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  1. artz

    Horace - PC

    The last update seems to have changed the menu order. New Game used to be the first option but now it’s Continue. I wonder if the devs are lurking here! It always used to bother me that the default option would overwrite your save. We’ve already had tears caused by Lego Star Wars 2 doing the same.
  2. artz

    Titanfall 2

    When you try to play on a different Windows profile Origin tells you to buy the game again.
  3. artz

    Titanfall 2

    I got this on PC for £4.49. It’s really good but a complete con that no one else on the PC can play it.
  4. artz

    Horace - PC

    Oh god I love this.
  5. The servers seems to be either empty or full. Once you get a critical mass then people pile in.
  6. Is anyone else playing this? It’s really good. You get these tense 5v5 matches then suddenly the server fills up and it’s 50v50 bedlam.
  7. Steam dropped the ball a few years ago and now Discord is the only thing that needs to start at login.
  8. Reminds me of the 3-player IK mod for C64 (IK+ Gold). I wish someone would do it for the Amiga version!
  9. In 3rd place, Destiny 2 on pc. I thought the demo was great so plumped for the version with 2 expansions. What I didn’t realise was that the expansions would be so small. I thought I was getting 3 years worth of expansions, one a year! In 2nd place, Donkey Konga. I thought it would be a great tutorial for laying down some bongo grooves, what it turned out to be was plastic tat with a child’s game that involved tapping along to the melody in the least groovy way imaginable. In first place would have to be swapping my Amiga for a Megadrive. I already had a SNES so had the superior console experience, but I missed out on so many late Amiga classics basically for Sonic.
  10. 50-50 so don’t give it on VAR
  11. Brian from Placebo has got some thinking to do about how his team can equalise.
  12. We should swap Stones and Kane. You know for sure Harry would do an amazing man-marking job on Romelu.
  13. I’m dreading this match. It could really be the turd on the cake.
  14. Yeah, it’s bollocks
  15. What’s the problem with that?
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