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  1. Wiper

    The Game Development Thread

    Thanks! I wasn't hugely confident of the way it looks, so that's reassuring to hear I've been quiet the past few weeks, though I've been working on the game on and off; my free time has been more limited in recent weeks (work, social engagements, language learning...), so I've only been able to fit in the odd hour here and there. I'm hoping I should be able to get some done tomorrow, as I'm travelling down to London for work and staying overnight; that should leave me with a good few hours of train travel and a night in a Travellodge with nothing better to do than work on it. One thing I'm quickly concluding is that I need a better workflow for level design; at the moment it's an extremely manual process, and I think I need to come up with some sort of tool to at least automate basic things (e.g. associating specific collision masks with specific tiles in my set; creating a randomised brush for my texture tiles). No real idea where to start with that, so I see a bit of research on the horizon.
  2. Wiper

    Shazam! - Non-grimdark DC movie

    So, having not really enjoyed a single DC film since, er, The Dark Knight, this was a bit of a turn up for the books. Fun, endearing, and everything the DC films have until now swerved, it was just an enjoyable piece of fluff with heart. I'm just hoping it opens the floodgates for more DC movies that are willing to be a bit goofy. A pleasant surprise. Booster Gold next, please!
  3. Wiper

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    Thanks Graham, that's a meaty selection to get into - we're actually midway through Dragon Heist at the moment (my idiot bard is having a particularly great time, having successfully schemed to get the head of her own guild executed by making it look like he was trying to have the Blackstaff assassinated), but I'll definitely take a look at the others!
  4. Wiper

    Xbox One backwards compatibility

    Ooh, that's delightful news. I may give them a replay at some point - see if Fable 2 is as good as I remember, and if Fable 3 is improved by lowered expectations!
  5. Wiper

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    So, having started playing D&D for the first time last year, and ended up with a solid group of regulars that I enjoy playing with, I've been getting into the swing of the game - mechanically and... roleplayingly. That culminated this weekend in three of us opting to take part in a 5e adaptation of Tomb of Horrors hosted by our local board gaming cafe. One of the players dropped out without telling anyone, so we ended up doing the thing with a party of four level 10 characters - one human thief to deal with the locks and spot the more mundane traps (Mike, our regular DM); one assassin/shadow monk for combat and backup dex checks (Tanya, regular party member), one gnome divination wizard to read, identify, see invisible things and, in a pinch, murder things (me), and one Paladin to keep everyone moving (chap I didn't know). Unspoilery version: over a 10 hour (11:00 - 21:30, including half-hour dinner break) session we managed to win, albeit with one TPK in the latter half that the DM allowed us to rewind, and scraping the last encounter (which we wouldn't have been allowed to reset) by the skin of our teeth and one beautiful roll. It was a very fun time. Also everyone was very appreciative of my gnome miniature, so that was gratifying. Spoilery version (seriously, if you've never done Tomb of Horrors and think you might want to, don't read the following): Anyway, I had a very nice time, and am now familiar enough with the rules and mechanics of most classes that I'm beginning to think about maybe trying my hand at DMing something short. I know this question has been asked a good few times, but does anyone have any suggestions for a good module to start with? I'd want to start with a short one (8-12 hour), and I'd likely be running it for the people I already play with: meaning people who already know how to play, so I shouldn't need to explain rules to them, but also meaning they will have played the most obvious introductory sessions and I don't want to bore them with a rerun.
  6. PC games generally, and point and click adventures specifically, have historically been popular in Germany. And so where most American indies opt for aping the designs of classic console games (hello, endless platformers/Zelda-likes/Metroidvanias) and so too the Anglosphere as we apparently can't help but ape our American pals, the smaller German companies lean more towards classic home computer game genres instead. Also, having said all of the above, there are point and clicks regularly coming from other countries, they just tend to make up a lower proportion of that country's output, plus tend to be overshadowed by a bigger mainstream output in those countries where German's industry is less dominated in that way - e.g in recent years there's been output from the US's Wadjet Eye (the Blackwell series, Resonance, Shardlight, Unavowed) and Terrible Toybox (Thimbleweed Park); the UK's Revolution (Broken Sword V, upcoming Beyond a Steel Sky) and Cloak and Dagger Games (Football Game, The Legend of Hand, A Date in the Park); Norway's Red Thread Games (Dreamfall Chapters). And that's discounting all the adventures that have opted for somewhat different approaches - the interactive stories in the Telltale mould, walking simulators, visual novels etc.
  7. Wiper

