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  1. andyw

    Apple Arcade

    It was fucked in the early betas but they rolled it all back. It should be no more fucked than it is in iOS 12 now.
  2. I have no words, you magnificent bastards
  3. Properly nervous now. The next 10 minutes may just be the death of me.
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the highlights on MOTD. Mane’s backheel was ridiculous.
  5. Apparently Henderson has a muscle problem and Wijnaldum has a sore knee. So say the Guardian anyway.
  6. Unlocking and completing the master levels of Super Monkey Ball felt like mastery until I saw what the likes of @hellsbells were capable of. Getting all of the achievements on the original Geometry Wars on the 360 (including 1 million points without dying) felt the same until I looked at the leaderboards. It’s all relative I suppose.
  7. I enjoyed both Sneaky Pete and The Man In The High Castle.
  8. I remember being blown away by Exile on the BBC when my Dad first showed it to me. It was unlike anything I’d played before, particularly the physics. If there was a game that squeezed more out of the BBC, I can’t think of it.
  9. Slightly mixed feelings about the goal after Adam's dive won the free kick. Mind you, Gerrard wouldn't have scored if Giggs hadn't pussied out of the wall.
  10. I felt we lacked width at times and, with Stoke being well organised and getting men back in numbers, things got congested in and around their box. On those ocassions we could have done with pulling them side-to-side more to free up space in the middle. I noticed that Downing seemed to pop up on the right quite frequently which possibly didn't help. That said, we still created a number of chances and on another day could have scored two or three.
  11. Surely he won't leave in this transfer window? The club have been pretty emphatic in rejecting his request and they'll look pretty stupid if they do a u-turn within the next three days.
  12. Rejection of Torres's request is up on the official site now: http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/latest-news/lfc-reject-torres-transfer-request It'll be very interesting to see how he reacts. Surely he'll need to keep trying to play at his best in order to secure a move in the summer?
  13. Apparently the deal's now back on again: http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/latest-news/babel-set-for-hoffenheim
  14. Anyone know what Gillett's doing in all of this? All the reports that I've read have solely mentioned Hicks.
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