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  1. Looks like typical Kojima overwritten drivel.
  2. I refer you to my previous statement.
  3. The Sony news is the most exciting thing so far in this snooze fest.
  4. Unfortunately the game never quite lives up to the 1st adventure, Marcy case is decent and prophecy of dragons is OK as well but it kind of loses steam and got to the point we didn't actually bother with the last few expansions and sold it on. It becomes more a test of memory and what the "correct" route is through the cards, I'd even go as far as say Asylum is the best scenario of the entire game. Obviously that's our group's opinion and I can't speak for everyone in this regard.
  5. Loved the original but EA’s loot box greed took over on the 2nd and I fear this will be the same.
  6. Didn’t realise this was due out so soon. Rebel Galaxy was a fun game with the obvious issue of being unable to go up or down Theres not enough arcade space combat games with a single player story these days so I’ll support them day 1.
  7. The first month of Gold I own every single game - not a bad run over the years. Strong lineup though.
  8. Yeah the idea that I'll throw them more cash to ship it even without any actual guarantee that it'll ever actually receive the game unless lots of other backers do the same. You know that they'll end up cancelling this for anywhere outside US/Canada but find the cash to send the remaining copies to retail in the states. If I could request a refund right now I would but Golden BS don't seem to want to do that unless you shout and scream on the Kickstarter comments constantly and for the amount this cost I'll just leave it. Can't complain it's the first Kickstarter I've had issues with and I only backed it because it looked to be a fun little solo game for not a huge outlay.
  9. Yeah the latest Kickstarter update basically reads like it’s unlikely we’ll see it in the UK/EU unless enough people pay extra shipping. The best bit is that if you pay more you still might not see the game if they don’t raise enough. They’ve even got a lovely google survey asking how much you’d pay to get your game - I’ll be giving them £0 the bunch of charlatans.
  10. Yeah it’s not been a huge amount but it’s rated 16 and I’m unsure of where it’s going to go content wise to merit that rating.
  11. Just started this and it’s pretty good - shame there’s a few swears as my 7 yr old was quite taken by the story and the aesthetics.
  12. More of their projects have suddenly had miscalculated postage and they are pulling the same stunt they have with unbroken seems another project they spent 5K of the backers money ordering 500 plushies then only 60 people bought them so now they are offering to send folk a plushie but they’ve scrapped the game as they only raised 10k unbroken they are asking for money as they “miscalculated” the shipping (although reports they ordered an extra 7500 copies and ran out of backer money to ship the rest is what I’ve read) Outlast:Westbrook they say they aren’t going to produce unless they can get more backers outside KS (despite it funding) and all the tome the CEO of golden bell is on social platforms berating anyone who dares call them out. At the present moment I’ll be shocked if unbroken turns up at my door as the last update said September but there’s no confirmation yet it’s even left the warehouse in China - even worse for EU backers as they haven’t even got a distributor lined up.
  13. I've no problem with a change of gender - especially if Hemsworth is at the end of his contract and wants to move on. It's been well received in the comics and would be a fresh dynamic on a character we all know well. My only concern is Natalie Portman being one of the most overrated actresses working today. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong though.
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