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  1. Wow that’s a lot of gaming in final fantasy and kingdom hearts
  2. Yakuza On Game pass - yessss
  3. 1 month of EA access with game pass ultimate - you too can not want to play any of EA sports titles
  4. Woo welcome suit from EA - AAA games woo
  5. Yeah x cloud - play the games you can barely read text in on a mobile fucking phone screen.
  6. Prog rock cover platformer looks fun
  7. I think I’m too old for video games
  8. Iconic in China cos it’s full of micro transactions I expect
  9. So what was the rare reveal?
  10. Well that’s a great start
  11. This is launch day if you live in New Zealand so I expect the Xbox version at least is the final code.
  12. I can testify that it's currently lovely in NZ - even if I'm only here for the day
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