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  1. I fucking love these shows. Though it does depress me a bit at how light/non existent the punishments are for some of those utter shitbags.
  2. That's pretty impressive, and he worked on the broad shoulders and thicc chest superman is portrayed as having. As @Isaacsaid, this was in a time before everyone got jacked for their role as the norm. I still think Brandon Routh was robbed of superman career by that lack lustre singer sequel.
  3. That idiot tried to justify the ending of lost, so the article is null and void.
  4. It starts off as a slapstick version of TNG. Then it morphs into TNG with some extra jokes sprinkled in.
  5. Ahhh. Fair play to him, such awesome commitment to the roles. I guess they were pre prepared for Affleck, as he was a bit of a unit at the time.
  6. Yeah, this one was just boring. Though I thought the rdj copy cat was good, and the paltrow (Beth Hoyt) one was spot on, I could barely tell.
  7. Yeah, this. Best thing I've seen for years.
  8. Damn, imagine Mikey J making the appearance for that!
  9. The thing I picked up a lot from this, and previous comments that normo actors aren't necessarily voice actors. It's true. You need a stand out accent and tone to be a good voice actor. You have to over egg everything because that's literally your whole performance. Cumberbund's American voice is totally generic, so without his real face, and proper acting in the scene, it's just...meh. Stand out voice actors are extreme and over the top, because they have to be. In other news, I thought this episode was fking awesome!
  10. I should probably read less of these threads tbh, as invariably, the films get spoiled because of all the geekery knowledge and well educated guesses contained within. But I also kinda need my regular fix of speculation, like a crack addict.
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