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Thank you! And no worries about the acronym - if I'd not been at work I'd have looked it up, and it's good to learn new terms I may touch up the lighting a little - it looks good from the front and back, but viewed dead-on it's a little askew - but as a technique I almost never get to use I'm very pleased with how it came out, and I'm glad you like it!
  8. Wiper

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    @feltmonkeyI have no idea what that acronym (OSL) means! But if you mean the green hue then yes, that is meant to be the glow of the ethereal flame in his hands - that came out a lot better than I'd hoped considering it just involved lightening the affected patch of purple (with a simple light purple layer plus yellow central point) then giving it a couple of green washes; it helped, I think, that green and purple are natural contrasts.
  9. Wiper

    The first one is still the best one

    *cough* I will accept "first non-shit 3D one", however! As for my choice; well, Deus Ex is the obvious one. None of its sequels or prequels recaptured its wonderful sense of freedom or scale, replacing its open, sandbox levels with much smaller affairs, whose freedoms came in the form of vents and/or split corridors, rather than entire missable networks of tunnels and rooftops to explore. Honourable mention: Mass Effect. Ain't none of its sequels quite found its magic, as they moved ever further from the alien, epic RPG space opera promised by the first installment and swapped it for encounter-of-the-week space serial drama wrapped around a third-person shooter.
  10. Wiper

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    After six months' hiatus, I've finally found myself able to happily sit at desk and paint once more, and an upcoming game on Sunday proved all the excuse I needed to paint up a model (for those wondering, classic D&D dungeon Tomb of Horrors reimagined for fifth edition - I'm looking forward to dying a lot). I've decided to bring a gnome wizard to the party, and so painted up one of the Stonehaven Miniatures figures I have lying around. Though not the best paintjob I've ever done, I'm fairly confident it's the best I've managed in under two hours; I've finally gotten the hang of the 'less is more' approach: (I do, as ever, need to touch up the base. At the very least a bit of drybrushing of the eary, and tidying up some of the static grass)
  11. Wiper

    A great gaming track a day

    Doh! I did a text search of the thread, but obviously that was only a video link so it didn't get picked up. Two great tracks in a row there - I'd never heard the Gimmick track before (being an unused track probably helped there...) but it's ace, and Project X's theme is a classic. Not sure I could listen to it for 10 hours solid, mind!
  12. Wiper

    A great gaming track a day

    In honour of it just having got the Data Discs treatment (and I'm honestly astonished I can't find any tracks from it in this thread already), here's one of my favourite tracks to grace the Mega Drive, and certainly my favourite to go all-in on MD guitar: Thunder Force IV - Metal Squad (Stage 8 theme) Alas that I can't find a rip that sounds quite right. It's ace either way, though, feeling like it could easily have been in a Guilty Gear game; the Saitama Saisyu Heiki cover even moreso:
  13. Yep, it remains an amazing trilogy, fantastically put together, with real consequences carrying across a well-written story. Probably my series of the generation.
  14. Wiper

    Project Sakura Wars

    Yeah, the fact that the conversations are not only time-limited, but even have options change on you if you wait before responding, was equally brilliant and frustrating due to the challenge it made to playing along with a translation. Funny to think how long it took for even that specific mechanic to really take off outside of the series; until Alpha Protocol* and the Telltale adventure games I can't think of many other games that really go for that design. *SEGA again, sort of
  15. Wiper

    The Game Development Thread

    This is the first week where I don't have progress to post; while I did manage to spend a few hours starting to build up a meaningful demo level (and on the way creating a little more in the way of background tiling and tweaking the camera logic to more gracefully handle vertically-oriented levels with a low horizontal resolution), there's nothing I can really use to demonstrate any of that usefully. Hopefully next week I'll have time to finish up the demo level (and begin ironing out the remaining kinks in robot movement that I've noticed in certain edge cases), and thus having tomething to show!

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