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  1. Yet Spotify just had a valuation of $26bn despite losing $1.5bn a year. The distribution model is totally broken.
  2. As an aside, that is the first time ever that Gainsborough have been promoted or relegated through competition (as opposed to league restructuring). Which doesn't sound much but they were formed in 1873.
  3. Football Thread 2017/18

    Seventh now qualifies you for a Europa League place.
  4. Albums in the 60s and 70s were much shorter. Toys in the Attic clocks in at 37 minutes. Revolver is 35 minutes. Use Your Illusion I + II are 151 minutes combined, Songs in the Key of Life just 104. Easier to do one album a year when you don't have to tour the globe and only kick out just over half an hour of new material. (And your singles are just 3 minutes long, so don't run out of steam.)
  5. Great films with terrible music

    Two pages in and no-one has mentioned Ladyhawke? Add me in the "The Princess Bride has a shit score" camp.
  6. Football Thread 2017/18

    Spurs really need to win something soon - the "Spurs gonna Spurs" thing really seems to be in their heads these days and the only way out of that is to win something. When was the last time this Spurs team won out over an adverse situation? I can remember them crumbling a few times, and beating some good clubs when getting out in front (e.g. Real Madrid). But I can't remember an occasion where they went 2-0 down to, say, Chelsea, and came back.
  7. Football Thread 2017/18

    I watched the last 20 minutes on my phone in a sleep-deprived state shortly before falling asleep for 12 hours. Even though I was almost out of it and unable to string a coherent sentence together, I was thinking "why are they still trying to play through the middle against nine players"?
  8. EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    A comfortable 4-0 win away to struggling Bolton confirmed that Wolves will take possession of the Football League Trophy for next season. Congratulations to them. Team GP GD Pts *Wolves 44 46 98 Cardiff 43 30 86 Behind the champions, the race for automatic promotion sees no quarter given. Fulham ended Millwalls unbeaten run with an impressive 3-0 win at the New Den only for Cardiff to counter late on Saturday night with a 2-1 victory over Forest. Villa are still in with a shout after they beat Ipswich 4-0 but are running out of matches. Get to 92 points and you are up. Team GP GD Pts *Wolves 44 46 98 Cardiff 43 30 86 ---------------------------- Fulham 44 34 85 Aston Villa 44 31 82 There might only be two playoff places left but the situation has tightened up considerably with seven clubs in with a shout. Boro got some breathing room by beating Derby 2-1. The third defeat on the trot for the Rams keeps them from overtaking Millwall. Behind them, Brentford won their local derby with QPR to hover menacingly in 8th, a point back. Preston are still hanging in there quietly although a 0-0 draw at home to Norwich might leave them wondering what might have been in a fortnights time. Bristol City will be thinking the same thing after scoring 5 at home to Hull. Problem was, they conceded five as well. Filling out the congestion is Sheff Utd whose 2-1 loss away at Birmingham means a run of 1 win in 5 has blown their chances of the post season. Qualification for the playoffs is at 76 points. Team GP GD Pts *Cardiff 43 30 86 ----------------------------- *Fulham 44 34 85 *Aston Villa 44 28 82 Middlesbrough 44 20 72 Millwall 44 12 69 ----------------------------- Derby 43 17 68 Brentford 44 12 68 Preston 44 9 67 Bristol City 44 10 66 Sheff Utd 44 7 66 At the bottom, 41 points keeps you in the Championship for another year. This marker cannot be met by Sunderland whose last minute 2-1 home defeat by nearest rivals Burton - with a goal by old boy Darren Bent - means the Black Cats drop straight through the division and into the third tier for only the second time in their history. Despite a massive goal difference disadvantage, the Brewers still have a lifeline and their game against Bolton next week will go a long way to deciding where they will be travelling next season. Lose and they are down, win and they take a giant step towards staying up. Draw it is, then. Elsewhere, Barnsley lost away at Leeds to stay in the final relegation place. They are still in touch with Bolton but Birmingham are a point from safety after their win over Sheff Utd. Reading were heavily beaten by Sheff Weds, the result securing the latters Championship status along with Hull and Forest. With Burton and Bolton playing next week, 44 points keeps you up. GP GD Pts Reading 44 -18 43 Birmingham 44 -32 43 Bolton 44 -34 40 -------------------------- Barnsley 43 -20 38 Burton 44 -44 38 *Sunderland 44 -30 34 Selected run-ins Cardiff Derby (A), Hull (A), Reading (H) Fulham Sunderland (H), Birmingham (A) Aston Villa Derby (H), Millwall (A) Derby Cardiff (H), Villa (A), Barnsley (H) Middlesbrough Millwall (H), Ipswich (A) Millwall Middlesbrough (A), Villa (H) Bristol City Forest (A), Sheff Utd (H) Sheff Utd Preston (H), Bristol City (A) Brentford Barnsley (A), Hull (H) Reading Ipswich (H), Cardiff (A) Birmingham QPR (A), Fulham (H) Bolton Burton (A), Forest (H) Barnsley Forest (A), Brentford (H), Derby (A) Burton Bolton (H), Preston (A)
  9. Football Thread 2017/18

    Bayern weren't ever going near Tuchel. Apparently him + the existing egos in the dressing room would equal nuclear levels of falling out.
  10. Football Thread 2017/18

    Clarets have chucked in a bit of a stinker tonight. Oh well. I'm surprised that a 2-1 home defeat to Chelsea is tinged with disappointment. Leicester drew so that will do for me.
  11. NHL discussion thread

    SHL final game 2 live now on FreeSports (Freeview 95) The KHL final is also live on the channel.
  12. Football Thread 2017/18

    So? If he had put two more shots away, City would be five points better off. If you want to play the stats game - Burnley have conceded the most shots this season. They lead in blocked shots and are second in clearances. Nick Pope has the highest save percentage of any Premier League goalkeeper. Yet with 29, only two teams have conceded fewer goals and even though I hate xG, that is nearly 17 less than the xG of the chances conceded.
  13. Football Thread 2017/18

    Not really. How many chances did he miss against United the other week? Three? There is a solid argument that he has cost City points with his mistakes in front of goal - the United game and the open goal against Burnley are two occasions that spring immediately to mind. He's going to have a Walcott type career. With more medals, obviously.
  14. Football Thread 2017/18

    Salah hasn't missed several open goals from two yards.
  15. Football Thread 2017/18

    Yeah, I always felt that Gerrards used his passion and emotion to make up for his technical deficiencies. Not necessarily a bad thing and particularly useful in one-off occasions as shown by the number of Cups won and Leagues... not won.

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