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  1. Check in the latest issue, usually a printed one in there with it on. If not just ask for the pad when you ring to make it.
  2. When was it actually a thing? They've always jumped about.
  3. Just finished Spidey for the first time today. Spent a bit of time on it's DLC and found it boring so decided to fire this up... only a couple of hours in but the difference between the two games is astounding. The combat right from the start feels like the perfect follow on from the first and you don't have to earn the simpler moves. Prefered the tutorials too as they did a better job of teaching you stuff. In the first I kept forgetting how to do things with just text messages but here you get proper demonstrations and its great.
  4. I think the annoying thing about it all is that there's no more cartridges until April. Really drops out a huge chunk of time for no good reason. If they were releasing 2 cartridges a month up until December would have been so much better to split a couple of the previous months up to give us all something to look forward to. The Lynx set should have been over different months.
  5. Problem for all those is licensing. Loads are owned by different companies and a lot won't want them on carts like this. SOTB is Sony these days as is Lemmings so they don't seem all that interested in this smaller handheld market. The Atari stuff is mostly licensed out to another handheld company so there could be large charges to pay and prolly not worth the money for smaller runs on this console. I might be wrong but I'm sure I heard that Pac-Land was held in some legal limbo several years ago. It could just be they want to do more of these collections so bringing out some of th
  6. I've been playing so much of it in the last week and it was sssoo slow when I started. Can recall how it would take ages to beat my way through a local crime now I'm all them like a ninja. Called back to a starter area where I'd missed a crime and the thugs with bats just went down with no fuss, they were so hard before I love it, the combat is everything it should be and the web swinging is something else. Regret not playing it on the PS4 but after the DLC is done I'll finally be able to see some proper Spidey on a PS5. Hope they've done something interesting with the engine that the remaste
  7. I still haven't played a proper PS5 game, about 85% into the Spidey remastered campaign. DLC soon then on to Miles! Still can't believe how fast the drive is. Just opening the menu, selecting my save and straight into the game world is incredible.
  8. Oh god yes. It's got Sean Bean in and loads of battles. It launched his career!
  9. Sharpe's on Netflix now, tell her its a romantic swashbuckling tale period drama.
  10. Yeah I'm getting really annoyed with the included ones. I've done a couple of gaming evenings and the pads ran out of juice both nights, right pain having to stick the cable in. I should leave it in but I'm quite hand wavey when I'm swinging about in Spidey and need the freedom
  11. It's not like that anymore, all of this is automatically forwarded onto debt collectors pretty quickly. They don't care about the issue or details behind it as they are responsible for just the amount owed. They will hound people down until an agreement is reached or payment made.
  12. Not sure. I might be confusing it with the post office as you need to pay that first.
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