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  1. All this just shows the buggers could easily make a GameBoy mini.
  2. Brilliant guide for installing Pico-8. With so many gold it's worth its weight in gold:
  3. That's the other side of it a lot of peple seem to be glossing over. He got caught with his pants pulled down, making money off something he shouldn't. Deserves massive fines.
  4. It's Zelda's 35th anniversary though? Like the Mario one was for that.
  5. That's looks gorgeous, be preordering now if they let me
  6. This is a really, really good interview with the company and guys behind it all. They go through all the design decisions, how they got stuff from Blaze when they went out of business, plans for things like online and why the 2 player mode was in from the start (cos of the Vs). Loads of detail and well worth a listen if you have any questions.
  7. I've been playing loads of Forza 4 recently on my PC and this new one doesn't look all that amazing. What am I missing?
  8. Its on Gamepass so I don't care. Free to try, whoo hoo.
  9. How do you play a flight sim on a console? Isn't it impossible with so few buttons?
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