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  1. The mClassic's graphics post-processing analyzes and improves every single pixel on the fly, for a beautiful image with no lag. The average latency tested at 0.2msec! Aren't upscalers mega expensive though? £150+ for a decent one?
  2. I'm almost there! Had my best ever run just now I was in the zone and then the speed changed and I lost my mojo
  3. And the Marvel deal has made them £19 billion alone. It could happen! Or they just buy a load of controlling shares.
  4. I haven't played any since 8 on the PS2 but I know there was a new DQ on PS4 in the last year or two. Is this the same game or something else in the series.
  5. They all sold out within minutes and there's been none since. You were incredibly lucky. It's why they are close to a couple of hundred quid on ebay.
  6. It's happened more times with stuff than we'd both like to admit
  7. I've got a spare BittBoy if anyone is interested. Boxed with SD card and in good working order. Seem to be going for £45-£50 so I reckon £40 to anyone here, I'll do a trading thread later.
  8. Christ on a bike. Some places are charging over a £150 for that, didn't realise it didn't need any soldering or special wiring in place.
  9. You started this mess Deal with it
  10. Think of it like a Tamogotchi. You only need to check for 10 minutes a day.
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