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  1. Oh yes.... its going to be the 1938 MG - pootling will be involved! Its what I did my earlier trip up to Edinburgh with... it's just a continuation of that.... with the wheel tonight! Timeless FM will be on.....
  2. I do have a wheel! Just been a bit lazy because last time I tried a Horizon game with a wheel it didn't feel right. However this was way back on the 360, the original Forza Horizon and the MS wheel. The wheel I have now (G29) and this will be awesome. That's my Monday night sorted out already. Feel the need for another roadtrip this time down the East aide of Scotland into the Lakes in my MG coming on....
  3. L Feel it. It's Zelda. But not as we know it.
  4. Indeed. And for those that keep saying problem with GamePass is "I download but never play the games" well it's not GamePasses fault!!! A problem is only a problem if you make it one Just unsub if you aren't happy. Simple. However expect a fair few people took advantage of the conversation from Gold trick. So really paid very little in real terms for their gaming for upto 3 years!!!! Anyway for me it's been a revelation. Saved me so much money and I have got to play so many games I would not have tried. I played Forza Horizon 4 day of release and played it to death for a couple o
  5. Even better around some stunningly rendered scenery...
  6. This game... not played it properly for over a year. Just got in a 1938 MG in British Racing Green and had a road trip to Edinburgh. From Edinburgh headed west and through the countryside. All done listening to Timeless FM - Elgar was belting out as I drew up alongside Edinburgh castle. Its moments like these and the detail of graphics, sounds and a feeling of freedom you realise just how far we have come in terms of technology. Its not just a game its an experience. Now. If they somehow shoehorned a VR mode into this game. Oh my... that would be something e
  7. OK true. Meant arcade racers like DriveClub my bad should have been more clear.... Just meant fun arcade racers.
  8. Well yeah Gran Turismo is a track based simulator this is a fun open world arcade racer....
  9. Wait you can race in this? I usually end up just cruising around the beautiful landscapes in a car of choice. There is a staggering amount to do in this and you can just play it how you want and get what you want out of it. Try the stunt driving career thing. Try taking part in some online adventures. Try the showcase events. So much to do it's crazy. I think there is also an unlockable that lets you play odes to racing games of years gone by. Ridge racer, Outrun etc. I played it too much when I first got it dropped it for a while and currently loving it
  10. Never tried Horizon. It's out on the PC now I think. Might have a look at some point. Remember liking the sound of it but it fell by the wayside for some other game at the time. Anyway. Star Wars Squadrons next week for me. Going to he great.....
  11. Think sometimes you try and convince yourself that you are missing something because everyone else is raving about a popular game. If it doesn't resonate with you just leave it and move on. Life is too short and you are loosing gaming time that you could be spending enjoying something else. I have this with many mainstream AAA games of late, Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Dead 2, Zelda Breath of the wild (wasted far too much time trying to love that one because I absolutely adored all the previous Zelda games). Latest one was the Last Of Us 2.
  12. :-/ Never even tried this. Think I played a GoW on the PS3. Watched a few YouTube vids of gameplay for this and decided I wouldn't bother. Personally the PlayStation exclusives haven't been my bag this generation only DriveClub I think was one that resonated. This is why it's an easy decision not to buy a PS5 at launch or if ever.
  13. https://www.gtplanet.net/forza-horizon-4-8k-nvidia-20200925/ in 8K!!! Loving this again on the PC..... The level of detail is stunning. Really enjoying the Ultimate pack on this. Especially the island add on. Please be Japan for the next one. Please playground. Very quiet on the next iteration of Horizon and the next Motorsports game at the moment.
  14. Yes that's why I got my 980 Ti "upgrade" earlier in the year. Mainly so I could run Half Life Alyx. Only cost me £50 as I knew it would be a stop gap solution. However it's surprised me how well it runs everything. Especially at 1080/1440p. Great card.
  15. I was looking around the Steam store last night and the choice of content is mind-blowing something for every taste. It's insane. Some great content out there. There is currently a section of curated items to tie in with the Japanese game show currently happening. There are things in there I never knew existed! I used to he all about the power and specs but over the years its mostly diminishing returns sure you get 5 or 10 fps at ultra settings at 4K and? How much money have you spent and how long have you been messing around to archive that? It's more of a hobby for those guys tho
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