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  1. rgraves

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Here’s a reasonably positive Everspace review. Seems about right - decent game, but Switch is not the best place to play it if you have other options: http://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/switch-eshop/everspace_-_stellar_edition
  2. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    You would need a USBC adapter to plug the dongle in (cheap on Amazon), but yeah it does with one of those - I use it that way from time to time.
  3. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    The Sony PS4 wireless one works a treat - that was cheap in the recent sales, might have gone back up again now though...
  4. Oh, trust me, you've had plenty of my cash over the years, I see no reason for that not to continue. It's just a case of 'how much' really.
  5. Y NO SWITCH (I totally get it's probably a time/resources thing, but given the release timing and lack of competition it does feel like a platform that could work well) I want snakes drifts on a plane.
  6. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    Monster Hunter and Fortnite had a baby - and it's been confirmed (by Phoenix Labs at The Game Awards last night) it's coming to Switch as well:
  7. Hold on, some fella wants you to hold his pint....
  8. I think it's a lot more like them than you think it is - especially ranked modes like Tower Control and Splat Zones. I think you'd like it if you gave it a chance, but your call - I can't force you or anything.
  9. Honestly @ZOK, give it a try - it's glorious. Don't let the exterior fool you, the level some of the players get to is mental. It's got [equivalents of] shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols etc - it's all in there. I can't see how anyone can say they love stuff like Halo and MW2 etc and yet not even be prepared to try it.
  10. BAN REQUEST. Splatoon 2 is monumentally good. It's *different* yes, but it's *phenomenal*. Simple, and yet deep as the ocean.
  11. rgraves

    Splatoon 2

    What Garwoofoo said - but just let her go online with it as well, it's perfectly safe and she'll have fun just playing in the standard turf wars.
  12. rgraves

    Edge #327 | Nintendo

    A Nintendo edition with a Pacman/Sonic cover duo - erm....
  13. Hold on. This is over the line. You've gone too far. SPLATOON man, SPLATOON!! (honestly, it's the best thing Nintendo have done in years. It's bloody outrageously good)

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