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  1. Thanks @gone fishin' - I tried it with a rubber keyed 48k power supply, which I think is okay. I’ll go through that list!
  2. I was always intrigued by Little Computer People but I’ve never played it. I’ve just picked up a ZX Spectrum + (pictured). It’s in great condition - apart from the missing key, which I’ve ordered. And the fact it won’t boot up. Plugged a Divide and it lights up but would it be worth me buying a multimeter to see what’s what, @new666uk? Appreciate this is a 128k thread!
  3. Moving house and I'm trying to scoot through lots of unfinished retro projects. Can I ask a question? It's based around me wanting to play DVDs on an original Xbox so pretty silly. I've got an EvolutionX V+3935'ed Xbox and I'm struggling to get it to play DVDs. Selecting 'Launch DVD' was just hanging on the 'Loading' screen in EvolutionX. Now it's going into 'Loading' then going back to the EvolutionX homepage. I'm using one of the DVD remotes and dongles. Anyone got any advice? Or any advice on booting to the original Xbox homepage so I can check the machine will play DVDs. It's fine with game discs.... HANG ON! I've managed to get it to work via XBMC. Return to your families. Thanks all xxxXXXxxx.
  4. I've read a review of Captive State that suggests it's a mess and another suggesting it's a bit special. It sounds very 'Half Life 2' the movie, if that's your thing APM...?
  5. Romcom starring and written by Ali Wong and Randall Park, Always be my Maybe came out yesterday. Randall Park was Kim Jong-Un in The Interview. I like Park and have a crush on Wong so I was keen anyway but it’s worth a watch for the AMAZING CAMEO about half way in, which beats in Zombieland. It completely unbalances the film but it’s worth it.
  6. That’s making me wish I’d picked it up but it would probably be the start of a GBC collection that would ruin me!
  7. I saw an almost mint copy of Scrabble for the GBC yesterday. £8. Isn’t that the one Matthew ‘Jet Set Willy’ Smith worked on?
  8. Your might be thinking of a cliffhanger where they showed Lots of people misunderstood the ending so I’m not surprised by this latest news. I wish I’d misunderstood it so I thought it was good but like a lot of shows it’s all about the journey. JJ Abrams isn’t obsessed with the thing that’s actually inside the puzzle box - he’s excited by the mystery. I’m rewatching it at mo with my wife and I’m enjoying it fwiw. Lost for me was an amazing experience for the ideas it fired in my imagination and the speculative conversations I had with friends about it. It’s a show with funky what ifs - the ultimate answers aren’t all that. First time round I was pissed at the ending but I’m prepared this time round.
  9. When Starsgard and Harris are warily sizing each other up at the prospect of being paired with each other by the sarge (Gorbachev) I joked that it would make a funky buddy movie setup not realising Mazin was way ahead of me. Couple more recommendations for related material. Threads - a kind of fictionalised docudrama about a nuclear attack on Sheffield. Episode one of Chernobyl really reminded me of this and I’d love to know if it was an influence. Into Eternity - Amazing nuclear waste doco about the repercussions and challenges of trying to store something for 100,000 years that you absolutely do not want a future civilisation to discover. It’s very softly spoken, thoughtful and completely terrifying. Trailer.
  10. Yep, that's the livetweet I mentioned earlier, which I've been co-producing. She's called Claire Corkhill and she's awesome. Collected tweets from Episode two here - link. Have to say Sky have been really supportive of this. And the show's amazing. Combination of 70's conspiracy thriller and horror.
  11. I saw Jared Harris responded to this question on Twitter by basically doing that sign for ‘money’ you do by rubbing your thumb and fingers together. In other news I think this is an extremely good show. Also, I worked wi a nuclear waste academic at Sheffield uni on a live tweet which might be of interest in terms of providing extra background info and explainers - link. She’s doing one for episode two, too.
  12. @Jammy. That is a comfort.
  13. Was listening to a Man U fan on radio talk about how they’ve had to go from expectation to hope and I realised Spurs have gone the other way. And as a fan for 40 years I don’t necessarily know how to feel about it. I need my pain, dammit. /Kirk
  14. Thanks @MikeBeaver and @Ninja Doctor - looks like I’ll be sorting out a little soldering training next week. Found this page while looking up fuse replacement and it mentions our good forum - link.
  15. Anyone care to link to a troubleshooting guide to a PAL SNES? I’ve got one I bought from this very forum, as non working I think, but I’d like to put it through its paces just in case. No power light at mo...
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