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  1. There are more similarities between their styles of play that most pundits would like to admit.
  2. Nah. He’s a good young keeper. Bit of a strange one to lose there and blowing a lead two weeks in a row is most unlike us. However, it is another sign that having a strong first XI just isn’t enough. No options on the bench again whereas Bruce, for all his many faults, knew that he could make personnel changes.
  3. I'm definitely expecting goals in the lunchtime kickoff today!
  4. You've got a week lads, find out what the Duke is wearing and you can avoid a kit clash.
  5. Not booking Rodrigo for his outrageous playacting was another.
  6. I tried GTA V when it was last on GamePass. If only there was some way to play it without the hateful, hateful characters.
  7. I really enjoyed Deliver Us The Moon.
  8. Amazon have a new one of their behind the scenes documentaries up on Prime - Making Their Mark follows the 2020 AFL (Aussie Rules) season and some of the personalities behind it. I was lucky enough to see an AFL game a couple of years ago and it's a fantastic sport. Fast, tough and end to end. (The AFL usually put 7-10 minutes highlights packages up on Youtube after every match.) I'm only an episode in and they are introducing the players and staff. However, they've already showcased Eddie Betts (an absolute genius who can score from anywhere) and Nic Natanui (6'6" Fijian, stro
  9. Imagine what the result would have been if Germany had had to play the whole of Macedonia.
  10. Aguero to leave Man City after a decade. I don't think that he has been truly appreciated in this country. Probably because you get used to overall excellence, as opposed to out of your seat at a magical moment. He's one of those players who just does the right thing, every time.
  11. Once every few months, I fire up VICE-64 and blast* my way through Impossible Mission. *Well, somersault and search.
  12. Looks like one of the FA Cup semifinals might have 10,000 fans in. Hopefully it will be Leicester/Southampton.
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