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  1. Yeah, brilliant, a bunch of Doom documentaries is definitely what I wanted to watch to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Quake Really enjoyed the DF:Retro video, having saved it until today to watch; if only to get to see a comparison of the different versions. As someone who only ever played software DOOM (on a cousin's 486, which struggled; and on my dad's P90, which struggled less), I was surprised at how, well, ugly GL Quake is! Really loses a lot of the atmosphere with the smoothing and gamma issues. I regret that I never really played all that much of original
  2. Ah, the good old, traditional Angry American Gamer marketing logic. Nothing will ever beat the classic Kirby Air Ride adaptation on that front: Truly, that frowny face must have won over a horde of players who would otherwise have been put off by the thought of playing as a happy pink puffball riding a star.
  3. Sounds like a game that ought to be strictly limited
  4. All I'm going to say is, while I'm resigned to the inferior artstyle, they'd best not have ruined the tunes! I expect this to be looping endlessly, crappy sub-Neo Geo synthesised guitars and all, as I overrun the enemy's bases.
  5. I don't really mind that video game sci-fi stories are universally rip-offs homages, I just wish they'd occasionally pick some new material. And I'm not even expecting anything truly ground breaking here; I don't expect anyone approaching Le Guin's political complexity any time soon. Like, to take easily adaptible options, how about reading/licencing some Cherryh? The Morgaine series could make an incredible basis for a sci-fantasy RPG. The Alliance-Union universe would make for a nice, developed take on the "Earth vs its colonies" approach to galaxy-building. Even the pulpy Chanur
  6. Nope. It would have made its way to a charity shop otherwise! The moral of this story is: give your modern consoles away.
  7. It is a gorgeous looking cart and box; my (complete) copy takes pride in my collection, despite costing me all of, er, £6 back in 2013. Evidently prices have gone up a little since then! In other, loft-related news — albeit not my own — this weekend I visited a friend (quite the novelty, as of last March...); they've been through a break-up some months back, and amongst other things no longer have a PS4. So I offered them my PS4 Pro; they refused to take it for free, I refused to take payment for it, but then they mentioned they were throwing out some retro things and we agreed to
  8. It does look absolutely awful. I was expecting something a bit clunky, and the trailers had made me worry about the presentation side of things, but I didn't expect the actual game to be so fundamentally unfinished.
  9. Based on past, repeated experience, the bag will be utterly awful, so I wouldn't be too distressed if it's Canada-only. Particularly as it's £90+ at base cost! Interesting to note that Japan's LE is subtly different; same book, steelbook and (presumably) soundtrack, but swaps the bag for a t-shirt (scroll down a bit on https://megaten5.jp/ to see it). I'd happily get a special edition minus bag and t-shirt for like, £60, but I don't feel like I'm missing out on much at this price!
  10. That's a part I'm going back and forth on! Either lightning yellow, electric volt, or just stick with orange. It's a shame there's no rotatable 3D view, as the close-ups and rear-view aren't quite enough for me to decide!
  11. Ah, gotcha! Yeah, that does sound frustrating - probably the typical "massive banner advertising the lending library + Prime; tiny bit of text to turn down the offer" thing.
  12. Let's be real here: there's only one game that Konami need to re-release (and translate), and that's SD Snatcher.
  13. Yep, I favour the orange too, but then I would say that, given the design I'm umming and ahhing over: (I really like Mogster's I can't believe it's not purple tentacle controller too; sorely tempted to steal that design)
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