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  1. This randomly popped up in my Youtube Recommended - a tiny thing but amazing attention to detail. A bit spoilery so don't recommend watching unless you've played through at least two thirds of the game. Looking forward to one day playing this again on PS5 and just taking my time to look at all the little details I missed the first time around.
  2. Yep just buy the Yuffie DLC off the store and install as normal once you have the PS5 upgrade installed. Then when you go into the game you can switch in the main menu to the DLC.
  3. I did mean current gen upgrades, I'm still in 'next gen' mindset because I only just got a PS5. Just been playing and there are still bugs, framerate drops and suchlike. The first time I went into the inventory I couldn't press X to open up my clothing slots. After a minute or two going in and out of the inventory it started working again. I wish there was a story or mission recap because its tough dropping right back into the main story and remembering who is who, what happened in flashback events and so on. Going to plough on with the main story now, I'm doing netrunning stuff i
  4. I was just hoping for any kind of new features, quality of life improvements, rebalancing etc in the latest patch. So far its 6 months in and all we've had is bug fixes and tiny quality of life improvements. No point in waiting around now though, next gen console upgrades are way off and god knows how long it will be before any significant features are added, considering Sony are putting this back on sale on PS Store. Time to get back into Night City!
  5. Yep, very dissapointing. Guess I'll hop back in now as there aren't going to be any major improvements in the short term.
  6. I had nearly a full day of this the other day continuing my biome 3 adventures. Basically I hardly made any progress (only getting towards the end of biome 3), over the course of many hours. Some of this was due to silly mistakes, some was taking way too many risks, and some runs were ended by particularly savage rooms with mini bosses and loads of enemies, usually entered when I was already on crappy health. However even though it gets a bit frustrating dying, I just hop straight back in. The core gameplay is just so fun and satisfying. As you play more, thanks to the awesome no-l
  7. See my post further up the thread for thoughts on House of Fata Morgana (pro tip, it is very slow paced). I started Raging Loop quite a while ago now, did one full loop and found it quite slow but I like the premise. I'm a bit further on now but the slow pacing really has made it one I've not really been thrilled to go back to. Its sitting there waiting to be played but I never feel like I want to dedicate an hour or two to it especially as the characters aren't that engaging, I just want to get past the fluff to the mafiascum stuff! Definitely check out AI: Somnium fil
  8. Transferring PS4>PS5 save woes aside, the Yuffie DLC is good fun. It's pretty lighthearted and I like Yuffie and her pals. The content is a bit story light as you might expect with more of a focus on combat areas and a retread of the slums from the original game. The music is brilliant as ever, the transition to the combat music is pumping with some of the tracks. It's also nice to see briefly some of the original cast members, as well as a nice little bonus ending featuring the main cast and hinting of things to come. It does introduce a few new characters and plant some seeds for future p
  9. Thanks, I'll just carry on as I am then.
  10. A question with slight spoilers for progression:
  11. Read the new patch notes, shame they haven't addressed the save feature. But the biggest things I saw on the notes were A: rebalancing of difficulty, which will be interesting, B: added more haptic feedback for some cutscenes, and C : some rebalancing of the audio. I have some free time coming up so looking forward to smashing onwards into Biome 3 properly.
  12. Getting your PS4 save file over to PS5 for this game is a massive joke. PSN lets you upload saved data for all your games to the cloud, and so on PS5 you just grab that data and voila; all your save games are there. But oh no, not this game. For some inexplicable reason you have to go to your PS4 and upload your FFVII Remake save from within the game. Why?? So first to play FFVII Remake on PS5 I had to download and install 80+ gig on my PS5 - which took over 4 hours. Then because it wasn't installed on my PS4 any more, I had to reinstall the game on that console - so another 4 hou
  13. Yeah don't worry too much about skills, if you explore everywhere you'll be able to level up almost everything. I think melee was the only tree I didn't really bother with because on Hard difficulty you don't really want to be getting up close and personal.
  14. That first question is very good! Bit of a weird one this, its the kind of game I can't see any benefit replaying due to its slow pace and its direction, even if they add a few new routes. I'm guessing its just to open it up to a new audience and get some super-fans to fork out for the new content and physical editions. Hopefully Dan Salvato is still working on another game in the meantime!
  15. I'll be getting this soon. Anyone know how long the DLC is supposed to be, assuming you do most of the stuff in it? With the PS5 version I'm tempted to carry on my Hard playthrough of the main game as well.
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