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  1. Generally pewter rather than lead, but yes, there are still companies making metal miniatures. Games Workshop have largely moved away from metal (they do still have the occasional old model available, but nearly everything is plastic/resin these days), but off the top of my head: Corvus Belli's Infinity miniatures are metal, a reasonable amount of Warlord games' stuff is still metal, Reaper still do some metal. And there's a good number of small producers, like Stonehaven Miniatures and Warploque Miniatures, who still produce metal models. But yeah, there's been a gradual move towards plastics, particularly as CAD has really taken off. Modern plastic models are, generally, of a far higher quality than those of even ten years ago, though for more complex models metal or resin is still the way to go.
  2. I mean, plus ça change? Big publishers putting out endless sequels and spin-offs with the occasional attempt at something new (e.g. this year we've had such 'delights' as Apex Legends and Anthem) has been the norm since at least the '90s. It's perhaps more obvious now thanks to the increased development time of games, the fact that there are ever more pre-existing series to work with, and the fact that even disparate series are starting to feel somewhat homogeneous (see e.g. every AAA Sony exclusive bar Bloodborne in the past decade being some variant of "cinematic action adventure").
  3. God, and I thought it was bad enough that Alpha Protocol wasn't in the 2010 set. You've embarrassed yourselves once again, The Forum. (did the console version of Witcher 2 come out in 2012, perhaps? I had strong memories of it coming out in the same year as Binary Domain)
  4. Good year, bad year thus far (I mean, Portal 2's fine. But the rest... Yeesh!) . 2012's going to be interesting, though, with far too many great games. Will it be Binary Domain? Dishonored? Virtue's Last Reward? The Witcher 2? XCOM? So many excellent possibilities.
  5. It may not be what you were thinking of, but Myth II did that. Not pre-internet though just pre-universal access (and it was a tactics game, not an RPG), but it was a pretty high profile, hilarious bug. Swiftly both patched and recalled from shops, IIRC. (of course, even older PC games got patches, which would sometimes appear on demo discs/disks but were otherwise only really available to people who used BBSes and the like. Dune 2's patch, for example, was the only way to get MIDI music and digital sound, rather than only one or t'other. It's only really consoles where there's been a true sea change)
  6. The Middle Eastern release got fig-leafed. I'm pretty sure Benny's comment is meant at the expense at the godawful dregs of humanity who spent the launch of the game whinging ceaselessly and shouting at the the developers, rather than at the developers themselves. Who, frankly, would have been well within their rights to tell everyone to just go fuck themselves, and the fact they didn't and instead constantly worked on and improved the game was genuinely impressive (albeit it could, unfortunately, be interpreted as proof by the more bellendy side of the gaming community that the direct action of shitting yourself in public is an effective one).
  7. Wiper

    Xbox Game Pass

    Belated, but the very best, from best to slightly-less best, are: Into the Breach (super-small-scale tactics with roguelite framing) Stellaris (galaxy-spanning 4x) Frostpunk (grim, gorgeous city builder) Wargroove (fantasy-themed Advance Wars knock-off) Also, it's only just come out and I've barely played it, but Phoenix Point is a game from the makers of the original UFO/XCOM series, which takes some inspiration from Firaxis' reimagining of said series, but keeps ahold of the grander scale and slightly more brutal framing of the originals. Probably worth a look if you have any fondness for either flavour of XCOM.
  8. An ex-CDPR developer weighed in with a short, interesting, depressing thread:
  9. Wiper


    I just wanted to pop in here to flag up how fucking good GOG Galaxy 2.0 is. It's still a little buggy to be sure, but having easy access to all of my games across all of the storefronts I use* is genuinely a huge boon. It's been interesting to see where I have duplicates across storefronts, but mainly it's just been great being able to browse all of my games without jumping from one store to another. Did you know I own Far Cry 5? I certainly had no fucking idea, but there it is on uPlay, with 0 minutes played. Maybe I got it free with some hardware purchase somewhere. Whatever the case, I'm going to try it now! I mean, I'm sure I'll find it incredibly tedious and nothing more than a rehash of the last two Far Cry games, but without GOG Galaxy I would probably never have had the opportunity to experience just how much I'll dislike the game. Thanks, GOG Galaxy *notable exception: itch.io. Here's hoping a plugin gets added soon!
  10. Love the choice of, er, screenshot for Fallen Order there. Entirely accurate representation of the game's primary mode of transportation.
  11. I mean, that's kind of moot on the Xbox side of things, at least.
  12. I just hope this means they're giving their staff a decent working environment in which to finish things up. As opposed to, you know, five (more?) months of crunch.
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