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  1. The tower thing is quite a nice little package. It’s got a cool little book of technical drawings that has this note chart at the end. What’s it meant to be? https://ibb.co/fHydWZR
  2. I just picked up my LE copy! I also just remembered I sold my Switch when I moved house to pay for the moving truck! Hurray! I’ll just pretend I’m playing it on the gameboy shaped case I guess.
  3. Well that sucks, I found a player with no discs just now. £5 though! Pioneer CLD 770, built in July 1994 if the sticker on the back isn’t lying to me. I don’t know where to start with it. It’s 240v with a 2 prong plug but I don’t have a screen with an rgb input anymore. No idea if it works either, so I’ve probably bought myself a little project.
  4. I thought I'd gotten out of the habit of buying pointless plastic tat but I've ordered one of these with the stack add-ons. It's just too adorable.
  5. You could have flipped that for a few hundred quite easily, working or not. I've been after one for a while, I'd have come over with a bad case of the vapours if I spotted one for £50.
  6. I've only won 2 rounds so far. One was a hollow victory being carried completely by a guy who took out half the server while I got 1 kill and this one... Wooo! This is unexpectedly brilliant.
  7. I bought Excite Truck based off all the hype back then. Excite Truck. It was naff and nobody mentions it anymore.
  8. Blimey, you don't see those very often. There's one up on ebay without the shirt for £400 at the mo. Best of luck to the seller.
  9. Is there a list of pc players anywhere? It'd be cool to join a functioning squad for a change.
  10. I like the new tank focussed map. I've had a few rounds with no deaths and at least a dozen tanks destroyed since people seem to like picking the slow as hell Tiger to sit exposed in the middle of a field in.
  11. Tonight's the last one of the series, making it a bit of an unexpectedly short run. It's been great though!
  12. I and everyone I knew back then threw out their boxes. I think them being made from card gave our parents the idea they were disposable. It cost me decades later since I ended up buying everything again just to get the box back.
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