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  1. Correct but then sometimes we are indirectly influence people as we are typically early adopters of things like GamePass and usually sing praises when asked about things...
  2. This might have been the case a long while back but to be honest if anything Sony has been narrowing its game types down for a bit now. Recent closure of Japan Studio is further evidence of this. Think Sony have actually removed most of the reasons why I'd pick up a PlayStation. So its saved me a bit of money this gen. Had so much variety of games since getting GP its silly. Lots of content on there covering all sorts of genres. Its one of the main reasons I went and will stay with Xbox this gen. Had GP fairly early on (when Forza Horizon 4 released onto it) and I can honestly say
  3. Yep but that has been the case for all EA content... EA Play Premium etc. Lets face it Mass Effect is an old game anyway with remastered visuals. Or at least that's my understanding of it.
  4. Guess we are just speculating. MS have deep pockets and IMHO will pay. If not outright for an exclusivity period. Don't think devs will avoid Xbox as people will buy content they want to play. In fact I think there was some evidence somewhere that showed people who have GamePass generally buy more content. I mean GamePass is on the PC too and people still buy content outside of that. Just another option of consuming games. Bit like a media player that plays streamed content from services or content you can buy outright. The two models can exist together. Be interesting
  5. Perhaps. But MS will offer incentives to publish things onto GamePass. Will even fund content that will be exclusive to GamePass - so I can only see the service having more variety. Big third party titles though will probably fall outside of GamePass though (things like a GTA game for example).
  6. Well if your sure you'll never need the drive. An S plus expansion card doesn't really make sense TBH you may as well get an X as it works out at around the same price and you have more powerful hardware that is a little more future proofed. Of course the S is a little easier to get hold off than the X. And you would have 1/2 TB more storage with the card over the X I guess.
  7. Indeed it was 1440p@30fps with HDR as far as I understand it. The "performance mode" was 1080p@60fps. It was great to finally complete this at a decent stable framerate.
  8. You are paying purely for the ergonomics and the additional switches etc. The internals are no better quality than the regular pad. That is what kind of put me off a bit. They are no more durable. So if you want extra sticks etc worth the premium but don't expect it to last any longer!
  9. Agreed. Depending on how well MS do with GamePass going forward I can see Sony following suit at some point. Even though they are saying that the model won't work for big budget games. It will because continuous incoming revenue is much more valuable that one hit sales with a limited profit from each item sold - and then loosing some potential revenue when games get sold on second hand for physical releases. I expect Sony will perhaps release games and then move them onto a service at some point after the initial release - or have a higher tier sub model like EA does for its play
  10. Dead on. I think you just have to accept at some point things keep changing - new generations of gamers come onboard that don't care that much about legacy ideas. The market is now diverse enough to support all types of gaming consumers. Although I expect the big £70+ titles will become a niche thing in years to come and GaaS will be more the norm. I look at how my two sons play games... predominately free to play games and are happy to use virtual currency within the games to make them more interesting and add value to their gaming experience. I'm old school and like variety as I
  11. The console boxes that are released now have never really been cheaper given the tech inside of them. Arguably a Series S meets your requirement. For £249 a straightforward box with a whole bunch of indie games on the store for £20 or less. Hell for £7.99 pcm you can have a whole bunch of interesting games to play. There will something that you will find interesting. Relatively speaking (see my earlier post) gaming has never been cheaper at the moment. Why my interest in traditional gaming has waned a bit over the years is that game concepts are drying up for me as I have been pla
  12. Wow this is descending into personal attacks and is getting kind of sad really. Games are worth what people want to pay for them. Everyone has different thresholds as to what price/value is. However one thing is true. Gaming has got cheaper over the years:- https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/monetary-policy/inflation/inflation-calculator Using this (granted averaged out inflation rates) a £50 SNES game in 1991 would be the equivalent of £109 now. So lets just agree that we have much more choice now, the hardware we play on is much more powerful and
  13. Indeed! I've been playing the original R-Type a bit today too (via R-Type Dimensions Ex) and some things don't need tweaking. Simple explosion would have done the trick. Perhaps there was a technical reason for it but think it's just bad design.
  14. OK. But personally think the £70 RRP is mostly aimed at exactly this type of gamer perhaps? FIFA/CoD etc? Most of the more interesting games will be at lower tier price as it's less of a risk to develop them. All the games you mentioned Rez etc would now never get a AAA release because the concepts would be too risky. I expect at some point most of the popular games like this will move onto GaaS model anyway. Lots of money to be made by digital currency in their ecosystems like Fortnite etc. It will be interesting to see how Sony do at this price point for premium/high
  15. Agree although personally think AAA games are getting ever more bland and generic to be honest and had more variety and fun out of GamePass than I ever have spending money on AAA game titles. Perhaps I'm "Mr Dave Average" whatever that actually means but I've been enjoying smaller indie games than AAA games for the past 3-4 years and time and time again been disappointed with AAA games to the point where I don't even bother buying them these days. Steam and GamePass seem to offer much more varied gaming and something like £70 would buy me a whole bunch of varied gaming content. So
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