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  1. RPGs are being streamlined to appeal to a broader audience while action adventure games are being bloated with RPG traits. What a crazy hobby we have.
  2. Mallet

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    How about the Cowboys beating the Saints, did anyone see that score coming?
  3. Mallet

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    The Browns are going to overtime again
  4. Mallet

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Great Sunday of football!
  5. Mallet

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    That was a crazy game. Brock Osweiler for the starting QB job now?
  6. Mallet

    Best Homebrew mod of commercial game

    The Ultima v & vi games remade in the Dungeon Siege engine are impressive.
  7. Im not sure I like this, I love Obsidian's games but the thing they do best is niche market crpgs. I can't see Microsoft wanting niche market games as a return on their investment. EA killed Bioware and I don't want Obsidian going the same way.
  8. Playing older games on a CRT is simply pure joy I don't know how I ever forgot how games looked on them, you see all these comparisons between older games and their HD updates and the videos in no way represent how they look on the displays they were designed for. I've come to the conclusion that I prefer FF X and FF XII played on a PS2 connected to a CRT to the HD updates.
  9. Mallet

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    LOL at the Giants punt return efforts.
  10. Mallet

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Yeah, you can see why Bell is holding out can't you.
  11. I found a snes I had completely forgot about after reading your post and I loaded up SMW and I was completely floored when I was able to play it pretty decently because my last memory was of being awful at the game. Like a lot of people I always think to myself "god, I was so much better at games when I was younger" Now likely a fair portion of that is down to how much we used to play when we had more free time but I'm starting to wonder how much are the modern TVs we play on contributing to it.
  12. Wow, just hooked up my original Xbox and played 15 minutes of Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance. It looks great but that isn't what has me shocked, I never realised how much input lag was on my old set up. I played the same game last week on my HDTV, game mode of course, and I can feel a definite difference in the responsiveness of the game. I wonder how much lag my receiver was adding to upscale the image to 1080p.
  13. Yeah, CRT and LCD are simply two completely different ways to produce a picture and you will never get them the same. I had my consoles connected via component to a home cinema receiver which upscaled the image to 1080p and output via HDMI. It looked pretty good, much better than connecting them straight to the TV. It just never looked right to me. Another thing is these consoles were never meant be played on huge 40" plus screens. I said only 28 inches in my previous post but in reality that was a big TV back in the day. Most of my friends and I all played on 14" portables growing up. And of course you have zero concerns about input lag. I even had my PS3 hooked up to it, it's a great way to play PS one classics that may have gotten expensive over the years. I'm curious now to hook my Wii U up to see how GBA and DS games look on it.
  14. I got hold of a CRT for my older consoles, only a 28" widescreen Alba which is a brand I would never buy myself but it has RGB Scart input and I'm blown away by good it looks compared to my HDTV. It had no remote so I had to buy a universal remote for it so I could select AV channels and change aspect ratios but it was well worth it. I was watching the My Life in Gaming episode on how to get the best picture from your PS2 and they said something along the lines of "if you haven't seen a PS2 running on a CRT lately you might be surprised by how good it looks" and how right they were. It's a few years since I've had a CRT for my consoles and I had forgotten just how much better these old consoles look when played on the screens they were designed for. Final Fantasy vii looks fantastic and the original Tomb Raider looks much, much better as well, I had been playing PSone classics on my Vita and while it does a great job of displaying them it's still a hand held and sometimes you just want the big screen experience. Like I said the PS2 looks fantastic, I tried a few games and I was delighted each time. The Wii, holy shit does the Wii look good on a CRT tv with RGB scart. I'll try out my original xbox when I get back from work tomorrow.

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