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  1. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    Think thats the thing isn't it? Yes the games are expensive but you tend to focus on playing them because of this. And the Nintendo games are great - I really enjoyed Mario. Having another crack at Zelda this week as I'm away on a training course this week and have a few nights to kill....
  2. MattyP

    Games you keep buying despite not liking them

    Same for me. Not bought RDR2 this time - as much as the world is technically accomplished I just can't bring myself to part with £50 to play the game for a 3-4 hours and get bored and never finish it. Bought pretty much every GTA game... and end up messing about in the world and never finishing the game stories. So give up. Only open world game I seem to have enjoyed is the Crackdown series because its just free flowing gameplay... take out the bosses as you see fit. Also great environment to play around in. MGS games I try to like.. again back on PS2 it was MGS2 - wowed by the graphics and technical accomplishments but think I just don't get on with the stealth thing at all... also tried 4 on PS3... Think generally just getting bored of the same old games as pretty much anything that has been released recently hasn't held my interest. Even Forza Horizon 4 really enjoyed that for 10 or so hours but not touched it for a couple of weeks now. Last games I played through to completion were Human : Fall Flat (phyiscs puzzler), The Walking Dead Season 2 and Super Mario Odyssey which I really enjoyed. These days it seems I'm liking simplier games that you can drop in/out off and have some fun with for a couple of hours or so.... seems many titles these days are a pretty big commitment in time and offer too much choice on what you can do... For example ... Forza Horizon 4 ...play online? many events, multiple cars map full of icons etc... OnRush is the last racer I think I truelly enjoyed because of the simplicity of it (once you learnt the various race types). Sometimes I'll just boot up an old console on and play some of the older games because of the pick up and play aspect of them..... Sega Rally on the Saturn for example... easy spend a couple of hours on that when I feel like it. Just a simple raw game with no fluff.. three circuits, a couple of cars and arcade mechanics. Anyway probably old and whingy me....
  3. MattyP

    Spooky Gaming

    Steam Halloween offers for those looking for spooky stuff on the PC:- https://store.steampowered.com/sale/halloween2018/
  4. MattyP

    Spooky Gaming

    Outlast definitely hits the spot... One of the best spooky games I've played... although think Outlast 2 tops it. Best way to play is lights out with headphones on...
  5. MattyP

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Yes would make sense....
  6. MattyP

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Sony typically keep cost reducing things and releasing into a wider market as time goes on. Think the PS2 though was also on sale/supported for a long time... I mean it only got finally discontinued in January 2013!!! (which was the same year PS4 was released!!!). Be interesting how they count the sales of PS4 going forward... will it include sales of the Pro too?! (same with MS and the various versions of XBox One).
  7. MattyP

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I think the next gen won't surface until winter 2020 at the earliest... and TBH it takes a year or two for a new gen of machines to start delivering content that shows a significant improvement over what has gone before. Expect my X will be still be used 3 or 4 years from now. The way I'm seeing it is that the console market is beginning to be similar to the PC market... the X will still play games in future but they won't be as shiny as on the hardware that comes after.
  8. MattyP

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Indeed... kept mine for Detroit (which I didn't buy after the demo), The Last Of Us 2 and Days Gone. Hardly use it these days... Think its the lack of drivers on it although still have a blast on Driveclub from time to time and Gran Turismo sport never really got its hooks into me... although loved the museum and photo stuff in that! The X is great machine and its where I play mostly these days.
  9. MattyP

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Days Gone?
  10. MattyP

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Grip looks interesting.... looks like the game MegaRace promised to be all those years ago... Also its £25 on early access on Steam at the moment so quite nice its on GP too.... Also got Observer downloaded too to play.... Game pass is great....
  11. MattyP

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Shame... Never really been that keen on the instafail nature of R* missions and then the time taken to get back to where you where to have another go. Probably have another stab at the original RDR to remind me why I didn't finish it... I think I actually preferred RDR over the GTA games at the time.... If I play though that or at least enjoy it might pick this up for playing over the festive season.
  12. MattyP

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    My Game Pass is coming up for renewal but going to re-sub for 3 months again because I've actually liked all content I've had over 3 months and well still haven't spent the price of one game on Game Pass yet!!! Seems to suit the way I want to play games these days and there is enough choice on there! Really enjoy FH4 when I play and its great that its just another option.... Not sure really what they can do really to improve it? Think if they deviate too much from what has gone before it could potentially flop which is a huge risk given the investment here... Think they Playground have done a great job.... single player has suffered a bit but its a great go-to game for blasting around in for a couple of hours at a time. Really there is no equal in the AAA arcade racer segment of the games market at the moment.
  13. MattyP

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Yep they'll be codes in the box... don't think they've packed in disks for a long time if its an official MS pack... if buying from a retailer sometimes you get the full retail versions though. However guessing the two Forza's will be codes as they are MS studio games.... IIRC Forza 7 was at Argos for £12.99 recently... probably not worth a lot now as its an old game and most people who want it will have it. And you can always sell the codes.. just a bit more difficult I guess as some people like a disk. Main problem with FH4 will be Game Pass and most people will have it on that or will have bought it already... although should get £30 for it.... Still a good bundle at that price though... its a great console....
  14. Just one:- Project Gotham Racing 2!
  15. MattyP

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Perhaps but some people enjoy doing this sort of thing I guess... I feel the same way about the car horns, emotes, businesses and houses etc but it broadens the game for people to pick and choose how they want to play and experience the game. Didn't one of the PGR games have a garage you could walk around? IIRC was it PGR2 or 3... Quite lked that and playing the Geometry Wars machine in there. As mentioned it could be limited to a number of cars.... EDIT : Ah it was PGR 2 (14:00 onwatds)

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