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  1. This just keeps getting worse as time goes on. A new site has popped up (using BM's old web address where he boasted about his record) breaking down and investigating everything he's been up to. Makes for some interesting reading.
  2. Any new releases? Seems to have all gone a bit quiet.
  3. Where did you get these from? I'm looking at the store but the highest item is 45600 points for lastminute.com gift cards.
  4. Is there another box like this? Something like the Retron 5 that can be loaded with ROMs perhaps?
  5. Looks like there's a Sensi style footie game on the way!
  6. I've seencomments made of it being a masterpiece in some places. I've been trying to keep away from possible story stuff in case I ruin it, few things I'm sure were past references in LAD so sure it will all make sense soon. I did see a piece saying that the 4th game was the worst and a real slog to get through so I might jump into Judgement after the the 1st Kiwami game to give myself a proper break. Just not enough time in the day to get through them Was up til 2am yesterday to hit the end of LAD. Crazy.
  7. After sinking 50 hours into Like a Dragon and hitting the highs of level 66 I'm finally done with Yakuza Like a Dragon. It's my first proper attempt at playing a Yakuza title and it really swept me off my feet. So much fun and going to miss wandering around with Ichiban and the party. My next step was straight into Yakuza 0 and though it was short still managed a good 5 hours yesterday afternoon. I wasn't a fan of the combat and do prefer the RPG elements of the other and after a bit of time swinging Kiryu's fists around I had to lower the difficulty a bit I aiming for a straight run through of the full series so I don't want to be stuck on battles for ages. LAD had a few bottlenecks where I just hit a brick wall in progress and needed hours of levlelling up but not got the patience for too much of that going forward. 0 has a broken save system right off the bat. It was a good hour before I realised it hadn't saved and you had to use though phonebooths everytime. Quite the change from the save most places before. You can go 30-45 minutes in some sections without a save option with no auto save so you are in for a tough ride if you forget. Thank god for the X's Quick Resume. It's a much older game and very clunky but being able to see Kamurocho and where Ichiban was born in passing is quite interesting, never played a series of games before that are based around the same place. Hope it doesn't become too repetitive the further I go. Having loads of fun getting into this series and after this I'm probably going to take a break to finally play Red Dead 2 as I'll need a brief break before pushing on. Quite enjoying what I've seen so far and punching my way through a Yakuza base like a badass was all kinds of awesome. God knows what's coming next but I'm in for the long haul. And ALL of this is available for free on GP even the spin off Judgement (that might be a Gold game buut I installed it anyway).
  8. So how do people win money on them? There always seems to be some sneaky bloke in the back of a pub, watching like a hawk for big losers and swooping in to bag a massive pay out.
  9. Nothing to like and nothing to hate. Just so...bland and boring this week.
  10. Have you tried FM with a Wireless mouse/keyboard? Series X appears to be fully compatible with them, might be easier.
  11. Not out yet but possible Crunchyroll or Funimation will get it soon. Been a big one so could be a toss up between Netflix and Amazon too.
  12. What is it with all these modern movies ripping of that awful spinning building/mash together thing? I know its ripping off Inception but ick, its everywhere. Even Spidey's been hit with it.
  13. Large monitor box. Loads of bubblewrap triple wrapped should do the trick.
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