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  1. I want one. Please MS let me buy one. Pleasey-Weasey.
  2. By missing out on a [short] DEMO? The game itself is coming on multiple platforms ((PS4, PS5, X1, XSX, PC), even the demo is coming to more platforms in a few months.
  3. Yeah, they need to update the rules here - he's a mile offside and basically only comes back to challenge for the ball (it's perfectly possible that Mings saw him, but thought he was so far offside he wasn't a danger at all and he had time to bring the ball down etc). He didn't play the ball to him or mess up - he was tackled by a guy coming back from miles away - It should be flagged offside any day of the week, and it needs fixing.
  4. It's the size shirt I wish I could get in now I'm old and have a dad bod.
  5. How long until we can work out the official medium of all the forum medium scores? EDIT: I'll take 63 82 - don't think that's gone yet?
  6. Apart from the gyro controls on both the Switch and PS5.....I mean, it's literally one of the first things many people ask "does it have gyro controls". To say it's gone away is totally blinkered.
  7. God damn it - missed them again! I just want to buy your console MS, let me give you my money. Please.
  8. Let me put it this way - if you had to write down what Sony will do next, what MS will do next, and what Nintendo will do next - then seal those in three different envelopes for opening when the time came.....I'd be a hell of a lot more confident of what was in the MS and Sony envelopes than I would with the Nintendo one - and that's why they are great. They swing and miss sometimes for sure, but they are not afraid to take a risk and do something different. Something sometimes wildly different. The market needs that, the three of them are like the tri-force, together they bring balance.
  9. MS have acknowledged it as a known problem are have said they are working on a fix.
  10. Are we just going to let this fly? It's trump-level bullshit. They're not perfect, far from it, but that doesn't mean it's OK to just go around making up bollocks like that. Their creativity and approach to games is what makes them so good.
  11. I know this was a joke comment, but it's really true - how exactly would they do it - who gets to decide on what's 'up to quality' and what isn't? Do they have folks playing every game, do the graphics have to be of a certain standard - it's really, really not easy to suddenly put a bar in place for what makes a game 'quality' and what doesn't. Lots of small, basic looking indies games are really fun - but how do you build a system, at that scale, that works on them. Nintendo should be working on allowing good content to be discovered (and bad content to sink underneath) - better s
  12. Oh man, this sale is going to kill me. I already have a huge backlog. but now a fair few games I had down to pick up when the ‘price is right’ are under £20. Today alone I’ve added Two Point Hospital for £17, Zombie Army Trilogy for £15, and NFS for £17.
  13. I did the googling - not sure I’d have ever made that leap otherwise! I guess the Watcher in Havens above does point it out, but easy to miss or ignore that. It actually makes the fight really easy, so all done. Nice little wrap up at the end as well. Brilliant game that I’d recommend to anyone.
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