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  1. If you select a boon it keeps it in display even as you highlight other boons - allows you to quickly compare what you have (useful if you have multiple boons impacting e.g. critical chance and want to figure out what your cumulative bonus is). Of course, when that would really be useful is when getting a new boon, which is the one time you can't do it!
  2. So, uninstalling and reinstalling the game worked, I now have a version without weird display/text glitches Also, more importantly, on my 22nd go I finally finished a run successfully: Funnily enough, with my second-least-favourite weapon, which I'd never even made it through area three with previously. Just the right combination of boons (and finally actually getting some promethean upgrades for it) made all the difference!
  3. Yeah, ultrawide here, so if it's fine for you sounds like something else is awry! I'll give it a reinstall and see if that helps, otherwise I'll go bother their discord
  4. Maybe it's something wrong with the Epic version? This is what I see on: Save select: Progress view: And, my favourite, the patch notes: Clearly this is the most special reward of all for getting it while it was in early access The only real problems are that for a small number of Pom upgrades I have no idea what they'll do, as the bit of the tooltip that should give the actual damage/range/whatever increase is just gibberish - so I don't know what upgrading Aphrodite's cast actually does, for example.
  5. Don't understimate the use of its primary shot too, with the right upgrades. Triple-shot plus no-charge-time turns it into a speedy, reactive shotgun, leaving the special for more drastic room-clearance. Still, it's all about the shield for me. Poseidon aspect + deflect = hilarity. Though I wish the game were patched so that the PC would actually call it Poseidon aspect, rather than Nemesis, as he's decided it is. (Also I'd quite like them to patch the in-game text, which is seriously messed up for me. Loads of variable names making it in game instead of the actual vari
  6. God, I wish I'd realised that. So many needless deaths!
  7. I mean, the half-decent Dragon Age Inquisition came out on the same day, so it's safe to say it wasn't the best game to come out on 18 November 2014.
  8. Really don't like the spear, personally - just can't figure the best way to use it. The bow can be insane when powered up, and the I love the shield for bashing enemies around (and, you know, actually being a shield). But yeah, all weapons will get me through the first three areas, bar the spear. Still haven't figured out how to manage poison though, so keep dying once that appears in game. Seems weirdly overpowered, dealing massive unstoppable tick damage after a single hit :/ Must be doing roughly 50 damage each time?
  9. Yeah, I wasn't too keen on that comparison for exactly this reason; I don't think they're particularly similar:
  10. Well, third playthrough of the game now, and I've one major criticism: the telling of the story through your deaths and returns is nice... but less great when you miss bits of plot because you don't die as quickly as the game expects. I've missed out entirely on all commentary on (area 3) because I got through it on my first attempt (before dying in seconds in area 4 to a horde of poison rats in a narrow space. Not quite sure how to deal with that situation!). Hopefully I didn't miss anything important, but it's a shame not to get to hear anybody talk about that area, or
  11. Sort of? Only, single-player obviously, and with some fun writing thrown into the mix. Crowd-control focussed combat, through dungeons. But yeah, finally got around to playing this, two goes so far - enough to get to Meg and barely get her to half health before getting taken apart I'm having a great time, glad the Switch release reminded me that it exists! Also, as someone who isn't a fan of Diablo, I'd say that's not necessarily the best comparison. There are similarities, but only in the sense that they both draw on Rogue for inspiration, and are both dungeon crawler
  12. I too was careful to stick to a reserved, sensible design for my working from home/gaming chair. (octopus friends optional)
  13. Yeah, it appears to be an interesting combo of rear and "fuck your CPU" exhausts.
  14. Leaked picture of the new Switch. Screen's a bit small, but it's worth it for the extra cooling.
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