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  1. so we going tonight or saturday ? I bring roelof and friends if needed Are you guys on msn ? if so just add me would ya lol (Reapitandweap@hotmail.com) and bring KY
  2. The bunnys deserve it there evil...EVIL! So when are we ment to be going ? friday night so MR Nev can come ? or saturday so we can mock Mr Nev with what dropped ? *downloads addon thingy
  3. Can you guys get to kara on friday, i want nev to come along but he cant make it on the saturaday and you know as well as me... all his gear will drop if he aint there lol
  4. Up for anything as long as KY and small bunnies are involved
  5. <<Jalal Took my time but i got here sighn me up i bring heavy dose of bum juice
  6. well just incase he jumps back in and mouths away thinking hes got the final word in he has not cause i am going to bed to possably wank off while i injure myself
  7. not that your offending me just that you seem the kind of mouthy goit that would offend people
  8. as for the man with the bruce lee pic i do not really give a toss what you think mate i make my self look a tit in my way you do it in yours at least i am not offending anyone when been a tit
  9. hey just clicked "peoples poet" i aint that crap "pig scum"
  10. i live in the middlands *uk* as for the peoples poet i loved young ones it was class
  11. i can see where that comes from .. but most sites dont allow "swearing" so the v comes with out thinking
  12. ha HA my post stalled the flames of of the devil people for more than 6 min
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