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  1. Very disappointing as it's been pushed right from the start. Earlier build vid here:
  2. Always gets brushed under the carpet. Has its problems like all games but a very good attempt at a shooter with some awesome music.
  3. Get yourself some of these. Well worth it: https://www.etsy.com/uk/search?q=n64 label
  4. I'd sort of agree with that but for me the stickler is the music from 2. I still have that opening level bookmarked as one of my all time fav retro tunes.
  5. Opens with Joey still staring out through that rain pane in the flat
  6. Lorfarius


    Baby Steps is a good Tennis anime. Think that's on CR still.
  7. It's the writers looking through Wii goggles at the future thinking it will be amazing. Everyone will be wanting to wave and waggle all over the show. Not realising that 99.9% of people simply can't be arsed.
  8. I'm not really a fan of sports games in particular golf. I can actually play and used to do it on a regular basis until the local course was closed, so these days my only trip to a club consists of the odd round in Tiger Woods from around 2009. That doesn't mean I can neglect my NES golfing and NES Open just dropped into my lap for a decent price (just £6!). Great thing about this it has a lot of advanced golfing elements despite being an earlier game and lets you save! A god send when you are making your way around the courses. Has a very good reputation and deservedly so and I only wish it had a more involved career mode like later Mario Golf games but considering the time this is as goodas it gets on the NES.
  9. I still use mine and though it's annoying that the batteries don't last as long as I'd like, it's fast become my fav way of playing music in the car. Even started copying podcasts over to pass the morning drive. Completely pointless but fun!
  10. Also Magical Drop they look a wee bit too close to that radiator. Overtime that could do some damage to the screens if its turned on a lot.
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