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  1. Yep and it's really good compared to the other official pay for anime services. I've been on a premium sub since 2014.
  2. No, I've had too many PS4 games to work through so not bothered yet. Don't even think I've got a trial knocking around.
  3. Yep managed to complete it after Spidey 4. I've finished FF7 Remake and God of War too without any issues. Its been on for a couple of hours now with DQ11 and hasn't done anything so might be okay.
  4. Sold that. All I've got is Astro for PS5 games
  5. I've only been playing PS4 games since beginning of December and sticking to one at a time. Only one I'm playing at the mo is Dragon Quest 11, console is quite all the time too so not like anythings stressing it.
  6. Thing is there's lots of websites online saying its the green screen of death and an early sign of it failing. Hoping its just a one off, can't be bothered messing with Sony's daft support!
  7. It seems to okay after I turned it off and on again. Been playing for a good 45 minutes without issues so will try it for a couple of hours to see if anything else happens, might be okay with any luck.
  8. Just turned my PS5 on.. is this those next gen graphics guys?
  9. Isn't this just because there's a risk of losing your job? Somethings got to pay the bills. I'd love to share some of the stories or truths about what goes on in my workplace to the outside world but I'd be out on my arse if I was found out
  10. Damn! I was hoping it might be like Ultima 4 which is probably the best version of the game
  11. Just read through all of the Dragon Lance books recently and its amazing to see just how many games they had based around them. I picked up Heroes of the Lance on Master System specifically to play because its based around them. Always dismissed it before as a poor RPG style dungeon crawler but now knowing what I do of the lore and histoy going to be very interesting going back to play in a new light.
  12. This reminds me of those boxed Zool games where they were stuffed with lollipops. Someone cracked a new one open and it had all turned into a gooey mess, destroying the insides. 25 years can do that to sweets apparantly.
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