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  1. Ok which games are really good for Atmos then? Ideally game pass ones.
  2. I did some analysis of gameshow prize amounts actually won over here (tiny population, low production budgets) and in general people won small amounts. If we split money prizes into categories, we have ‘change your day’ amounts like £50-100, change your week amounts up to £1000, change your month, year and beyond. Most amounts won were change your week or month, so my idea was you take a person and give them a life of luxury for a week - the limiting factor then being time, and see what they do. Half the show is following last week’s winner and how they choose to spend their time,
  3. Wwtbam and other high top prize shows will have it covered by insurance. In smaller countries they alter the steps to the million to make it (IMO) exponentially harder to earn prizes above a few thousand.
  4. Fun fact, I used to develop gameshow formats. We had Going for Gold brought back for daytime tv with an interactive element, and I had one idea made into a full pilot. The company I worked for owned most of the biggest game show formats around. The most successful game shows historically tend to have really simple mechanics that all viewers can grasp - which are then brought to life through interaction with contestants. Excellent if they have a variable depth as it brings in viewers like us (typically above average intelligence). Something like Deal or no Deal works because t
  5. They put out a patch making 4 wides less effective! I’ve managed to get one game with others to try area 5 but we fell at the last boss bit.
  6. Yep, as devs get more measured in how they use it you’ll have bits enhanced by the feature which are little, immersion cementing ‘woah’ moments and it just fits.
  7. Yes, nice try mate, very convincing. I’m sure we will all make sensible decisions.
  8. Yay! Thanks for humouring my Tetris lecture.
  9. Apparently my mic doesn’t work and I sat on my f ing glasses. Need one more.
  10. I’ve given them all a fair whack. 5 has some decent moments, but they are fleeting.
  11. No worries. Just having a late night snack. Be 10mins or so ok, let’s do some connected
  12. No I just plugged in some old headphones I’ve got and apparently the mic works on it - no bother for me either way of course - yiggy mentioned getting some tips
  13. Just invite me to a party or whatever anytime, I even have a headset apparently.
  14. Tomorrow as in today as in Tuesday? Sure, that’s a good time for me.
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