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  1. I get that sometimes but not consistently enough to understand why. It definitely could be linked to recent previous performance. Although of course you really want people targetting you as you get to deal killer damage to loads of people.
  2. Being pushed up the ranks doesn't have any effect on the gameplay though afaik at least. I'm quite often the highest level player in a game at 94 or whatever, but the way I see it, when I get to the top ten and lose, whoever knocked me out feels a little bit better about it.
  3. My win rate is one every 21-22 games so I don't get wound up now with a big gap between them.
  4. 3 wins in a row is mad impressive. And also props to you Benny, great stuff.
  5. Yep I have had this often recently. I think the main reason is because people are abusing the KO targeting system and using large combo chains to knock huge amounts of people out early. To sidestep this I target attackers from the start. Sometimes this means you and a single person are going at it, back and forth, for the entire game, leaving you at a disadvantage, but it's still super enjoyable! Several times I've had 0-3 KOs and got into that top 5-20 and managed to knock off someone, fill my boots with badges and then really knock each person off one at a time (or together). It does require superhuman abilities to be able to concentrate on the player screens and target manually - I can't do it but the potential is there to snipe individuals. I had a sweet game yesterday starting on targeting KOs, waited until I figured the KO chain attackers were about to launch but still building, and then plonk a quick tetris & couple of lines to ping them off the top of the screen early. I don't know if it really went down that way but I really hope so. I had 4 wins last night, only one of them felt like "Yeah I WON this" rather than just not fucking up as badly as the 2nd place person (saying that I lost out on a win and came 2nd a couple of times too). Concentration and being able to pay attention to the rhythm of the match is a thing I am not good at. However, observations are that I am improving which is rewarding AND I find I get much less frustrated playing in general than I did 120 hours ago. I'm enjoying games that are tight even if I really screw it up myself and lose. I was having a wonderful back and forth against a single player the other day, each of us throwing tons of lines at the other and then recovering etc. I made ONE fuck up and knew I'd be doomed, and I was, but hey them's the breaks. Amazing game.
  6. I had a pretty busy weekend unfortunately. Was playing last night and getting gradually slower and worse with poorer decisions. It's like, when I'm tired I can be fine for the first 1/3rd of the game, then I find myself going into some weird "what are you even doing?" type arrangement and I snap out of it and look at the board and try and make it nice and neat again. And then I'll make risky decisions without any sense "Oh yeah I can set up a t-spin there even though I'm up in the top third of the screen". Sometimes it works and you get away with it and others I just get bumped off the screen and can only blame myself. When I'm really tired, I'll snap out of it and 20 seconds later go back immediately into the weird zone. Also, a couple of times I did clear mistakes on the hard drop which doomed me. So I called it a day on about 1500 points.
  7. Wow, Disney are all in! Looks better than I imagined.
  8. Do you really think that?
  9. Yes man those ones are nail biters. I had one like that recently, and also had this sweet run where I cleared the entire screen, got right to the bottom, clean stack and got rocketed back up and knocked out. Couldn’t help but laugh. Oh this happened yesterday, a triple in a win. WELL PLEASED!
  10. I've decided to use this as an excuse to spend the entire weekend playing Tetris.
  11. sir stiff_one

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    It does seem odd but I’ve watched entire playthroughs of many BBC Micro games which probably account for more data than of every copy of every game for the system ever created.
  12. In the US yes, but the writing on the video DC Lemon posted is: Fairer in some ways, as having "a win" was quite a high barrier.
  13. Ok that's not TOO bad. It's like the more you play the more entries you have into the draw. Most people have a chance. If you play 50 games and finish between 50th and 80th you will get one entry.

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