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  1. Mortis

    UK Games Expo

    Hopefully going to be there as a demonstrator for the Sat/Sun would be good to get a game of something on the Saturday evening though.
  2. Mortis

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Yep backed hope it does well.
  3. Mortis

    What are you playing?

    Enjoy. It's fast becoming my favourite game of all time, we've been playing in a group of 4 for ages (50 hrs game time so far) and there's enough game there to keep us going for a good couple of years at the rate we play
  4. Mortis

    Microsoft Rewards

    I think they are part of the newest update - will find out when I put some time in
  5. The Cap Marvel movie is much better than the introduction in Endgame although watching it with a 7 yr old girl who was really excited at a girl superhero.
  6. Mortis

    Tokaido - Has anyone played it?

    Yeah it’s not a complex game but I’d play it as a board game with kids before I’d play a digital version. I think the whole board game walking sim works better as a social thing than staring at more screens I’d play takenoko with kids before this one though as it’s got a cute panda.
  7. Mortis

    Tokaido - Has anyone played it?

    Tokaido is a game that looks superb on a table but is an absolute bore to play - I can’t see how a digital version would improve it. Some folk however love it so what do I know.
  8. Mortis

    Microsoft Rewards

    It’s all working and there’s a bonus 100 points for sticking with them while they fixed the bugs on the rewards dash now.
  9. Mortis

    Sea of Thieves - Sign up for Adventures Ahoy

    Would love to give this a try Mortis316uk
  10. Mortis

    Microsoft Rewards

    Yep exactly the same issue - I’ve got all the achievements bar the mine craft one but can’t claim any - it just defaults back to the rewards page.
  11. Both Rangers and Celtic would survive as song as there were sectarian divides in Scotland
  12. Mortis

    Games Exchange

    Interested in flamme rouge and dice forge depending on cost obv
  13. No it’s because she didn’t even appear to be the same person as she was in the standalone movie. A classic case of an actor not knowing the role yet.
  14. Also Captain Marvel came across as a massive arsehole in this film - probably because it was filmed before the Cap M movie.
  15. Disney obviously realised the Dad bod was the in thing and were catering to that market

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