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  1. I recently had something of epiphany with respect to gaming - in particular retro gaming of late. I think we keep all our old stuff or crave older games and tech to cling on to memories of the past. Its almost we like to have a physical manifestation that we can touch in the hopes it will transform us back. Those memories will always be there. The first time you fired up something amazing. The visit to the arcades to see the latest and greatest games. I realised this. This is why I recently sold almost all of my old retro games and machines. I say almost because I still have a mini SNES (to play some of the games I never did back in the day) and a mini NES (again I never owned one back in the day and am playing catch up). It feels kind of liberating and I'm creating new memories on my Switch and these mini consoles. What I think has gone today is the sense of socialism in gaming - where you sit on a couch together grab some beers/food and chat together whether playing against each other or as an observer. Online loses this as much as facebook does with catching up with friends. So the Switch with its joy cons and split screen play is bringing that back a little.... and. I like it. Moving to a new city soon. There is a retro / gaming bar there. I will be frequenting. Creating new memories.... like the human connection in gaming. Online just doesn't cut it for me. And yes still crap at gaming in general but enjoy the challenge. Outrun on Switch tonight.
  2. Yep I relate to that kind of. My mate from that era is still around but he now lives in Australia (has done for many years). He popped back over to the UK recently which was great.... Mad days of Spectrum gaming relived. He no longer plays games though... I was tempted to bring the Switch along to our meetup and show him an arcade perfect port of R-Type on that! Might have tempted him back over....
  3. I was pondering over what to do with respect to either getting an updated C64 or keeping my old breadbin 64. However finally decided to scrap both just to go with emulation for the odd time I do want a nostalgia trip:- https://www.lemon64.com/ Emulation was great a few years back when I last tried it so I expect it has moved on a bit since.
  4. OK. One Amiga + PSU + Disks provisionally gone (pending testing). Just leaves one A500.
  5. Would anyone be interested in a couple of A500s I have? One is a PLUS model which has the ECS and Kickstart 2.0. Both have RAM expansions under their trap doors so expect they'll both be 1MB! Not sure if there are any boot disks for them and definitely no manuals or boxes. I am currently going through what left of my retro stuff and have these and a bunch of disks to go with them. I will be testing this week (not sure if I have a screen but can check they boot and power on). Think I have a SCART lead. Only have one PSU too. PM if interested. Don't want much for them so make me an offer!
  6. Just picked up Outrun for my Switch... ended up costing me £3.52(!). Think I had some gold points I'd got from somewhere which brought the price down further. Look forward to having a blast on this tonight!
  7. MattyP

    PC Engine Mini

    I was initially interested in this more as curio as I never got to play the somewhat mythical PC Engine back in the day... Jeff Minter used to rave about it back in the late 80s and mentioned that it had a fantastic port of R-Type on there. But this was a long time ago. Not so curious now I guess. And I have a arcade perfect port of R-Type on my Switch. Not only that MAME runs it perfectly too.
  8. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    Wish I'd read this as I just got a pro controller a few days back. Its a lovely piece of kit though...although the Nintendo tax is a bit annoying...
  9. Guessing they didn't expect that much demand so did a limited run (of expensive to make vs disk) carts. Can't blame them really.... Don't really mind not having it on cart anyway. Digital is much more convenient for me personally so happy with it. If you are an R-Type fan defo worth picking remixed music is great... think its only around £12 in digital format...
  10. It's R-Type Dimensions EX. Basically a pack that contains R-Type 1 & 2 with enhanced options. Think the physical cart had a very limited run so probably difficult to find. There was a limited edition one too... Good luck finding that though!
  11. Played through EX tonight on the Switch on infinite mode managed to pick up a Pro could controller too which enhanced things. Actually played through in the 3D mode with updated music. It has been implemented really well and loving the updates....just need to get the amount of lifes I used down a bit now The EX version of this is definitely worth picking up. Great way to play a fantastic game....
  12. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    Downloaded three fourths home the other night and finally got around to playing it. Except it's not really a game. Oddest thing I've experienced for a while a visual novel.... Hmmmm....
  13. One of the biggest regrets is near the end of the Saturns life is not picking up a copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga for £15 in a sale...I picked up Street Fighter Alpha 2 ,Tempest 2K and The Incredible Hulk though for around £30. Mmmmm. Also picked up that game and watch at the charity shop the same day...
  14. Found a nice little piece about the history of these :- http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2010/02/feature_the_history_of_the_nintendo_game_and_watch I was just wondering why some have CGL on the front and box. Seems that Nintendo didn't have much prominence outside Japan in the early eighties and CGL were the official distributor for the UK. Guessing most retro collectors have at least one of these game and watches in their collection! Like the Donkey Kong 2 one I have... which reminds me need to get some more batteries for it.... anyone still play these these days? Have a favourite?
  15. Oh yes reminds me. Dual screen Game and Watch (Donkey Kong Junior) boxed complete with instructions... £3! (was a while back though ~1997/8) EDIT: Its actually a Donkey Kong 2 one of these in fact : https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/153520441347 although mine is a Nintendo one not a CGL. Have to do a bit of research on this CGL guessing that CGL were the initial distributors before Nintendo sorted themselves out in the UK though. One thing I didn't sell out of my retro collection along with my boxed Game Boy. Don't take up much space and couldn't part with them... lovely designs....
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