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  1. Wiper

    Panzer Dragoon I & II Remakes 2019

    I wouldn't tend to count Tempest-alikes as rail shooters, and as much as I love Rez Infinite I'd count it as an enhanced remake, even with its new level. Which leaves only After Burner as an actual new entry in the genre, and that was so popular you can't even buy it any more. And even if you count all of them, that's three (relatively low profile) releases in over a decade. It's dead, Jim.
  2. Wiper

    Panzer Dragoon I & II Remakes 2019

    It's hard to argue that Rez is in the upper echelons of rail shooters in terms of its actual shooting, though it's certainly my favourite game overall to grace the genre. Just, it's great for reasons outside of the shooting. I tend to rate Orta a little over Zwei as far as the 'pure' shooters go, though a lot of that is to do with the structure and glut of content that came with it. Of course, Orta also has the added advantage of still looking gorgeous, particularly when fed into an Xbox One; I really hope they manage to make Zwei look at least as glorious! Whatever the case, I'm very much looking forward to this. One of my favourite genres, its complete death following the Xbox generation has been a source of some distress, so I'll happily accept some remakes in lieu of new games.
  3. Wiper

    SSBU DLC Fighters Suggestions

    I mean, it's a bit obvious but:
  4. Wiper

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    I can't speak to pricing, but in terms of 'best option' it depends what you're after. If you want to sit down and play PS1 games on a TV with a dual shock then the PSTV would be the way to go.* If you'd rather portable, then while I generally prefer the original, OLED model for its screen, the second generation Vita is possibly better for PS1 play as its rear touch pad - which you'll be using to emulate L2 and R2 - is less unwieldy. They're all fantastic options, however. *or, alternatively, a PSP Go plus its component cable - that combination is likely to be more expensive, but it means you'll also have access to PS1 games on the go** **with, admittedly, awful controls for anything analogue in said portable mode
  5. For what it's worth, if you're not interested in trophies/the story, assuming I remember correctly from the Vita version you can unlock every song in the game without ever touching the story. Of course, at the same time that means you get no story at all, as it completely lacks the 'social' part of 3 (and presumably 5).
  6. That is extremely cool. The first I've heard of it, but that's a fascinating piece of early multimedia, and something that would have blown my mind as a kid.
  7. No commentary for... reasons which will become apparent in the future. This is also very much liable to change, both as I remember/change my mind on a lot of things, and as I have a good few games still on my To Play list! Expect a later post or two of adjustments! Also, this has been a fantastic year, and the number of games jostling for position just outside the top 5 is impressive. Game of the Year A1. Hitman 2 A2. Tetris Effect A3. Banner Saga 3 A4. Paratopic A5. Astro Bot Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) Z1. Continuing games industry treatment of workers Z2. Red Dead Redemption 2 Z3. PlayStation Classic Z4. Z5. Sound Design of the Year S1. Tetris Effect S2. Red Dead Redemption 2 S3. Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night Visual Design of the Year V1. Tetris Effect V2. Wipeout: Omega Collection: VR V3. Paratopic Writing of the Year W1. Paratopic W2. Banner Saga 3 W3. Vampyr Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. PlayStation VR Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Motion Twin Best Supported Game (released pre 2018) of the Year B1. Prey Your game of the year that didn't come out this year (basically what is your favourite game you played this year that came out in 2017 or earlier) X1. Rock Band 4 Best game character of the year C1. C2. C3.
  8. Wiper

    Have videogames turned you on to other things?

    Ace Attorney turned me into a coffee drinker as I forced myself to acclimatise to its bitter flavour in order to emulate the greatest prosecutor of all: I can also comfortably blame Wipeout for getting me interested in electronic music, Crazy Taxi for getting me into punk music, computer RPGs for getting me into, er, RPGs, Rock Band for getting me into karaoke. Games. They're terrible influences.
  9. Wiper

    Game Awards 2018 (1:30am England time)

    So glad that Geoff's commitment to ensuring that 'the right game wins', that it's not just a 'popularity contest', that it's all about rewarding games that really push forward the medium, has resulted in such a unique and varied selection of games! I'm going to bed.
  10. Wiper

    Game Awards 2018 (1:30am England time)

    I hardly expected to find myself agreeing wildly with the nominations, but considering we've just had (what I consider to be) a fantastic year for games, I'm somewhat surprised by how completely the games I've really rated have failed to make waves, at best being relegated to a subcategory, at worst ignored outright. But then, four out of six titles in the Game of the Year shortlist were plucked straight out of the five games in the 'Action Adventure' shortlist*, so I guess the focus was always pretty far from my tastes. It's fine, if anyone needs me I'll be over here holding the torch for Astro Bot, Banner Saga 3, Hitman 2, Paratopic and Tetris Effect. *I think we can safely assume that the one game which didn't manage to straddle both lists won't be winning that award - sorry, Tomb Raider
  11. Well, I can't comment on the song pack (I need to look into what the songs are/nature of the stages is - with P4D I seem to recall that a good few of the DLC tracks were of the dull 'FMV with overlay' kind, rather than 'live' tracks with dancing avatars, and I never found those as entertaining), but after just under ten hours of play over the past few evenings this happened: Not actually indicative that the game is 'finished', as such - it didn't even require finishing every song on Hard, never mind All Night mode, but the lack of a linear story mode (and, to be fair, being pretty practiced at this form of rhythm action thanks to P4D) meant that it was a breeze to blast through all of the trophy requirements. Had a great time doing it, and there are some proper bangers on the soundtrack (though a distressing proportion starring characters I'd happily throw in a bin), and I'm now looking forward to doing the same with P5D and am seriously considering using the key to unlock P4D on PS4, despite having rinsed it already on Vita... But yes, it is a reasonably slight game - again, largely due to the lack of padding, though assisted by the ease with which Normal (and, obviously, Easy) mode can be bested. I do slightly regret that the game doesn't really incentivise going in on Hard and up difficulties (beyond scores, obviously) - I particularly miss P4D's in-game badges to aim for - but otherwise I'm happy with the game being a manageable size, and think the move from having a(n optional) linear story to wend through to having a series of light 'social events' to play through was a positive one.
  12. Wiper

    Steam Secret Santa 2018

    The actual answer is "whatever you feel comfortable with". The cost of items received varies quite significantly depending on the Santa, so don't feel bad if you can't afford to be wildly generous (and equally do be aware that you may not get back what you put in if you're planning on putting in a lot)!
  13. Wiper

    Steam Secret Santa 2018

    I wouldn't miss it!
  14. Wiper

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    As someone who spent a happy night in 2008 blasting through Abe's Oddysee on an original PS1 with a uni friend on a joint nostalgia trip, this is exactly the sort of machine I'd have got to redo that with them over Christmas. Alas, given the quality of the machine, that plan's out of the window.
  15. Wiper

    Nintendo Switch

    Helpfully, if a joycon disconnects while pushing in a direction the Switch compensates by repeating its last known instructions. Presumably useful for micro-disconnections, but infuriating when that half-second runs you off a ledge.

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