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  1. Vorgot

    RLLMUK Driveclub Weekly Time Trial Challenge 2018

    TBH, I'll always be languishing at the back, I don't put the time in to improve greatly, but each week I am getting better at understanding the driving model and how to take on the tracks. I think throwing in some point to points and sprints might be good for a bit of variety, and will certainly help improve people. With the football on I barely touched it this week, but I still enjoy seeing the times people can put in and seeing myself improve over time.
  2. Vorgot

    Paladins: Champions of the Realm

    I'm sticking with F2P. You get a decent amount of champions to start with, and linking a Twitch account gets you Ying. I've got enough gold to unlock one more at the moment, and the nearly at unlocking two, plus there are 3 champions on a free rotation. Not a game I would put any money into, but it's fun.
  3. Vorgot

    Paladins: Champions of the Realm

    I'm quite enjoying this, even though I normally hate online gaming. Just started playing against real people and am a fan of Ling so far as well. I'm not very good at all, but will get never get really serious about it so it's good for a blast. Need to figure out who else I might like to unlock, the Furia event is good for trying out different characters. Already got some in the definite no pile.
  4. Vorgot

    The Crew 2

    I found the same with the Off Road race. Couldn't see the point. And the handling seems very slippy on the cars. Will stick with it for the Beta, but no way would I fork out full price for it at the moment
  5. Vorgot

    Elder Scrolls VI

    Well this has made me jump back into my Skyrim SE with a new character, trying to get myself the Platinum as I have still never managed that on any game (Persona 5 is getting done on NG+ as well). And I am completely hooked in again. Finding new stuff I've not done before, going for the trophies, just tootling about getting my house built and kitted out the way I want. This game is so old, I have already caned it to death on PS3 but I can't stop playing it. Its genius. If Starfield and ES6 deliver such an engrossing journey, it should be worth the wait.
  6. Vorgot

    The Crew 2

    Had a quick blast on this today and it seems fun, bit weird having realistic looking environments and ultra arcade style driving. Definitely seems to be the kind of arcade racing game I've been looking for, if only the voiceovers and story wasn't so cringeworthy, but thats old man gamer syndrome I suppose. Might change the language options and see if that makes it more bearable
  7. Vorgot

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Sometimes people fixate on what is shown at E3, and this year there was a smaller selection shown for first party, so they went with the big guns. There will still be tons of other stuff coming it that ticks the creativity and fun boxes aside from the AAA releases.
  8. Vorgot

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I did. I had a stack of games to play, so I did Hue start to finish, stopping when I got a new colour each day as that gave a trophy. Got me through the whole game in nice chunks. Was a lovely game as well. The others I got just by playing the other stuff I had on the go. Got a bit tense one day where it was getting late and I hadn't done it, but got in sorted in time. Apparently an email with a tie break should turn up in the next few days. Very very miniscule chance of winning, but as you say, was a fun challenge!
  9. Vorgot

    Nintendo 3DS

    I love my white and orange 2DS XL, but like that new colour more. There ate still a couple of games coming I want, Treasure Tracker being one, but I have a shedload of stuff on my eshop wishlist. I'll be using this blighter for a long while yet, such a huge library of games to pick from. Don't have a switch yet but I would be wary of taking it out and about with me, the portable side will be great at home, maybe on train journeys, but the 2DS is easy to chuck in my rucksack if I'm just out and about in general. Definitely one of the best consoles ever. Bit sad to see it finally winding down, but it has had a great run
  10. Question on Trials Fusion. This weeks tournaments have some icons on the track. The square block one I know is that uses the DLC, what the hell is the helmet and spanner icon trying to tell me? And why can't I find this info anywhere? I'm getting a bit sick of having to try and figure out how the hell a game works from the internet. (Grumpy old man rant over) EDIT : Ignore me, I figure it must be for user created tracks
  11. Vorgot

    Rocket League

    I might do 2v2 with one of my boys next weekend, but online ony would leave me feeling exposed a bit. 3v3 seems to be a good format for me.
  12. No Ridge Racer. Was hoping we would get a new one, but no such luck.
  13. Vorgot

    Rocket League

    Its just great fun, and for a change I don't really care how bad I am, I think I pull my weight in a game. Need to get a handle more on the flying bit, thats way too difficult at the moment, but just to throw something on to have a blast with, it's great fun. Agree on the racing side as well, could be great. Not tried any other game modes except for the standard 3x3 yet.
  14. Vorgot

    Sony Blocking Accounts Between Devices

    For the record, I'm not trying to shift the blame from Sony at all, they are acting like school bullies at the moment. I just think Epic need to be doing a bit more and pushing Sony on this. There may be lots of discussions going on the background, I hope there are anyway.
  15. Vorgot

    Sony Blocking Accounts Between Devices

    Completely different situation. Apple block a full app, Epic have put a block on their accounts that have linked with a PS4 because the bigger boy told them too. I get why they did it, the PS4 has the biggest installed base, but they still agreed to it and told no-one up front that it would happen on the switch. But it's still an Epic account. You can share that PS4 account linked Epic account with iOS, Android and Mac, so the block is happening at the Epic end. Both companies need to sort this out. They have also said nothing yet about all this as far as I can see, and they should be taking some of the flak for this, though the majority of it deserves to be aimed at Sony's aggressive stance.

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