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  1. Thought about Dele Alli, but he's enough of a bastard on the pitch for Mourinho to like him. He's also probably not dumb enough to go after Son.
  2. Which popular creative or young player do you think he will pick on and attempt to drive out of the club? Harry Winks, maybe?
  3. Thoughts and prayers with all Spurs fans this morning.
  4. Just noticed that Arlington Road is on Prime. A brilliant thriller and criminally underwatched.
  5. In non-league nutter owner news, the in no way fuelled Glenn Tamplin whose natural ego had him owning Billericay Town, managing, sacking himself, reappointing himself (several times), buying two Ferraris in club colours (home and away), painting "murials" on the club stand glorifying himself, telling supporters on Twitter to commit suicide, sacking himself again, appointing himself again, sacking all his players and eventually leaving a wrecked football club behind... bought Romford FC last month. He sacked three staff, appointed himself manager and had his first game yesterday. More background: http://twohundredpercent.net/billericay-town-essex/
  6. I have little to no interest in playing this, but I could definitely read about the technology behind it for a long time. Looks utterly incredible.
  7. Second longest duck in European football - 70 years. (Luxembourg is longest at 86 years.)
  8. A lot of those losses were made while those teams were in the PL though. I think Bolton owed Eddie Davies over £100m *before* they were relegated. I think it was the last TV deal but one where most clubs were still largely making losses. Even now most reports talk about record club revenues rather than profits.
  9. Evidence gathering that the Astros had a camera trained on the opposition catcher and were relaying the signals to their hitters. In the recent World Series, the Nationals changed their signalling system and won all four games in Houston. Not sure that we've heard the last of this.
  10. McLean has always seemed a good guy. Good riddance, Cherry.
  11. Article from The Ringer on Halo 2 - https://www.theringer.com/2019/11/11/20958715/halo-2-anniversary-first-person-shooter-xbox-master-chief-history-i-love-bees
  12. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension - 5/5 OK, I'm biased because I love this film to bits, but the SE Blu-Ray was on cheap and I still spotted stuff I had never seen. So much of this film is in the background audio or set dressing. Anyway, it occurred to me, that WD Richter made Joss Whedon does Guardians of the Galaxy on a tiny budget, without CGI and 30 years too early. What was a totally out there film in 1984 is very normal in the comic-book adaptation saturated world of 2019.
  13. Who else is unsurprised that City are the first to try the "deliberate knock it against the defenders hand and claim the penalty" tactic?
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