a Switch as that feels more console like than anything else. The PC will give me variety, provide a cheaper option at times and allow me to play deeper games or more leading edge games should I want to play them (particularly driving games which I love).
  7. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    Finally got an internet connection in the new place so Switch has downloaded #RaceDieRun which I pre-ordered a while back... anyone else been playing this... really addictive....
  8. Agreed takes space and has no value to you (other than possibly monetary). Use it. Or lose it.
  9. Just be brave and sell them... then with the money you earn spend it on something you will use (or an experience of some kind)! I got rid of whole bunch of retro stuff recently. Got some money in the bank. Not missed any of it one bit TBH. I did treat myself to a NES microconsole to go along with my SNES one. Between them and the PC have enough options to scratch the retro itch if I feel the need whilst having some nice physical machines to have on my shelf that are loaded with some of the best games made for the system. So they don't take up much space and have lots of content.
  10. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    100% would be quite nice to play this on the Switch again in HD.... it's been a long time since I completed this... (thinking back 2002!!! )
  11. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    Enjoyed it myself...sure not the strongest game in the Mario series but fun to play and loved the bright vibrant visuals and the water jetpack mechanic - cheered me up doing the cold winter months when it was originally released in the UK....
  12. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    Or... Super Mario Sunshine.... Jeez anyone remember the watermelon festival?!
  13. Completely agree. In fact I'm actually currently contemplating moving on the Xbox and PS4 as I'm just bored of them. Think on par I just enjoy older games and simpler games that I can pick up and play so looking at keeping the Switch to play now and again and the couple of Retro Nintendo mini consoles I have. Anyway:- Want to finish:- Zelda : Breath Of the Wild. Really going to focus on this again!
  14. Agree the issues aren't fundamental problems with the game and it plays really well IMHO.
  15. Yep seems to play well enough on the Switch. No complaints here. Certainly runs better than the machine I originally ran it on back in '93! Can't say I've really any issues with the music - except I don't really like music when playing the game anyway. And its only £4!!!!
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