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  1. The Chase - PASS! Best (or worst) player ever?

    Is it a nerves thing? I'm fairly sure I'd forget my name if you pointed a tv camera at me.
  2. The Chase - PASS! Best (or worst) player ever?

    The episode where they asked the professional quiz shaman "which restaurant chain sells the big Mac" in the final round cemented this as being a load of unfair bollocks for me. When you start a quiz show with the expectation that the contestants aren't going to win anything what's the point?
  3. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Yeeeees! After all these years I have a 1084. My amiga is off getting recapped so I'm using a C64 for now but I already love it. It's almost perfect, not a hint of yellowing on it. It's not the stereo sound model, which is a shame, but some decent looking external speakers will make up for that.
  4. That looks weird as hell. I want it.
  5. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Hurray, I have a boxed 1084 monitor on the way to me!
  6. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Oh I agree, there's no need for one. I never had one as a kid though so I kind of want to right a "wrong".
  7. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Thanks, I'll have a gander. I quite fancy a CRT for them too but I was looking for a 1084 years ago with no luck and I can't imagine they're any more numerous now.
  8. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Is anyone using a none standard, newer PSU with their Miggy and if so which one? I'm sending my 500 and 1200 off for repairs/recaps today and it's probably a good idea to replace the dodgy old PSU at the same time.
  9. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Is it C64s they have a possibility of breaking?
  10. Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    I optimistically signed up for this yesterday forgetting that I've got a shiiiiiiiiite net connection. Currently 60% into a 100gb Halo 5 download after 18 hours. I doubt I'll renew. Nice idea though, if you're living with a modern network infrastructure.
  11. PlayStation VR

    The throwing is a bit weird. It's more accurate if you sort of push things towards where you want them to go.
  12. That's a day one purchase for me, assuming I can afford it, which I most certainly won't be able to. It's pretty telling that they've kept the price to themselves for now.
  13. After my Rift broke I've been holding out for some sort of announcement like that before buying a new one. I'm a little bit excited!
  14. That's a Pickford game isn't it? I remember it being the only Gizmondo game I was interested in playing.
  15. Amiga Appreciation Thread

    This is kinda cool. The prototype A1200 CD add on to turn it into a CD32. I never knew this was a thing, or at least supposed to be a thing if history was a bit different, and I would have loved one.

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