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  1. Wtf. Not seen this before, and did a Google. Cant find any updates at all since early April either...
  2. In Bruge is just such a great movie.
  3. Alright my fellow Star Wars fans. Next update in the retcon of the sequel trilogy. Again, don't shoot the messenger! Crank it up to 2x play speed because it's all chat. He makes some interesting points, and has historic credibility, so probably shouldn't be completely dismissed as "fan fic". The cynic in me does think though...any youtuber that discusses "rumours, with a pinch of salt" has a literal get out clause for anything he says. So take it with a pinch of salt
  4. But then they won't have recognisable characters to sell their toys against!
  5. Some good points have been made as to why it makes zero sense. I guess I just like the idea of them just saying "Ya know what...fuck it. Billions of people were waiting for new star wars, it's the biggest franchise in history. We have billions of dollars, and we couldn't even plan a story arc for 3 movies in advance. So, sorry guys, we're gonna reboot it".
  6. I'd go with that. They've trashed it now, lets start a fresh. Unless they reboot it!
  7. Maybe I'm going full Joe Rogan on these new stories. I fully admit that's the case, and I have zero credibility, so I'm totally willing to just see what happens. No dramas guys!
  8. Well, I think they should bin the latest saga. If the source most likely turns out to be cack, then that's one less to worry about.
  9. Soooooo. I just came across a rumuor/leak from a youtube channel I've been following for a few months now for juicy star wars goss. Screw you Kathleen - MINOR spoiler for Rebels Season 4 The TL:DW It's been rumoured for some time that Favreau's camp (off the back of Mandalorian actually being good) are moving in to trying and fix Star Wars in the wake of Kathleen shitting the bed, and so there's a power struggle. This latest vid specifically addresses what the "rumoured" plan is, and it's definitely not verified yet. They're going to hit the reset button... Hidden below as there is a MINOR spoiler for rebels and I know some people can get funny about this. Obviously Kennedy is doing everything in her power to stop this, as it must be a massive slap in the face, but I'm totally in favour of it! What's the general consensus here?
  10. There's random kittens mewing throughout this video. I thought I was going fucking nuts for a few minutes.
  11. Didn't he do that to himself? Admittedly 3rd hand, but I heard he was a massive princess about having a charicture created about him, which wasn't, funilly enough directly racist. So, he alienated the public who where "just having a laugh". Mel b and Lorraine Kelly had it much worse with proper racism, but they got through it? I'm not condoning any of it btw...
  12. I quite liked it as well, but as Papaya, my expectations were lowered, and while I did enjoy it as said, I always had this feeling it SHOULD be a lot funnier. The bits ripping Trump got the most smiles for me.
  13. I'd like to see those Ralph tweets. The only one I saw was he said "I've been outed as a racist.AGAIN". I mean, it's got the word 'racist' in it, but I can't see how it's racist itself?
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