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  1. I have yet to watch that. Ultimate Spider-Man does a lot of Spiderverse stuff so we knew some of the others when we watched the film.
  2. I am having an absolutely terrible run as well. I put it down to being too tired in general and will take a break while I watch and play some other stuff
  3. It’s a credit to the MCU that it has made these other characters so popular. Back in 2014 Spider-Man merch was estimated as 1.3bn vs 2nd place Batman at 494m ($) Avengers was pretty popular then and pulled 325m
  4. Spider-Man has had good cartoons since I was a kid. Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends? I mean, my Mum sent me a picture of me at about 4 years old wearing a Spider-Man suit, and my 4 year old has one too. I don't consider myself a particular Spider-fan. Even the 90s Spidey series, not that we really got to watch it all, was decent. And it went off on the Secret Wars storyline, with Spider-Man bringing together other Marvel Heroes (including some X-Men) and eventually saving everything and becoming a great leader. Then there are super kid friendly cartoons, and his distinct look is super recognisable. Classic Blue/red. He really has all angles covered.
  5. There are a few reasons I reckon but the overarching one is that he appeals to kids from 2 years old upwards. The MCU has made many other characters popular. Iron Man was a joke before Downey's Stark. Captain America popular but a bit too worthy. Spidey has always been Spidey.
  6. Marvel win with Spidey in MCU because it raises the profile of the already ridiculously popular character. So it’s a small percentage increase on top of a huge amount. But they’ll win whenever a Sony Spidey movie is released anyway regardless. I agree with your analysis in general.
  7. It's pretty easy to offer to front costs for the 3rd movie in a series of very successful movies and the last one just cracked a billion.
  8. So, my thought is that having current MCU Spidey is nice. He's good, the films are good and it's fun to have him in other films. I also think it's likely they'll sort it out & I'd like to see MCU Spidey continue. However, it's not really that big a disaster. Spiderman outside of the MCU is 1. the most lucrative super hero of them all. 2. He is never (well, unlikely) going to become the major character he could/should be in the shared films, due to the risk that he becomes 'too' important to the MCU. 3. Spider-Man has many cool storylines he could pursue within his own 'universe' of bad guys, including a bunch of 'out there' stuff like in Spiderverse. Whatever happens it would be nice to keep Holland in, as we might get to see some extended character development. He's still sort of finding his feet as Spider-Man and a bit wow about suits and powers. He could knuckle down, start Parker Industries inspired by Stark (whether explicitly mentioned or not), develop his own tech stuff, kind of go it alone. The MJ in his films would be a decent character to develop too. Become Spider-Man. Then Marvel and Sony could make up and he could join Phase 5 or 6 again as a more mature leader type Spider-Man for the Secret Wars plot line, right? Or bumble back in with Miles Morales, Ben Reilly, Flash as Agent Venom, Spider-Gwen and even MJ as Spider Woman Yeah, rambling.
  9. iPad Procreate go!
  10. Gonna try playing Mario 64 on the Master System race controller.
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