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  1. I can fully understand the 3 month wait for the translations. I used to work for the company that translated Gran Turismo 2 and for the mainly female transaltion teams it was very hard going and at a guess took around 4 maybe 5 months. DPG
  2. DPG

    Covers From Heaven

    Also there's Senior Coconut covers of Kraftwerk and 80's classic like Beat It & Smooth Operator. Or Richard Cheese for lounge covers of greats like Fight for your right to party. DPG
  3. DPG

    Super Discount 2

    Yeah they were 10"s and if I remember correctly limited to 1000 copies each. Your right about the Motorbass being better though. I've yet to hear any of the the new ones, but I can't help thinking that things have moved on. DPG
  4. Well first Hip Hop recommendation coming. DABRYE feat JAY DEE & PHAT KAT - Game Over - Ghostly Some techy electronic business, Dilla on co production and the instrumentals can be played on either 33 or 45 depending on your flavour. Listen!! DPG
  5. DPG


    I'm no expert on the Blue Note catalogue, but I have heard that Shades of Blue is some of Madlib's worst work. I can't really comment on that as I've still yet to hear it but I can see your point as some of the first YNQ album Angles without Edges was very much background music. Of course we still have all of his other persona to enjoy, if you are into the West London/ Broken Beat scene his DJ Rels album is soon to drop. I'll be checking the Hip Hop thread in a bit see if I can add anything. DPG
  6. DPG


    Madlib has also done Jazz covers of Irvine Weldon, Ahmed Miller and Steve Wonder all well worth checking out although the Irvine Weldon is some far out shit. Check out http://www.stonesthrow.com And his brother Oh No is well worth checking out. DPG
  7. DPG

    Remixed by..

    It's on an album called I ♥ Serge with other remixes from Chateau Flight and some others which I can't remember. I wouldn't bother with the album as it's not very good as a whole. I think I found it on Soulseek though. DPG
  8. DPG

    Remixed by..

    It's got to be, Serge Gainsbourg - Bonnie & Clyde (Matthew Herbert Mix) Daft Punk - Harder, Faster, Stronger (Neptunes Remix) Jazzanova - L.O.V.E. And You & I (Madlib remix) DPG
  9. The Matthew Herbert Big Band is awesome, saw them earlier in the ear and was blown away. The live sets are not the same as the album either with them performing older Herbert classics. P.S. 4 Hero is 2 people, Dego & Marc Mac check out the Parallel Universe album, sheer quality. DPG
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