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  1. It's pretty good but the NES cartridge slot is too flimsy and breaks way too easily to be of any proper use.
  2. Lorfarius


    The first season is a little slow and it doesn't take off until after this age, then it becomes a completely different, mind blowing show with some of the best characters I've ever watched in anime.
  3. Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy. Too difficult to play, they never appealed and couldn't understand the love for them back then.
  4. Lorfarius


    That animation quality has dropped through the floor sadly, after all the delays would have hoped they have pumped more money into making it look as good as previous seasons. Suspect we will get a much better Directors cut later on. Was good to have it back and the excitement was high as I went in, such an awesome show.
  5. I only haggle for the best so... got any NES PAL A or Master System stuff?
  6. Could try Facebook marketplace for more local pickups.
  7. Best bet is to take a load of pictures of the piles then try to identify some stuff. Ask if anything catches peoples eye. If you want a big lot gone you are going to have to rely on traders. Traders are buying to make a profit, it also strips you of the need to mess about boxing bits up and listing on eBay/Forums over time which can be a godsend if you don't want the hassle. So yeah, pictures first Mention where you live too so people can figure out if they'd need a van or estate.
  8. Looks like both Lynx carts will be up for order at the end of this month.
  9. Well you can save screen settings and other options across all carts so it'd just be a saved setting on the device itself I guess.
  10. Would assume it would just be a firmware update with an option in the menu to select combinations? You can save settings so think it would apply in general or even per game.
  11. Pretty sure you can choose the firmware as a file so you should be able to revert to the old one as they are both up on the site.
  12. It's only a small company though. Something like that requires massive loads of investment and online infrastructure. If it was simple to do and brought enough money to make a profit then some of the bigger companies would hve done it ages ago. Only Nintendo really made waves with the the Wii shop but soon lost interest. The other problem is when you release an online game it has to go off for an age rating in each country which costs around £10K per game certification. I don't think the likes of Ninja Golf or Desert Falcon would stand much chance in sales to make that back Whereas a single cartridge is rated as a whole bundle so much cheaper to produce, online doesn't allow for that.
  13. When you say you cleaned them have you taken the carts apart. Opened them up and given a proper good scrub to all of the contacts? I've found on a fair few games with a drop of isopropryl that's done the trick.
  14. My stick is worthless, even the lightest tap off to the top corner of the button makes it jam. You can sort of wriggle free if you ram it hard enough several times and seems to be a pretty common issue. The mini was junk with that snappable stick, they even had the cheek to put a waggle game in that probably broke loads of models I could understand issues like that on the first but after all the complaints I'd have expected them to go out of their way to sort the follow up. Just shows they can't make decent hardware and has put me off ever buying from them again.
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