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  1. Vin

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    PSN is completely down. Everything's gone shithouse.
  2. Vin

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    It's pretty much gonna be on par with the Pro release surely? Maybe more crinkled horse nuts?
  3. Vin

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Mate, this is PS2 launch levels of hype for me. Headphones will be on and the rest of the world can do one. I'm ridiculously stoked for this.
  4. Vin

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Gracias amigo.
  5. Vin

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Looking to pick up a Pro in the next week. Can I use the same debit card I'm using right now on two separate accounts? I can't see anything in the TOS but then Sony change it every week.
  6. Vin

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    That sounds pretty dope actually. Like the all peak run in SSX3. I fucked it several times but what a feeling when it's done.
  7. Vin

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    This is all on point. Props to DC also to keep the tempers in check. A rematch seems bonkers though. Khabib v St-Pierre next surely.
  8. Vin

    Best short games

    Also, the Go games are quick and easy. Tomb Raider Go and Hitman Go are both excellent.
  9. Vin

    Best short games

    Currently £5.79 in the sale on PSN. Get it done.
  10. Vin

    Best short games

    Zombi's a short and sweet little game. Twatting zombies in the face with a cricket bat feels good too.
  11. Vin

    Best short games

    Hotline Miami 1 & 2. Addictive as all fuckery too.
  12. Vin

    Best short games

    Virgina, Edith Finch, Oxenfree and Thimbleweed Park.
  13. Vin

    Abandoned Games (2018 Edition)

    Mate, that's a meaty list of games designed for the long stretch. Try a few of the shorter games out there, Firewatch, Virginia, Ethan Carter and Edith Finch.

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