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  1. I've played it a few times both in real life before last March and online on TTS since - I knew it would go down well with my only gaming buddy nowadays my 9yr old who is animal daft. The expansions I hadn't played but looking around they add more to the game without too much complexity and the newest one actually re-balances the game a bit.
  2. It’s only in this one game and I can boot up something like AC Valhalla and the issue goes away. I can also stop it by chucking in my faulty xbone pad. Might just see if i can live with the stick drift on the old pad for now (or open it up and try and fix it)
  3. I’ve tried a couple of different headsets and all the same - tempted to pick up a cheap xbox one pad until they fix whatever is causing it as it’s obviously a software/os issue
  4. Wingspan + European and Oceania expansion - £97.66 it was all Xmas money though so it doesn’t really count
  5. Is anyone else having audio issues in certain games when using headphones? Watch dogs legion seems the worst offender constant stuttering and cracklings - I can’t play that without major issues however it’s absolutely fine on my old Xbox one pad (I’d use if it didn’t have stock drift) and is fine on the TV but it’s not something I want blaring when the kid is in bed.
  6. Runic went bust after they made Hob - the IP got bought up and handed to a new dev who just made a shit game.
  7. Your last sentence basically summarises the entire DC movie output in recent years.
  8. I’m one of the people that bounced off BotW hard - mainly the weapon breakage did my head in. The world was great and I wanted to enjoy it but it made everything feel like such a chore.
  9. Probably A Plague Tale : innocence for me - had mostly isg bored because it was a bit rough on my original Xbox but played on the series x and it was an entertaining and well told story with an interesting cast of characters. Looks lovely in places as well.
  10. Phogs is fun - been playing that a bit with my 9yr old, overcooked 2 is also ace but usually leads to lots of shouting at each other
  11. I did it last night with my lonely bachelor in his toilet free house - didn’t pop onscreen but checked the app and it was ready to claim.
  12. yes and some of the series S/X have it too but it’s not the “proper” RDNA2 optimised version - AMD should have their answer to DLSS mid 2021 and this “should” allow their cards to push more ray tracing without tanking the framerate/resolution to achieve the effect.
  13. Depends how much you want to play it - there’s bugs, seems to be the way with big open world games but CDPR seem to be patching like crazy and most likely will keep patching till they get it right. Is anything game breaking - certainly on Series X so far no, can’t speak for the PC and it needs a fairly hefty machine to get the beat out of it (hence why I’m on Xbox as a £1500 pc upgrade was just a step too far).
  14. I’d say this is better than the scripted linear storytelling in a rockstar game but then again I struggled to finish every gta game and RDR2 as the turgid storyline bored me to tears.
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