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  1. It’s the 6th verse - even the most rabid English supporter would have left the stadium by the time they got to it.
  2. Lord grant that Marshal Wade May by thy mighty aid Victory bring. May he sedition hush, And like a torrent rush, Rebellious Scots to crush. God save the Queen!
  3. It’s already on pc gamepass - has been since launch.
  4. I’d rather not have to go into the last game hoping for other results to go our way for a 3rd place qualifier. Just old enough to have been here before.
  5. You should play more PC games then - changing stuff like shadow quality, lighting, textures, density of foliage etc is pretty common stuff when looking to improve performance. The performance mode here will basically just do that but the devs will only give 2 options instead of 20 to tinker with.
  6. It’s not downloading anything bar an installer stub - the full game will only install in full when it’s released for preload. It takes up 230Mb until probably early November.
  7. That may be more of the “no release date but work in progress” stuff - interesting idea.
  8. Nah it’s all formats - it was a fig crowd funded title. Not that I’m bitter about funding it and then it going to gamepass day 1.
  9. FH5 and Flight Sim both look stunning - outside of that a decent spread of gamepass day 1 stuff (12 minutes always looked interesting). I’m sure Halo will be fun - I’ve played all the others so I’ll play this one no matter what. Overall a decent advert for gamepass - probably less so for the series X as a must have machine though sadly.
  10. First - flight sim Last - Blinx the time sweeper redux (or Halo)
  11. 127Gb all in nowadays I think. Looking at the gamepass installer that’s only 2Gb so it’s going to be the same - bit the game and then spend hours downloading a planet worth of bing map data.
  12. Sat for 3 hours as the installed game downloaded map data. Hopefully that’s sorted now though. I wonder if they will support mouse and keyboard for the multitude of buttons this uses? A decent flight stick being made available would also be a bonus for anyone that wants to properly enjoy this.
  13. Hellblade 2 - I expect Ninja Theory can wring some stunning visuals out of the new machines and build on the previous game. Some idea what Rare’s new game actually is. Fable - in playground games hands I’m expecting something to wow everyone. Bethesda stuff - show what’s in the pipeline. oh and some games coming out this year to justify my purchase.
  14. Flight sim is impressive (at least on a very powerful PC) and certainly if the series x can get anywhere close to that it’ll be a showcase for graphics. It’s also not the kind of game that will sell many xbox’s as the vast majority of people who would play it have more than likely already been playing it for about a year on PC.
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