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  1. Alan Stock

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    Quite a good read actually, some interesting points and way shorter than previous entries. But it descends into a sort of obsessional Alan Partridge-esque attack on CEX and the staff who work there. Some good stuff mixed in with a unhealthy dollop of sneering hatred. Would recommend.
  2. Alan Stock

    Prey (2017) - Update and Mooncrash DLC available now!

    I am guessing you were up against the two phantoms in the medical room near Morgan's office. It's a big stumbling point for a lot of people but you don't actually have to go in there and its a place you can return to later in the game when you are more powerful. I think they put the phantoms there to show you that there are some areas that are very tough and you can come back to. But many players like you and me try to get past the phantoms as it seems like an obvious place to progress the game, and then get worried the game is going to be way too hard. Personally I think it was a bit of a design misstep especially as its not very clear where to go in the lobby.
  3. I have been following this game, but there hasn't been much to talk about because so little has been released about it. They've had one teaser trailer and now this one. Plus a few skits featuring the main girl character. They promoted her in the real world via a twitter account in her name, released a song of hers, and even did an interview with her and game writer Uchikoshi. Uchikoshi has said little about Somnium Files in panels and interviews, we just know its basically a detective game with murders and stuff and the main guy has this special cyborg eye which lets him find clues and go into dreams. If there is a death game of some kind involved I wouldn't be surprised! I deliberately avoided the trailer above as I don't want spoilers. The premise is basically the detective delves into people's dreams to hunt for clues, which to me is a pretty crappy wishy-washy idea based on the artwork they showed for it. But as Uchikoshi's first big game since Zero Escape, I can't rule it out. Fingers crossed. I just don't know how you follow up Zero Escape, hopefully Uchikoshi will prove there is life beyond The Nonary Games. I don't want to know too much more about it, as long as it's good then the whole fun is knowing as little as possible about the plot. I'm also keeping my eyes on the Death March Club project between Uchikoshi and the Danganropa creator, which Uchikoshi should be working on full time after this game. It's not a visual novel, some are saying it may be an action platformer, but the premise is a death game with kids and Uchikoshi is the main writer. Not sold on the cutesy art style though: https://www.polygon.com/2018/10/4/17936360/death-march-club-too-kyo-games-danganronpa-zero-escape.
  4. Alan Stock

    Subnautica - Ver 1.0 Out Now

    It's standalone but they are billing it as an expansion - so a new world, vehicles, creatures, some new mechanics but with all of the underlying stuff from the original game. They said it will be a lot shorter than Subnautica and they are pricing it accordingly. But I think they shuld just make it as long as an experience, build out the world and charge full price. I'm happy to play the same thing again with new buildings, environments and cold weather mechanics!
  5. Alan Stock

    Subnautica - Ver 1.0 Out Now

    Whilst all of those things are true, I bloody love the Cyclops. It blew my mind when I built it. It encapsulates that terror of being in a big sub as everything goes to shit around you, and a welcome safe space to return to in the depths when you have no bases around. It's definitely true the world design didn't mesh too well with it, I guess if the later areas had been more open that would have helped. Also they probably should have made it less vulnerable, or made it easy to recover/repair it if it got destroyed. The thing is you want it to have some vulnerabilty or you lose that sense of danger and Das Boot tension. But on the other hand if you lose your Cyclops you might as well reload the game. Maybe a better idea would have been to make it tougher but gate the more dangerous areas for the Cyclops with tunnels it can't get through. That way you use it for it's mainly intended purpose, a mobile base as a staging area for expeditions into places the Cyclops can't reach. All this chat about Subnautica has me so hyped for the Artic expansion. I just wish they would make it a full length game and take their time with it. I'd happily pay full price for another full Subnatuica adventure - but at the moment they are saying the expansion will be like 10-20 hours long (short compared to the original). I want that long burn gameplay of slowly building up your bases and getting ever-deeper, that sense of scale and progression.
  6. Alan Stock

    Overwatch - Bob!!!

    Anyone watch Overwatch League this weekend? There was a mad Sym push on Hanamura Attack that got the 3rd fastest time in the League. They teleported an Orisa and Junkrat past the main gate into the little room on the left, went upstairs and then teleported above the point, dropped down and melted everyone. Then for B they teleported over the gap on the left, teleported from high ground onto the point, and by that point Sym had max charge and just absolutely ruined the other team, she was deleting tanks in like 2 seconds. At one point she even had Baptiste's amp matrix to fire though. Madness but great fun to watch. The meta for stage 2 is still mostly GOATs but thank god not always. There have been some fun Bastion bunker comps and some DPS especially on control points. We've seen Pharah, Tracer and even Genji (though the ninja was mostly to fight Bastions). Looks like they'll need to do some more balance changes but GOATs is slowly giving way. I just don't want to see a return to dive meta, which got so boring and is hard to follow. That was the whole reason Brig was invented, to counter dive, but then lead to the GOATspocalypse. What are people's thoughts on Baptiste? I haven't tried him yet but he seems like good fun. Teams in League are using him mainly for the invunerability field, its great for surviving to get into position to attack Bastion or when you get gravved.
  7. Yeah I love Factorio as well, so I'm pretty hyped about this. I like that its 3D and has exploration elements, unfortunately I think you'll need a pretty good PC to do it justice. Happy to hear your impressions.
  8. Alan Stock

