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  1. MattyP

    The best game machine ads

    Iconic. However. Not a games console... Sorry being purest here... Love that ad though. Ironically Mac people are now like the crowd they seemed to have wanted to differentiate themselves from...
  2. MattyP

    The best game machine ads

    Couldn't find an existing topic on this... sure there was one somewhere! Just remembering the most significant ads for games consoles over time... Some of my favourites were the Sony ones, MS did a great one and Ninty with Rik Mayall... Yours?
  3. MattyP

    Project iGame

    No budget yet... I am aiming to sell some of my retro gear to fund this.. so win / win. I aim to keep my Nintendo hardware though have a soft spot for them....
  4. MattyP

    Project iGame

    I will look around for some options but the emus are likely to be running on something that will be giving out a HDMI signal so as pure Retro as I want to keep it think I need to mix in some modern tech. Besides don't like messing around with CRTs that much... had a few belts of those buggers when I used to repair TVs in what seems a different life....
  5. MattyP

    Project iGame

    Yes indeed... not yet the project is in its early stage... just got inspired this morning whilst having a mug of Yorkshire tea... so thought I'd capture the thoughts whist fresh in mind....
  6. MattyP

    Project iGame

    So it begins. Project : iGame. Want to know more head over here.... Warning you may need a mug of strong Yorkshire tea ready... you have been warned... :D
  7. MattyP

    Project iGame

    So an idea for a new project this year project iGame... I have one an old Mac SE/30 in the lounge and during a moment of inspiration thought about turning it into something retro-cool. Essentially I have a ton of old consoles in my man den that I will eventually have to part with many to save space. However if I could strip this down pop a small screen and a decent emulation system into this box how cool would that be? So begins Project iGame! So first thing is get my exam out of the way on Wednesday(!) meantime I'll order a long screwdriver to get the screws out of the back of the thing. Once I have stripped it down I can work out what I can do... Also going to frame the Mac's motherboard for wall mounting for the eventual retro man den so won't be wasting it!!!! So decent emulation systems that would fit into this box - I know there are a ton load of projects out there Pis etc etc. So these are the machines I wish to emulatr:- PS1/PS2 NES SNES GameCube Saturn Megadrive Jaguar - ha only joking is there even an emulator? And anytrhing else cool. So what is the best out there at the moment for anyone tinkering with such things? Thanks in advance all!.... Will start a blogspot up for this project too....
  8. MattyP

    Hi Score Girl

    Just been watching this on Netflix... enjoying.... anyone else seen it? Anybody kmow of any other gaming related TV series?
  9. MattyP

    Do you cheat on games?

    Not generally depends what you call cheating? If I hit a difficulty spike or have exhausted every concievable possibility then I will Google something.... However it's usually a last resort otherwise I'm doing myself out of a challenge ergo wasting my money.
  10. Some people here were asking where to find games that are leaving soon... if you head to the Game Pass tab on the Xbox dash and scroll down you'll eventually see a "Leaving Soon" section...
  11. Don't think there has ever been more than one MK per iteration of Ninty hardware though has there? I guess arguably the Switch hasn't yet received a "new" one yet just a remastered WiiU version.. so you never know... Have to say really enjoying this... between this, Labo and Super Mario Odyssey I think my investment in the Switch has more than paid off now... Also kudos to Ninty the digital purchase went fine (I did it at work) when I got back home it was on my Switch ready to play. All seamless and no issues. Not sure what I was expecting really but in the past the Wii online stuff was never great.
  12. MattyP

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Yes load times are quite bad.. why I end up playing more often than not on the PC... SSD for the win...
  13. MattyP

    New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (2019)

    Personally I loved the music in this... upbeat remix of the classic Mario tune... it was great. Each to their own though...
  14. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    WiiU was indeed a fantastic machine.... However its the £££'s that count and thankfully the Switch is doing insanely well. So Nintendo continue to thrive. It would be sad gaming universe without a Nintendo console.... Never want them to become a software only company as I really love their somewhat unorthodox approach to gaming and the way they always shake it up a bit!
  15. MattyP

    Gaming curios

    I was digging around clearing some stuff out at the weekend and found this... Just got a battery sorted for it today and it powered up after all these years although the keypad isn't very responsive for some reason.. probably needs a good clean! These were a range of game/watches that Zeon produced under license from Nintendo in the late 80's early 90's.... Just thought I'd share... anybody else got any odd gaming curios?!

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