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  1. There is a pretty good Capcom bundle available at the moment as well.
  2. Mallet

    NFL 2019!

    There is a narrative passing around the sports media that Tom Brady left the Patriots because they failed to put a team around him capable of winning. Talk about revisionist history! how many super bowls have they been to in the last 6-7 years? how many AFC east titles and AFC championship games have they won?
  3. Mallet

    NFL 2019!

    Does anyone think that the Patriots would have the, I'm not sure what you would say, balls maybe? to just absolutely tank this coming season and grab someone like Trevor Laurence in the draft? Growing up with European sports with relegation and lower leagues I hate the idea of tanking but with the way the NFL is set up I can't deny it makes logical sense in a way.
  4. Mallet

    NFL 2019!

    Brady has confirmed he is leaving the Patriots.
  5. Mallet

    NFL 2019!

    I just saw that trade, I can't believe it. There has to have been something going on behind the scenes at Houston surely? But even if there was you could surely have gotten a first round pick for Hopkins?
  6. That was exactly my reaction as well. Now I can push the new PC build back another 6 months and wait for the next generation of Nvidia cards.
  7. Mallet

    NFL 2019!

    Luke Kuechly has retired, at 28.
  8. Mallet

    NFL 2019!

    What i find interesting about yesterday's games is how little it was about QB play.
  9. Mallet

    NFL 2019!

    I'm not quite sure what to make of Ryan Tannehill now
  10. How many PS4 exclusive games will Sony have in the first 18 months? Neither Sony or third party developers are going to turn their backs on 100 million PS4 users.
  11. Back to the days off seeing Amiga screenshots on the cases of c64 games?
  12. How many PS4 pros and xbox one x consoles have been sold? How much of a market is there for a high powered, premium console? Being under powered hasn't seem to hurt Nintendo Switch sales too badly. I'm very interested to see what price this will launch at and how it sells.
  13. For my myself I prefer to pick up consoles 2-3 years before they are due to be replaced. All the hardware issues have been sorted out by then and developers have gotten to grips with the machine. You will have a lot of great games available at great prices which are all patched and have all DLC released already.
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