    Playstation Plus | April - The Surge & Conan Exiles

    Been quite enjoying Conan, yes it's shonky and looks crap but the base building and survival elements are solid and the world is huge. Tried out a PVP server to start and got ganged up on by a team, so realised as a solo player I don't have the clout for group PVP and I went to the PVE Conflict servers instead, where you can't destroy buildings but can still kill other players at prime time. Only problem is there just aren't enough local servers. The EU ones are always full and there's no bloody queue system. Asian ones and American ones are more numerous but with terrible pings. To make it even worse, your progress is saved on a per-server basis, so you could build up a base - but then rarely get into the server again because it's too busy. And because there is no server queue, that means repeatedly clicking on the servers you want to join only for it to tell you it's full every time. It's so stupid and I bet a lot of people have just given up on the game because of this. Now I'm trying to find a quieter server and I might even take the ping hit for an American one if it means I can actually progress with a character on a regular basis. If anyone finds any good servers let me know. There are privately loaned servers you can join, but they always have changed the settings so you get massive amounts of EXP and resources, for the base building/PVP fanatics I suppose. Not for me though, I like the survival aspect and don't want to sleepwalk through the early game.
  9. Alan Stock

    Subnautica - Ver 1.0 Out Now

    I can imagine losing your Cyclops must be pretty demoralising, especially if you've kitted it out. I came close down in the far depths a few times and was shitting it. I'm pretty sure I did actually get it destroyed at one point due to a silly mistake and decided to break my self-imposed rule and revert to a save game. It just takes too long to farm up the materials to build another if you do lose it. It is a bitch to maneuveur in some places but like Beejay says there are wider routes you can take. I would persevere because the far depths are some of the most atmospheric and pant shitting areas in the game. I personally had a staging base set up in the Grand Reef (floaty balls area) and set out on my expeditions deeper from there. Then if I died it wasn't such a big blow. And its true you don't actually need the Cylops until the very end of the game as you can upgrade other vehicles to get into the caves, eventually.
  10. Alan Stock

    Playstation Plus | April - The Surge & Conan Exiles

    The wang wiggle
  11. Alan Stock

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

  12. Alan Stock

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    There's a key item which helps a lot with that boss - I suggest continuing your explorations elsewhere and coming back later as you probably don't have it yet if you're having so much trouble.
  13. Alan Stock

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    It's like I said before, my rough analogy is the satisfaction of watching a friendly football match vs watching your team advance through a league. The gameplay is the same but you get extra "meaning" out of the metagame aspect of it. There's some part of our lizard brain that likes unlocking new and shiny skins. Even though I have lvl 100 and can't get more Apex Packs that way, I'm still a bit excited when I get the free ones from the battle pass because there are still skins and banners I want. In other news, I feel the pain of you guys getting wrecked. Last night I played 3 games in a row and every game was a joyless slog collecting loot for half the game, only to get instantly eliminated by the first teams we encountered. 2/3 teams had someone good with skullpiecer wingman and I was downed from midrange in a few shots (even through smoke, probably had digital threat). Another one I got shot from behind and was down before I could even fire a shot. My teammates (who were also lvl 100) died very shortly afterwards. Each person that killed me had the 20 kill badge and multiple thousands of kills. It's so demoralising and frustrating when you feel like you have no chance and run into the "elites" as your first fight. It's a problem that I have with BR games in general and brought back to mind the long games in Fortnite where you'd run across the landscape for 15 minutes only to get insta shotgunned by a guy hiding in a bush. On Reddit people are moaning about how ineffective the longbow is, although they are kinda right, anyone who has faced a good player with skullpiecer wingman should not be wanting ways to get killed in a few shots by sniper rifles. I like the high time to kill in this game but when you meet weapons in the mid-game that break that rule it can be really frustrating. Such as Skullpiecer Wingman and R99 with extended mag.
  14. Alan Stock

    Playstation Plus | April - The Surge & Conan Exiles

    Conan's supposed to be quite good. But is it open world single player or an MMO?
  15. Alan Stock

    Her Story

    By the way, a Her Story sequel is coming! Article here: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-03-27-sam-barlow-unveils-his-ambitious-her-story-follow-up I'm guessing it will have some sort of murrrrderrrr or conspiracy. Can't wait. Her Story is still one of the best detective games ever made and one of the cleverest emerging plots out there.

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