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  1. I have bought 2 new controllers recently, the SN30 Pro Plus and the N30 Pro. The main reason is that the joycons work inconsistently wirelessly, meaning when I play Tetris, unless I’m very close to the machine, I’ll press left and the block will continue sliding that way. Small but irritating. Also the joycons are so small. Because of this I mainly play handheld. The SN30 PP is like having a pro controller but in a more PS style. It is great for Mario, Zelda etc, especially if you want bigger buttons than the joycons have. For Tetris 99 tho, it’s no good, the buttons are too big for me and the d pad is simply OK. Plus point: you can pair it to your iPad for Apple Arcade. Warning, I wanted the gameboy themed one but it wasn’t in stock, so got the US SNES style one. 2 of the buttons are concave, which means you have 2 fucking Parma violets on the thing. This annoys me. The N30 pro is great, really small and the buttons are small. It’s super portable. Love it. Again, the only downside is the NES style dpad which is OK. Yes I will get the Switch Lite Pro thing with the joycon type dpad. Happy with the quality of the two controllers above though. Gone are the days of 3rd party controllers being shit.
  2. Remember that app that put a diamond logo on your home screen for like £1000? Money spent should be proportional. I probably spent about £15-20 on Pokemon Go over the time we played it. That I was fine with. Enjoyed it actually, no buyer’s remorse. With whales, those people who spend what we consider a disproportionate amount, there is also the relative factor of the importance of money. What if money is no object to them? It may be proportional for them. Unfortunately the grey area is that as we know, people spend a lot even relative to their income as they do on addictive fruit machines. That is rather sad, and a problem that ends up having a negative effect on society for the many and scrapes in a disproportionate award for the few. The founders of Supercell have been the country’s highest earners for several years in a row, though admittedly they pay at least half of it back to the state in tax.
  3. People have mentioned it, but anyone with a NES, SNES or Megadrive had a handful of games but an Amiga (or ST) meant access to thousands.
  4. Had an ok run recently although regular 99 isn’t really a show off thing when you’ve stuck in so many hours. I’ve been enjoying PPT puzzle league apart from getting demoted. Still finding the snipe sessions more fun, the results are worse but I think it makes you better as well as being more enjoyable. There is another “Super Snipe” session this Saturday at like midnight UK time I think. They give a time, eg: 2 mins past the hour and everyone presses start at the same time. These are sessions that attract the best in the world, and Amemiya has even sounded the klaxon to his followers, so if you want to flex ( @Jonster) and others or just want to see how it goes, join or watch! Check out Doremy, Tafo or Harddrop’s twitch channel around then.
  5. Bringing JK back as JJJ seems like a master stroke. The transformation from Editor to ranty Alex Jones type is so ‘of the times’ too. And it fits the PS4 game too. I like that clip, is it an extra on the Blu Ray?
  6. Kids sleep great on the balcony in the cold, as long as it’s not stupid cold below -15 or 20, and they are warm and snug, not lying in a nappy. Newborns no, they should be a few weeks old to be taken out in very cold weather.
  7. Knowing deKay it’s quite likely yes
  8. I actually got a clip of the first game where more people had them and straight away lost them. It was fun but the games lasted about 20 minutes each. My highest place was 19 I think.
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