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  1. Plissken

    Xbox Game Pass

    You could do it in an early Forza Horizon via Groove Music by loading in the MP3s I think.
  2. It would be nice to finish a match without another player injured.
  3. Can never find that picture of the banner the Leeds fans held up at Turf Moor pleading with Cellino to buy them when I need to.
  4. The Journey (2017) - Amazon Prime At a crucial moment in the Northern Ireland Peace Process, the leaders of the two sides, the Reverend Dr Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness ended up sharing a car journey. This film depicts what could have happened when these two sworn enemies sat down next to each other, alone, for the first time. Well, the key word there is "could". I mean, the pair of them could have hopped in a spaceship and saved the galaxy from mutant aliens and it would have been just as realistic. But then this film is about dramatising the relationship between two men who fought for 30 years and ended up the closest of friends. It absolutely is not a reconstruction of the journey, it isn't how the two of them got on, it's more about why they ended up being known as "The Chuckle Brothers" within Ireland. McGuinness is fantastically played by Colm Meaney with Timothy Spall doing a incredible job of Paisley - at times seeming to chew the scenery, but then that is what Paisley was. The script treats both sides equally, with Meaney getting sympathy for fighting for his side without shying away from the atrocious acts committed in his name. Paisley gets to grandstand about not sinking to the depths of his opponent, but coating it in self-righteousness, stubborness and rampaging ego. Spall and Meaney bounce off each other brilliantly and are never less than fun to watch. The supporting cast is OK - John Hurt is there for exposition, Toby Stephens plays Tony Blair as a caricature and Freddie Highmore unobtrusively plays the driver. So, minus a few million points for accuracy, but I'll give it a solid 3/5 for being really quite entertaining. You'll learn maybe a little (definitely not a lot) but you will laugh a few times on the way. Edit: It should have been called A Royal Night Out At The Troubles.
  5. The Taking of Pelham 123 (1974) By reputation an influential classic, and one I figured that I would save so that I could sit down and properly watch. And I’ve avoided the remake too. It’s frickin’ brilliant. Robert Shaw is the one by reputation but Walter Matthau is awesome throughout. Add in snappy dialogue, whip smart plotting and the fact that there is nowhere cooler and more atmospheric for a thriller than 1970s New York and it was well worth the wait. 5/5 (and bonus points for having an amazing cast, including Julius “Tee Hee” Harris)
  6. Oof - https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/01/premier-leagues-promoted-clubs-debts As it wasn't difficult enough to survive when promoted to the Premier League, clubs will now have to chip in £8m to cover the broadcasting losses. Edit: Beaten to it
  7. I have no idea what a West Ham team full of mercenaries who are there for a paycheck were doing raising their game for a match against Chelsea.
  8. Yes, you really should. It is a very clever piece of film making, plus some really top notch gags. I think TMWTB is much more packed with jokes, but as a fan of 40s film noir, I think Dead Men is a made as a lovely homage to the genre, plus some top jokes and a smoking hot Rachel Ward.
  9. David Conn pointed out the new ownership as well - something is up...
  10. Great Leeds stat. For games in which they started the day on top of the division, they have 5 wins out of 24.
  11. Yep, this is pretty much it. Also the plot across three films basically takes 8 hours to go from Point A to Point A.
  12. Died, aged 98. Gave the world many funny things, not least Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid and The Man with Two Brains. Father to Rob. All round nice guy and very, very funny man.
  13. If Dyche can do this with one fit forward and four academy kids on the bench, we should just give him a total squad of nine players and he’ll snag us a Champions League place.
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