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  1. Dark Crimes - Jim Carrey Thriller

    Easily passes the three laugh test.
  2. NOS4R2 - TV Series Greenlit

    U F PPPPPP? S V H PPPPPP! Yeah, I read the title in Ronnie Barker's voice but the bulletpoints have my interest.
  3. A Quiet Place

    Talking to a friend who works in the local Curzon and Ghost Stories is unlikely to be on round there once this starts on Friday. They don't have enough screens to have two horrors on at the same time. I wouldn't be able to see Ghost Stories til next week so there's that but it's probably more frustrating for Warp Films and all who sail in her.
  4. Took me a while to get this watched. I'm fond of Garland - I love 28 Days Later in particular and some of his work is poetry - but he's structurally a bit rough sometimes and can't write third acts. This is very much in that vein. I like the fact that it would have reached a wider audience through Netflix but it was like watching a C64 demake at times with my connection. I would have loved to have seen it in the cinema. Favourite bit So what Has anyone mentioned Tarkovsky's Stalker? There's literally a shot looking down on swimming fish. Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow on soundtrack, which is excellent. They did an unofficial soundtrack to Dredd, called Drokk. Intrigued by how they got from there to here...
  5. So, what is the best Video Game movie

    I seem to remember Forbidden Siren was pretty good. The ending sticks in my mind.
  6. Netflix Recommendations - See OT for other thread

    I believe it is. I love Eggars ' Pirate Supplies shop but I guess screenplays are a different beast.
  7. Netflix Recommendations - See OT for other thread

    We watched The Circle last night. It was amateurish.
  8. Replacement PSU for Spectrum +2

    I can recommend Mutant Caterpillar, if they do them. They did a great job on the M1 on my ZX Spectrum and they even stuck in a Christmas card!
  9. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    Amazing Ivanka Trump joke in this week’s episode.
  10. Recommend me some sci-fi from the 60s and 70s

    Sapphire and Steel is freaky. ITV's mad 70's folk horror response to Doctor Who. Kinvig was Nigel Kneale's sci fi comedy. It's 70's ITV again so there's an underlying sense of hopelessness. May also hate sci fi.
  11. Help me pick Ten PlayStation games

    Has Vib Ribbon been mentioned? Or Silent Hill?
  12. the greatest line in cinema history is

    "Ordinary fuckin' people. I hate 'em..."
  13. Cool film concepts that got ditched

    Vincent Ward's Alien 3 was quite something. You had a button moon like tiny planet made of wood which the monks who lived on it had to burn in order to keep it warm. Or something. The Alien felt tacked on to be honest. I dont think Newt or Hicks featured in that one. There was a William Gibson script for Alien 3 with lots of slightly crumbly Cold War metaphors (a 'Ruskie' space station gets hold of Bishop and make improvements that mean he winds up with arthritic knees. Or something). BUT Hicks is the main character and there's a stunning zero grav sequence on the outside of a space station teaming with aliens. Also, David Cronenberg's Total Recall would have been cool (although not as cool as Veerhoeven's).
  14. Morrissey's December Speech

    I loved The Smiths and still adore Johnny Marr but unlike Marr, Morrissey seems to have frantically rowed his world view out somewhere between the mid Atlantic and the year 1950. He sounds like my Daily Mail reading Dad nowadays, god rest his soul.
  15. Saw this this afternoon. Sold out but a pair of staff at Cineworld got us in because they were lovely. It felt more like a Far Cry adaptation than Jumanji at points - the animals feel less important than I'd have liked - but the performances and heart get it over the line. Karen Gillan in particular is fab.

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