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  1. Sure - endgame spoilers follow: Thank you. I realise the irony! I am a bit of a completionist and I wanted to see all the sidequests through to see the character development, especially after I realised there were stuff like bosses you could miss out on. And of course there is the gotta catch em all mentality. Like I say, the game isn't bad, but for the long haul it was just too slow, repetative and simplistic for me. I knew it wouldn't take too long to do everything in the game, although I probably spent a good 5-8 hours doing optional stuff. I t
  2. I've been playing this the last few days and finished it tonight with all the side quests complete and bugsnax caught. Although I think there are a bunch of things the game does well, overall I didn't find it very engaging. On the plus side, its got a lot of charm, the music's good, the writing and voice acting are surprisingly well done and there's quite a bit of humour. Bugsnax is a nice original premise and although the very simple art style isn't going to win any awards, its pleasing to look at. But unfortunately, and crucially, the gameplay doesn't really hold up. Bugsnax's pa
  3. Funnily enough it was that boon that got me the closest to escaping yet, it helped a lot to defeat the zone 3 boss and then I died in the last phase of the final boss (even regenning health wasn't enough to help me there and I couldn't be arsed to run away for ages). I got that far again on the next run too though, I'm almost at 40 runs now. I would say I've only gotten half decent at the combat in the last 10 runs, actually learning the attack patterns and dodging at the right times. Usually I'm a bit of a punching bag. Witches circle and Butterfly boss can sod off though, they al
  4. Good new video by ex Eurogamer journo Chris Pratt about how Supergiant did the Hades dialogue system: In my Hades news, I must be about 20 something runs in and can get about half way through the 3rd area now, I still often get mashed by the area 2 boss though, or annoying stuff like the Witches Circle or butterfly hell balls. I'm still really enjoying it though, every run I'm tailoring my boons and aiming for synergies or basic builds which is great fun. Now I'm more powered up getting through area 1 is a bit of a breeze but that's fine because it give
  5. It's worth noting I finished the game at about 50 percent completion, its tallied via the ludicrous number of secret chests, of which I still went out of the way to get lots of. You can probably finish it at like 30 percent.
  6. So I finished Darkwood last week and it continued to be excellent. All the stuff I mentioned gets even better as you go on, and even towards the end the game is tense, difficult and dark (in both senses of the word). Its a very bleak but fascinating world with some very memorable and well-written characters/monstrosities. The scare factor does eventually lower, although for me that's partly because i dragged the game way out being a completionist. Every new area brings a sense of dread as you have no idea what's awaiting you. Even if the pants-wetting can eventually wear off, the
  7. Just picked this up on impulse wanting another music game and ended up going through it in one sitting. What a trip! I'm not even a fan of pop music but I didn't realise it was quite electronic beatsy pop, in fact on the whole I really enjoyed the music and there's one or two absolute bangers in there. So to sum up, its an audio visual rollercoaster with an intense pace, very reminiscent of Rez in feel. The animation and sense of speed is great, and all the actions are timed with the music which is super satisfying. Its got a ton of nice little gameplay mechanics too,
  8. Dark Souls 3 DLC is definitely worth it, stunning environments and some cool enemies, just be warned the bosses are as brutal as you would expect for endgame, the final boss is one of the best in the series though.
  9. I've always been a bit on the fence with Supergiant games, I've always loved the polish, art and unique ideas but the gameplay's never been quite there for me, plus I find the games kind of wanky and pretentious in general. I only really picked up Hades (on Switch) because its cheap and so many people have said it's great I felt obliged to give it a shot. I'm not even really into hack n slash type games either. For the first few hours it was as I feared, the combat was kind of basic, repetative, the game felt very Supergiant in general. Getting bashed in by Meg was getting tiresome too. I thin
  10. Yeah I'm a big music game fan but I just can't justify another 60 quid game purchase just now. Most of my gaming funds for the next few months are going to Cyberpunk, and I'm sure a lot of people are loathe to fork out that much for a music game with so many other big releases coming out at the end of this year, including of course the new consoles. Seems like a massive mistake to me, yes I understand its all licensed but this isn't exactly a hit genre at the moment. I'm really surprised they didn't do the usual and get a bunch of good in-house or lesser known artists to fill out most of the t
  11. Yeah I guess so, I was just thinking if it was actually massive then they might make it require a game disk for base PS4. And yeah I'm a bit worried about loading times on base PS4, Witcher 3 had some long load times, god knows how Cyberpunk will handle them. Hopefully there won't be too many loading screens though, they've done a pretty good job of ingame streaming to date.
  12. Do we know how many gigs this game is going to be to download? Please tell me it will fit on a base PS4, surely it will... right? I've got a bad feeling a purge of every other game on my system is imminent to make space for this behemoth!
  13. Awesome, cheers guys. Looking forward to it!
  14. Does anyone know if we can expect new tunes from Connected? Or any new tunes for the game in general? I haven't played it for like 6 months but new music would definitely tempt me back.
  15. Had a big session last night and I'm sad to report that the Switch is really struggling in framerate in some of the new high-density areas. It might be the issue that misterSquare mentioned, but I didn't get around to resetting the game because it autosaves at the start of each day and I kept forgetting to do it. I'll report back if that fixes it. In addition the combat is really hurting me on console because of the difficulty of dodging and precision movement. Dodge is mapped to joystick right click, which as you can imagine is hardly easy to pull off when you're constantly having
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