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  1. That's pretty nice, actually.
  2. I know our owners are looking to do similar (they are Mormons, therefore don't gamble) but the flipside is that they had 7.5m reasons a season not to. That was three high end first team players wages.
  3. Plissken


    Didn’t want him anyway. He’s clearly rubbish based on me only hearing about him two days ago.
  4. Theron Did Not Have A Good Time making the first one. (A lot of that was Tom Hardy related, mind.)
  5. Best team in the league - Tampa were amazing though, but the best part of an extra season over the last three years - they looked absolutely spent. It will be interesting to see the injury list on both sides. Landeskog was virtually invisible during the series, although Nathan McKinnon was skating like a man possesses last night. The mere sight of Bowen Byram makes me feel old, as his dad played in Manchester and Ayr before the lad was born.
  6. Rammstein in Coventry. Crowd absolutely bang into it from the first moment. Till being the absolute showman he never thought he would be. Largely the same as four (!) years ago in MK, though with new material. Maybe it is my memory playing tricks on me but even though there was a lot of the same, MK felt like a two hour assault on all the senses (in a good way), whereas this was more... playful. Fun. Perhaps this is because I knew what was coming this time, although they went even further with burning Flake during "Mein Teil"!
  7. Plissken


    Er... so, this Dan Ballard chap... wot's 'e like?
  8. Southgate has undying loyalty to most of his first XI, but if you were on the subs bench then one bad club performance and you are fucked. Ask Nick Pope or James Tarkowski.
  9. “Shall we play a game?” “Global thermonuclear war.” “Wouldn’t you prefer a nice game of chess?” “Actually I would.”
  10. I suspect it requires a minimum amount of notice - it is only five weeks away. However, it could be quite interesting for Vincent Kompany's Burnley to play their opening fixture away at Huddersfield, considering the Giants are also due to play the Warrington Wolves in the stadium at the same time.
  11. Opening round of fixtures Friday, 29 July Huddersfield Town v Vincent Kompany's Burnley (20:00 BST) Saturday, 30 July (15:00 BST unless stated) Blackburn Rovers v Queens Park Rangers Blackpool v Reading Cardiff City v Norwich City Hull City v Bristol City Luton Town v Birmingham City Middlesbrough v West Bromwich Albion (17:30) Millwall v Stoke City Rotherham United v Swansea City Wigan Athletic v Preston North End Sunday, 31 July Sunderland v Coventry City (12:00) Monday, 1 August Watford v Sheffield United (20:00) Pause for the World Cup after Nov 12th, restart 10th December.
  12. Funny that you should say that, seeing as Cobra was what Stallone wanted to turn Beverly Hills Cop into when he was attached to it.
  13. In Coventry on Sunday. Cannot wait. (BTW, I know of a single standing ticket going spare at face value. Owner got Covid today.)
  14. It's barely a trilogy to be honest. There are weird connections between them (Max's injuries carry over) but they are largely set in different worlds. I can't remember the name of the trope but it's the "same character walks into someone else's story, fixes things and leaves".
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