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  1. Not without putting my fist through the screen.
  2. Look, I'm not saying it is rubbish. The problem I have is that The Guardian and other sites have gone way, way, way over the top with it. A quick Google search for "Fleabag" site:theguardian.com returns 2,440 results. The more I'm told that X is the greatest thing since sliced bread the less likely I am going to watch it because it can't possibly live up to the hype. To be fair The Graun did this with The Sopranos and The Wire and I happily went back to them after the hype died down and enjoyed them immensely and I will undoubtedly do it with Fleabag. And I'm sorry, but she does have a smug face.
  3. The only surprise is that Fleabag isn't no 1. I know it is supposed to be excellent and I will watch it one day. But that day keeps getting put off because I'm sick of reading something, turning the page/clicking a link and seeing Phoebe Hyphenated-Privilege's smug fucking face.
  4. Plissken

    The BTCC Thread

    Well.. this has touring cars in the title, so I'll put it here. Some glorious driving.
  5. I am still all in on Clarets heel turn. https://giphy.com/gifs/wwe-wrestling-l0HTZoPifgYGMAEjC
  6. Apparently ex-Celtic keeper Artur Boruc was in the away end on a megaphone, too.
  7. Somewhat unusually for British teams in Europe, Belfast have been the less aggressive and indisciplined of the two. Having said that, 5 for fighting. But Raine made his point there.
  8. Absolutely outrageous hit, yes.
  9. Belfast vs Liberec live on FreeSports now. Cardiff are on tomorrow. Hockey is back!
  10. If Bury (and maybe Bolton) do establish phoenix clubs, then Step 8 will be too far down. Yes, Telford, Nuneaton, Chester and Halifax started there, but they weren't League One clubs at the time of going bump. AFC Wimbledon were a brand new club. I suspect it might be Conference North or thereabouts. Of course this is complicated by the fact that they are moving between league organisations as well. (Of course a problem for Bolton is that stadium - way, way too big financially for the level they might find themselves at.)
  11. I hope that something good rises from the ashes of this mess.
  12. The usual process is - as mentioned - the clubs take relegation places and the number coming up stays the same. Of course, this will leave League Two short next year. They may go with one down and two up from the Conference.
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